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Captain Button's Boat!


Henri Matisse - 'The Snail''

Releasing of the butterflies...

Class 1D - When I grow up...

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Class 1D have been thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.






Younger's Fish and Chip Shop

Fish and Chip Shop 'Roleplay' - We have had lots of fun this week playing in our roleplay area, pretending to cook fish and chips and serve the food to our customers.

Easter Cooking

Science Week - What is the best surface for the car to travel along?

Science Week - Sorting Materials

Science Week - Giant Marble Run

Our marble runs!

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Science Week - Dancing Raisins

Science Week - Are all bubbles round?

Street Technology - As part of our digital literacy in ICT we went on a local area walk to spot all the different use of technology in our community. There were lots to see. Can you think of different ways technology is used in our environment?

Street Technology - PicCollage App work

Beebots - As part of our new context 'Community Explorers' and part of our ICT lessons with Miss Gray, we were looking at directions and to help us learn different directions we used 'beebots'. We had to choose a place we wanted the beebot to arrive at using the correct directions. We had lots of fun!

Observational Drawings - Houses

Sorting 3D Shapes

Problem Solving - Teddy Town

RSPB Walk - Llywnfedw Gardens

Happy St. David's Day from us all in Year 1!

St. David's Day - 'A Taste of Wales'

Daffodil Drawings - Leading up to St. David's Day on the 1st March we have been looking at our country's national flower, the 'Daffodil'. We have done observational drawings using chalk; looking at the colour, shape and size of different parts of the flower.

St David's Day competition - Thank you all for your decorated biscuits and 'belonging' posters. They were all fantastic and it was tricky to judge! The winners decided have been chosen and results to be announced on March 1st.

Chinese Lanterns - Following the celebration of Chinese New Year, we had a chance to make our own Chinese Lanterns following a step by step guide.

Number Dragons - To celebrate Chinese new year, we created our very own Chinese Dragons. We wrote number sentences adding to 10 and 20.

Cherry Blossom Painting - Along the theme of Chinese New Year, we have been painting pictures of beautiful cherry blossom. We have used different shades of pink to create our own blossom using our fingerprints.

Chinese Numbers - We have been looking at Chinese numbers and making our own Chinese number lines, we then had a go at writing number sentences with the symbols.

Spotting the 10 - In maths this week we have been adding 3 numbers together to make a total (4+6+3=?). First we needed to spot two numbers that total 10 (4+6=10) then add the rest (10+3=13). We have had lots of fun spotting the 10 by game by playing different types of games.

Happy Pancake Day - We have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and the meaning behind why we eat pancakes.

Lent - As we celebrated Shrove tuesday this week with pancake day, we then learnt that Lent was beginning the next day on Ash Wednesday. Our challenge this week was to write a lent promise; what would do extra or what we would give up.

St Fagans School Trip - We went and learnt about toys that children played with in the past.

Toys From The Past - After our St. Fagans trip we were inspired to make our very own toys from the past, we have been busy independently making: cup and balls and dolly pegs, we have had fun playing with them too.

Sorting - We were given the challenge to sort the toys into categories. We had to decided as a group how we would like to sort the toys. We came up with lots of different ways to categorise the toys.

Babies - Miss Thomas paid us a visit with baby conor, to tell us all about what a baby needs. We enjoyed meeting baby conor and we learnt that babies need lots of things.

Observational Drawings - Parts of a face

Clay Faces - After drawing parts of our face the next step was to make 3D images of our faces using clay. We used mirrors, our fingers to mould and tools to add detail.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - We have been learning the story of the three bears, through storytelling actions. We have been retelling the story ourselves in the small world and using our flow maps to retell the story through the app PuppetEd.

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St Dwynwen's Day (welsh valentines day) - We wrote to our loved ones and told them why they are important to us.

Ti a Fi - You and me, we worked in pairs to look at similarities and differences between our friend and our self. We enjoyed finding out a bit more about our friends. '

Portraits - After drawing parts of our faces we put all those skills to use and drew our very own portraits of ourselves. We really paid attention to all of our features to make sure they were the right shape and size.

Home Corner Roleplay - We learnt how to use the home corner, pretending that we lived in our own little home with our friends pretending to be our family.

Faint o'r gloch? We have been learning to tell the time to o'clock and half past.

Superhero calendars - We created a city skyline and took images of ourselves as superheroes flying through the air!

Maths at Christmas - We compared different lengths to make our Christmas tree cards to send to our families.

Super Senses Morning - We dressed up as superheroes for the day and tested our super senses!

Maths through stories - 1 is a snail

Alien Maths - Number Bonds

Towers - comparing numbers (more than/less than)

Paddington Bear Wellington Boot Investigation

Pa lliw yd y hwn?

Number Fun







Our trip to Heath Park 10/09/15!