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Hello Blwyddyn 5!!!

Maths- You may pick and choose the following activities for the week. I would suggest a focus on the Whiterose skill lessons. Home learning instructions and resources will be found on Google Classrooms. Please make sure to hand in your completed work. 


Whiterose (Multiplication)

All of instructions and resources have been uploaded on Google Classroom. You must use your HWB logins to access the lessons. Please message Miss Lewis or Miss Griffiths if you cannot remember your logins. 

Follow the step by step instructions to the lesson. Complete the sheet and attempt the challenges if you wish. 

There are three lessons to be completed for this week. 



Two investigations can found on Google Classroom. 


Investigation 1- Number joins. 

You may choose your own level of challenge from Sparkle, Dazzle or Shine. Follow the instructions on the investigation to reach possible solutions. Complete this investigation on Google docs. 


Investigation 2- Insect House

Give each insect a home. Follow the instructions on Google Classrooms to solve the problem. 


Mental maths

Here are some useful links to practise your mental maths. These will focus on skills such as times tables, addition, subtraction, doubling, halving and number bonds. 


Topmarks- Hit the Button 


Topmarks- Mental maths train 


Topmarks- Daily 10 


HWB Just2easy 

Use your HWB login to play J2blast- you may select your level of challenge. 

Practise your times tables using TTBlast. 



Check your MyMaths for any set tasks.