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Here are lots of different maths activities for you to try. If you can’t print them off do them on paper and draw a Christmas picture of your own. Remember to form your numbers correctly and the right way around. You can also practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and your Learn Its. Have fun.


Practise your number doubles.

Bonds to 10

Practise your number bonds to 10 the festive way.

Fact Families.

Christmas fact families for you to try, Remember the biggest number comes at the end of the sum when adding and at the start of the sum when taking away.

Word Problems.

Read the Christmas problem carefully and work out the answer. Think about what sum you need to do to work out the answer.

Christmas adding and subtraction.  

Try some festive adding and subtracting and colouring as well. These will keep you busy and learning. Remember to take away, count back from the biggest number. Draw a number line to help you and remember finger spaces between the numbers.

Christmas Bar Graph

Count the objects carefully. Use a tally to count them, remember to count in 5’s. Then draw a bar graph or a pictogram to show how many there are. 

Christmas code.

This is great fun. Can you crack the Christmas code and solve the words? Maybe make up your own messages and try them out on your family.  You could leave a message for Father Christmas or his reindeers. Have fun !