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At the School Council meetings, lunch time was mentioned to be an issue.  The School Council members spoke to their classes to find out what they were happy/unhappy about.  Some of the issues arising and items they would like to be changed are:-


  • Music in the hall.
  • Year classes to go in following the rota.
  • Children not to drop food on the floor.
  • More choice of food at lunch.
  • To have orange and apple juice as well as water.
  • To sit with their friends.
  • To have more time to eat their food.
  • Have a food bin on each table.
  • One of the tables are too high to eat your food.


Members of the School Council met with the dinner ladies to ask what they thought went well and what they would like to improve.


  • Children to listen more.
  • Children not to throw food on the floor.
  • Children to line up sensibly in one line.


School Council are going to work with the dinner ladies to help improve lunch times for them and the children.  School Council are in the process of putting together a whole school assembly.

School Council have held a whole school assembly to feed back to the children about lunchtime.  They fed back ideas and replies from the Dinner Ladies and the children. Changes that School Council have made are:-


  • Music at lunchtime
  • Children to line up nicely in the yard and the smartest line will go into the lunch hall first.  This is for the children to work as a whole class not individually.
  • Dinner Ladies will be handing out behaviour tickets.  At the end of the week 6 names will be drawn and the children can choose a friend and they will all sit on the top table together with flowers, table cloth etc.