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Photography Club

Photography Club is open to year 6 children. It is run by Mrs Hall and takes place on a Tuesday lunchtime from 12.30-1pm in the IT suite.



24th May

This week the weather was beautiful so we took the cameras to Heathwood Road to photograph the trees. We looked at the trees from a distance and close up. We also tried photographing the trees from different angles to see what difference we could make to the light in the photograph. Here are some examples.

26th April

This week we have been looking at photos from Morfa Bay. We have chosen some and manipulated them using Next week we are going to make a collage poster using these photos about our amazing week away.

15th March

This week is Science Week. We have been taking photos of the evidence of Science Week in each year group. There are lots of exciting experiments taking place!

Spring Week 7

Today it has been very wet and rainy. We have used this to our advantage and taken photographs entitled 'Water'. We have looked at running water. water droplets, dripping water and reflections. We especially liked the photos of water running down windows!

Spring Week 5

This week we have looked back at some of the photos that we have taken this year. We have chosen some to be printed because Miss Jacob has kindly said that she will put us up a display in the Old Hall. We have enjoyed trying to work out what is in the photos in the folder 'Familiar things which look unfamiliar'!

Spring Week 1

Taking photos of the familiar in an unfamiliar way. Today we have been looking at objects and areas in our school and thinking of ways to photograph them to make them look different.

Week 9

This week  we have taken Christmas pictures!  We had tinsel and Christmas trees and Christmas lights. We have made our pictures in to Christmas Cards!

Nadolig Llawen!

Week 8

This week we took pictures of children enjoying their food. We went up to the Hall at infant dinner time. We had to take one close up picture of food, one of a child enjoying their dinner and one which was a whole view of the hall.

Week 7

This week we have been taking pictures of the bark of our beautiful trees heartindecision. We have worked at getting some of the picture in focus and some out of focus.

Week 6

This week we have been taking pictures of our selves and putting them on

and adding adjustments and effects. We have made some amazing pictures! #photofun


Week 5

This week we have been taking pictures of the beautiful letters in our school.





Week 4

This week we took photos close up of collections of things.

Here are some examples

Week 3

our challenge this week was to take photos of some things that are 'happy','green' and 'bumpy'. Here are some examples.


Week 2

This week we took photos of the members of our club. We learnt to manipulate them and we posted them on Instagram. Please follow us at birchgroveprmcardiff.


Week 1

We took photos of the newly elected School Council Members. These will be displayed in the corridor by Mrs Martin. Here are some of our school council photos...