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We have set activities on Mathletics - try and get at least 1000 points. 


We have also set 3 maths activities this week. 


1. As you enjoyed the Mystery of the missing Christmas pudding so much last week and you did such a great job solving the clues, we have a similar challenge for you to complete. If you were in school earlier this week, you will already have a copy of this activity, otherwise click on the resources below. 

Don't forget to Dojo or send a message through J2message the name of the person who won pass the parcel! 


For the other 2 activities you will need to log into your Hwb account  and look at the shared files in J2E. If you have brothers and sisters also using Hwb remember to check that they are completely signed out of their accounts otherwise you could end up saving your work in their accounts!! 


2. Thursday 17th December - perimeter activity 

Read the instructions carefully on the sheet. Remember you need to click edit in the top left hand corner before you are able to write on the sheet. Make sure you save your work, calling it something sensible such as the date and your name. 


3. Friday 18th December - Xmas maths 

Again read the instructions carefully and don't forget to save your work so we can mark it. 


The Mystery of the Christmas Party