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Our Week In Video!!

Our Week In Video!! 1

                                           And we are back at school.............................

We have had a fantastic time visiting Spain with the children from Trowbridge school. Diolch Mrs Morgan and Miss Tomkinson for giving us this amazing opportunity. We have learnt a lot about the Spanish culture, with a lot of it being based around the sea and music and how they live. We are hoping that some day we can visit again and look forward to them coming to Wales at some point next year. 

The long journey home

The long journey home  1


   Today was our last full day in Ferrol! After another lovely breakfast, we went to the Spanish school we visited yesterday and we got to make traditional Spanish toys and eat even more cake! 

    This afternoon was a busy one! We got a coach from the school and saw the sights of Ferrol. We visited a gold mine that was created by a welsh person and then we walked down to the beach, even though it was windy we all paddled in the sea - it was absolutely freezing! 

    We drove along the coast to another beach where we had lunch and played rugby in the park. It was great fun! 

   After the beach we went to a lagoon and got to climb a tree house to see the sights even more. It was a long day but a fantastic one! Can’t believe our trip has nearly come to an end!



   After another lovely breakfast, we walked to another school. First there was a lovely welcome with May Pole dancing, then we were split into teams without the children from other countries to complete a treasure hunt. We had to complete different tasks that took us all around the school, at the end we were rewarded with a giant chocolate euro!

   When we went into a snack, they showed us how to make Galician pancakes. We had the chance to make them ourselves too, they were delicious. Emma and Sophie both ate 6 each! There were also a range of other Galician snacks. After the snack, we went outside the play with the children from the other countries and played football and tag with them. We were taken to their theatre in the school and we watched a video about Rondallas then listened to a traditional Rondallas band play a range of songs, some of the Spanish children sang along with them.

   Next we had lunch, it was a range of traditional food from Ferrol. It was really nice trying different foods. When we left, the school gave us a gift bag with a Galician book, shortbread, pen and an instruction book on how to make the Galician pancakes. On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a children's playground and had great fun playing on all the equipment. We had an amazing day and we can't wait for tomorrow as we're going to the beach!


 WOW! What an incredible and fabulous day! This morning we walked to a Spanish School. When we arrived we listened to traditional Spanish music and then saw an exhibition of what the school had been doing for their MYOP activities. Everyone joined in to learn a traditional Spanish dance with all the other teachers and pupils from Spain, Romania and Turkey. After, we had a break and got some Spanish cake, Emma had 5 pieces! 

   Following the break we had two different workshops, one was an art workshop and we learnt how to draw a mermaid with a famous artist from the area and the other was a workshop where we got to have a go playing different instruments and toys made with objects from nature.

   We had lunch after the workshops which had traditional food from the area and Sophie tried a pizza full of vegetables! We got back to the hotel to let you know all about our journey today before we went out for more food this evening!


We had an amazing and extraordinary day in Spain today. First, we went to the first international MYOP conference and the Romanian and Spanish students spoke with excellent English. We learnt about the other countries' cultures then we shared our own cultures and traditions with the others. 

   After the conference we went to a sporting event and played four different activities in mixed teams with the other children from Spain, Romania and Turkey. Millie and Emma liked racket ball the best whilst Sophie, Joe and Owain preferred the hockey. The sun was shining and we had so much fun, can't wait for more activities!

   This evening we went to the park and had lots of fun running around before we went to a traditional Italian restaurant (Domino's). Now we are off to bed after a very late night and an early start today! 


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