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Activities for the week - Pick and choose your activities for the week.



You will need to check your MyMaths! Work has been set for you to complete throughout the week. 


Christmas dinner party

Follow the powerpoint to plan a Christmas Party for 12 people. You will have a budget of £500. You will need to research prices of items and record the quantity and cost. Remember not to go over budget!!!! Use the table on the powerpoint to record your findings. This has been set on Google Classrooms- you will need to use your HWB logins. 


HWB homework- Magic Triangles 

Magic triangles

Magic triangles
Solving the Puzzle: Fill each side of the triangle with numbers that add to the Magic Sum.
Challenge- Can you complete the other triangles to make 10, 11 and 12?


12 Days of Beast Creator

A 12 Days of Beast Creator investigation has been set on Google Classroom. Please use Google docs to hand in your solutions. 



Choose your own level of challenge to play j2Blast games. Don't forget to practise your times tables by using ttblast.