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Dydd Mercher 6 Mai

Morning! Why not try some of these exercise videos today. Remember, it is important to keep moving not only to stay fit and healthy but also to keep your minds focussed on challenging tasks. I would like you to firstly watch the video below about why exercise is important for our bodies. 

Give some of these clips a go! 


Waka Waka

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Get the whole family involved!

Rock Out - Fresh Start Fitness | GoNoodle

Try all five clips of these Rock Out workouts.

10 minute Morning Yoga

Relax with 10 minutes of Morning Yoga

Dydd Mercher 22ain Ebrill


Morning! I hope everyone is getting their daily dose of exercise whether it may be outside in the beautiful sunshine or inside using technology to guide you. By Friday,I would like everyone to post a video of you exercising. This can be a walk in your local area, an indoor training session or get inventive by creating a circuit in the garden making use of any equipment from inside or outside the house. Please post you clips on Flipgrid by Friday. This does not need to be a long video! 

Dydd Mercher 1af Ebrill 

I hope you are all well and enjoying lots of the home learning tasks. It is important to remember exercise directly improves your capacity to learn! At some point during the day give this challenge a try and get everyone at home involved! Good luck. 

Alphabet Challenge

Dydd Mercher 25ain Mawrth


As many of you will have noticed, it is Wednesday and of course my favourite school day! Wednesday is the day Year 5 participate in their outdoor P.E. Recently, we have been learning football skills and the importance of being 'Healthy, Confident Individuals.' Please remember the importance of keeping active! I would like you to complete the daily challenges set in Whole School Challenges. As we are missing our outdoor session today, I would also like you to attempt a few of these fun challenges. 



10 minute Morning Yoga

Just Dance

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Throw some shapes with this Just Dance.