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Plastics! Plastics! Everywhere!

Plastics! Plastics! Everywhere!


As part of our plastics and the ocean international project there are some webinars that you might like to join in.  Click here to register.


Animate our Ocean

This webinar was a creative session to encourage young people of all ages to reflect on why the ocean is so important to them.  There were examples and ideas on how to make your own animation, as well as an interview with Darren Robbie (a director of many famous animations, including A Close Shave, Chicken Run and Doc McStuffins!).  If you missed this webinar, it is now available to watch, click here for the link.



Once you have watched the webinar why not make an animation of your own.  The theme is 'looking after our oceans'.  Click here for competition details.  We would love to see your films too, so please email or share them with us via Twitter.  This is a great activity to do as a family, or independently for those keen on the ocean or technology.



What's so special about seagrass? (primary)

Tuesday 26th May, 11-11:45am

Best suited to: 7-11 years

Seagrass is a vital yet threatened UK marine habitat. This session will explore why seagrass is so important, we’ll meet some of the cool species that call seagrass home, look at how seagrass is being damaged and explore some practical solutions.

Follow up activities will be provided.


Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage are hosting live lessons on their Facebook and Instagram pages and updating their site every week with new resources to accompany the lessons. Click here to find out more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Welsh Youth Parliaments' Plastic Free Consultation

The Welsh Youth Parliament are looking for your help to complete a survey on littering and plastic waste. 

This is a video to explain the Welsh Youth Parliament's Plastic Free Survey. As part of the work of the Welsh Youth Parliament, we want to hear your views. W...