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Friday 3rd April

Bore da! How time flies quickly as we approach the end of our second week of home learning. I know lots of you have been completing some great work set in the literacy folder about Egypt. Today's main task will include an investigation on Ancient Egyptian symbols. You may pick the level of challenge you wish to complete from; Sparkle, Dazzle or Shine. Please could you also make sure to check you MyMaths. 

Thursday 2nd April


Use the link below to match fractions, decimals and percentages. Can I remind you that the MyMaths tasks also need to be completed throughout the week. Diolch! 

Wednesday 1st April


Bore da. Please pick and choose from the following. If you are looking for something a little different today to get your brains working hard, try the riddle under task 4. 


Task 1

MyMaths- Complete set work. 


Task 2 

Order and compare decimals. The worksheet will be provided below. Here is the link for support. 


Lesson 2- 


Task 3 

Problem of the Day 


Task 4

Dog Riddle- Please read this carefully and think hard about your answer. We would love to see your solutions. Please email them to Miss Lewis or Miss Broughton. 

Order and compare decimals

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day 1


Riddle  1

Rounding Decimals Answers

Hidden numbers

Hidden numbers  1

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day  1

Rounding decimals

Tuesday 31st March


Bore da pawb! I hope everyone is well and keeping busy. Pick and choose as many of the following you would like to complete. 


Task 1 

Check Mymaths- There is work set for the week. 


Task 2 

Rounding decimals 

The worksheet will be attached above. 

Sparkle- Questions 1-3

Dazzle- Questions 1-5

Shine- Questions 1-end!


Here is the link to the video for help. 

There is a flashback section at the start- you can attempt theses questions in your own time however please ignore question 3. 


Task 3

Problem of the Day (You may use a calculator) 


Task 4

Hidden numbers


Problem of the Day (6)

Problem of the Day (6) 1

Maze 100

Monday 30th March 


Bore da all! I hope you have all had a great weekend. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure children and parents that the home learning tasks that have been set are there for you to pick and choose from. It is at your discretion how many tasks you choose to complete. 


MyMaths will be updated today fro the week. It is important to complete the set work on MyMaths. This is also a good platform for recapping on previous learning. You can complete MyMaths lessons independently. 


Maze 100 Investigation- Please see attached document. This investigation will focus on addition and working systematically. 


Problem of the Day- This is sure to get you thinking! Remember, it is important to practise problem solving in maths. Think about what skills you will need to apply to solve the problem. 

Problem of the Day (5)

Problem of the Day (5) 1

Half Time Scores investigation

Thousandths as decimals

Friday 27th March 

Bore da! You've almost made it through the week! The weekend is fast approaching and there is plenty of time for a little more learning. 


Task 1

Thousandths as decimals. Please find the worksheet above. 

This is quite a challenging piece of work. I would like you attempt as much of the worksheet from questions 1-6 as you can.  


Here is the video link for help. Lesson 5. 


Task 2

Problem of the Day.

Points to consider- Question 2

The same shape must represent the same number. E.g. triangle + triangle = 10

5+5=10. Triangle= 5 



Working systematically- Try this investigation. Work out all possible scores at half time! Remember, tables and charts are a good way to represent your findings. Please send your solutions to us. 


Understand thousandths Answers

Problem of the Day

Problem of the Day  1

Understand Thousandths

Thursday 26th March 

Bore Da! I hope you are managing to complete the tasks at home whilst enjoying some of this beautiful weather. It would be great to see some of your work! Please feel free to send us (Miss Broughton and Miss Lewis) an email with pictures of your work! 


Task 1

Understanding thousandths. Above, you will find the worksheet. 

Here is the link to help you with this challenge


Task 2

Please Google search Topmarks Daily 10

I would like you to spend 10-15 minutes on Level 5 multiplication and division. Try to focus on the tables you are less confident with. 


Task 3

Problem of the Day


Answers for Decimals as Fractions (2)

Problem of the day (3)

Problem of the day (3) 1

Decimals as Fractions (2)

Wednesday 25th March 

Bore da! I hope everyone is well and enjoying some of the sunshine! Please can I remind children that there is MyMaths to complete by the end of the week if you have not already done so. As we are at the halfway point for the week, there will be a few pieces of work set. Please feel free to spread these out over the week. 


Lesson 3 Whiterose- Decimals as Fractions (2)

Please find the worksheet above. 

Here is the link to the video for support. 



Answers for yesterday's work on Decimals as Fractions

Problem of the day (2)

Problem of the day (2) 1

Decimals as fractions

Tuesday 24th

Decimals as fractions 

Challenge yourselves today with this decimals as fractions task. We look forward to your emails of finished work. 


Pos lwc! 


Here is the video link for help. 

Answer sheet for yesterday's work on decimals.

Correction to marking sheet 

Da iawn Rhys, well done for spotting the mistake on the marking sheet. Q3 a) is of course 4 ones and not 4 tens as the 4 is in the ones column. 

Problem of the day

Problem of the day 1

Monday 23rd

Decimals up to 2 decimal place.

Follow the link below to access the work and video explanation. Answers for the worksheet will be posted during the week. 

Worksheet link:  


Video link :Lesson 1  


Please also remember to check your MyMaths as there is work to complete by the end of the week. 

Pob lwc! 

My Maths 


log onto and complete some of the tasks. Don’t forget to work through the lesson first. You can email Miss Broughton or Miss Lewis if you have forgotten your username or password.