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Maths Activities


We are thinking about 2D shapes. 

Please watch this video from White Rose Maths.  Click on the link below and then watch the video from session 1. 

During the video there are short tasks to complete.  When the video has finished there is an activity to click on and complete. 

You can either print the pictures of shapes to cut out and short or find some shapes around the house to sort.



Number formation

Please practise writing numbers 1 -10. 

Make sure that you are starting the number in the correct place and writing it the right way around.  Take a piece of A4 paper.  Decorate the paper with numbers 1 to 10 using coloured pens or pencils.  You could try rainbow writing. 

Write the number in one colour, choose another colour and write over the top.  You could try up to 5 colours. 

Below is an example of Rainbow writing and a link to the correct formation of each number.  Each number has a rhyme that we sing at school to help us remember the formation.


Send us a picture of your numbers on dojo.