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This week’s sounds are y, th and z.

Please click on the links below to hear the sound and rhyme to practise.




This week’s red words are:

To, me, call, her, there.

These words are sight words and need to be learned with instant recall.  You could use them as flashcards or play games with them.  Some examples could be to write them on post it notes and stick them up around the house, the children could read them aloud when they find a word.  Place them on a table, ask your child to close their eyes and remove a word.  Which word is missing?


This week’s green words, which you can sound out and blend are:

Red, run, rat, jog, yes, yap, yet, yum, web, win, wish, wet, thin, this, thick.


Please practise reading and writing these words.  There is also spellblast games on HWB.