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Literacy/context tasks

Week Beginning 13th July 


Wow, I cannot believe that we are already at the end of term. What a strange and unusual school year it has been! Thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm at home and at school. We hope you enjoy this last week in school and have a safe and fun Summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the Autumn when you are in Year 6! 


To help your new teachers learn how wonderful you are - can you please complete the All about me sheet in the resources and send them to us. We will pass them on to your new teachers so they know all about you and the best way to support you when you return in September. Thank you.  


FLIPGRID - Year 5 Memories 

To mark the end of the school year - we would like you to post a video sharing your favourite parts of year 5. What have you enjoyed the most? Which context did you find the most interesting? Which school trip or visit was your favourite? DO you have any funny memories or special memories you would like share as a keepsake of this eventful year? 

CLICK here to go to Flipgrid 





This week in class we will be looking at different stadiums in Wales and around the world and asking you to recreate these amazing structures using Minecraft. Why don't you have a go at home as well? 

CLICK here to get the guide for using Minecraft 





This is the last lesson of this topic - looking at the use of light!

You can make your own Shadow puppet theatre! 


Lesson 6 - What are some uses of light?



We have 2 lovely activities for you this week. We hope you enjoy them! 


First try this interesting lesson on Surrealism and how to use you imagination to create some art work at home. 




Second can you complete this colourful challenge! 



Send us examples of your work we would love to see them! 


Learn about pulse, rhythm and the character of music with Florence Price and the Juba Dance.



Literacy - Thinking skills 


Listen to the following funny story about Dave and Brian the cavemen who grapple with the notion of fairness. Don't forget to read through the resources below and answer the questions as you listen. 




                              wink   Week beginning Monday 6th July  laugh


Bore da - it was so lovely to see so many of you last week. I really enjoyed hearing all your news. It was great to get back to some normality. I am thrilled with the work that some of you have completed on J2e5 - I hope the rest of you are going to complete it before your day in school! 

For those not coming back - please watch the video link on how to use J2e5 so that you can share your work with me much more easily. It is not another app that you need to download, it is all web based through hwb and can be accessed on a tablet or pc. 


Below are this weeks activities - we will go through the context and maths activities in class. (so wait for your day in school before accessing those activities) 



Last week you learnt about the eye and its functions. This week the lesson will be looking at colour and where do colours come from. We will be building up on the learning from the previous lessons on refraction and reflection. (So please make sure you have completed those lessons first) 


Lesson 5 - Where do different colours come from?


I have been very impressed with the different art work that has been shared with me. I knew you were a creative bunch! For this week I would like you learn how Van Gogh used visual texture in his sketchbook and then explore pencils and mark making to enhance your own work. 



Lesson - Using visual texture 


I would also like you to visit the whole school challenges art page and have a go at making the amazing origami lockdown houses that Mrs Couper shared with you last week. It is a really good exercise in reading carefully and following instructions step by step! I found it quite tricky to start - I look forward to seeing your results! 




This week we will be exploring texture in music and how pop songs are structured. 



Just Think - PSE 



In this story we learn about Larry who always stretches the truth and we start to consider it is ever ok to lie? Use the pdf resource below and pause when it tells you and consider the questions it poses. 


This week we would like you to work on your reading comprehension skills - football player Marcus Rashford has been in the news lately for his charity work. Read through the passage to find out more. Remember to choose your own difficulty level - if it is too easy try a harder one - challenge yourself! Don't forget to use full sentences with capital letters and full stops. 


This week in class we will be looking at your food journals and seeing if you eat a balanced diet and think about any changes that could be made. 

We will also be looking at some famous Welsh sports people and creating a time line. You can take part in this at home by completing the Picture Quiz. I have assigned this as a piece of homework on J2e - see if you can complete the quiz with your family and find out some facts about each of the different personalities. If you are really stuck you can message me for some clues! 

Once you have logged into Hwb and clicked on J2easy - you will see a red number one on the homework tile -

this will take you to the picture quiz which you can complete - make sure you save it so that I know that you have completed it! 


Design a socially distanced game to play in school

Can you create a game that can be played safely in school using set equipment? Make sure you give a detailed set of instructions on how to set up the game and the rules for playing. How will you make sure it is complying with our health and safety rules? 

I have included some examples of games that other year groups have created - these are just to give you an idea of how to set it out as they were created pre Covid. 



                                         laughWeek Beginning 29th June wink

Bore da - what an exciting week - can't wait to see you! Don't worry if you are not coming in - we are working on a project that you can join in with at home - more news next week!! 

Below are the activities for the week - we will be going through the activities in class so that you have a clear idea of how to tackle them. If you are not coming in until Tuesday or Wednesday, start with the science and art activities until you have had your input in school.


If you are working from home you should be able to work through the activities independently - if you have any queries or wish to show us your work please email us or contact us via j2message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 



If you have not done the previous lessons - scroll down the page to do the first 3 lessons. 

Now that you have learnt about reflection and refraction - how do we actually see light? 

Click on the link to learn about the human eye and why people wear glasses and sunglasses. 

Lesson 4 - How do we see light?


In this lesson we will learn about French artist Henri Matisse and create a collage inspired by his work. 

Click here for the lesson - Henri Matisse


Design a sports kit 

Read through the powerpoint below and have a go at designing a sports kit. Think about which sport you would like to design for - consider the practicalities needed - (watch through Mrs Miles' and Mr Warlow's videos on flipgrid for their information for the clothing and kit for their sport)  

There are some templates to help if you need it. 


One of the activities we will be asking you to do this week is researching Healthy eating habits and different food groups. But how do you know that the website you are looking at is trustworthy? 

Work through the following lesson to learn the basics of how to know what information you can trust online. 


BBC BITESIZE - how do we know if you can trust a website?



This week we will be learning about Healthy eating and the different food groups. We would like you to research the different food groups and find out about their nutritional value. 

1. Research the different food groups - what are they? what type of foods do they contain? What are their nutritional value/ benefits of including them in your diet? How often or how much should you eat?

You can use the information powerpoints and video links below or search the internet for information. Remember the ICT lesson above about trusting information online. 


2. present your information - you can use a tree map, circle map or multiflow map. you need to include the different food groups, types of food and benefits/risks. If you are feeling really ambitious you can use j2e5 (on hwb)  - this is digital paper and you can draw up any of the maps on there as well as include photos and videos that you have found useful. Your work will be saved in your file. 


3. When you have gathered your information and recorded it using one of the suggested thinking frames - write a detailed paragraph explaining what a balanced diet is, giving examples and explain what you think a healthy lifestyle should be, giving your reasons. 

(see the examples but do not copy them- remember to write in your own words, in full sentences using capital letters and full stops)

4. When you have finished send us a photo - you will not be able to bring your work into school. 



you can also go onto you tube and search eat happy project for more short videos with lots of information about our food. Remember to check with an adult before going onto you tube. 



Watch the following link to learn how to use J2e5 -digital paper. We will go through this in class but the video will hopefully be useful in reminding you how to access the different features. 


The same video is on flipgrid and you can share your work with your friends there if you want. 

Mrs Miles has also made really useful help guides - click here to go straight to the J2E help guide. 



                           smiley  Week beginning 22nd June wink


Bore da Blwyddyn 5 - what a week it has been! The weather has been so changeable, but my garden did appreciate the rain! We are all very busy in school getting ready for reopening next week! It will be rather strange and very different but I can't wait to see you. Don't worry if you are not coming back just yet, we will still be putting activities on the website for you to access and you can still email us or message us (via j2emessage or Class dojo (5L) if you need to. Keep  sending us examples of your work we would love to see them. 


Parent and Child questionnaires 


If you have not yet completed these questionnaires, we would be very grateful if you could return them before the end of the week. They provide us with valuable information which can help us to support your child as we return to school. 

Many thanks 

(if you do not have a printer or are unable to edit the forms on line - copy out the forms and send us a photograph of the completed form)




Lots of you enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece last week and the origins of the Olympics. This week there are some tasks comparing Ancient and Modern Olympics. 


Task - What has stayed the same and what has changed? 

using the resources below - compare and contrast ancient and modern day Olympics. You could use a double bubble map or a venn diagram its up to you. 

Here are some examples to get you thinking. 



Task - Reading comprehension 

Choose your own level - don't peek at the answers until you have tried to answer them all. Remember full sentences, capital letters and full stops and beautiful handwriting please! 


If you haven't checked out the talking sport topic on the Year 5 grid yet you are missing a treat! Follow the link to take you to the flipgrid help page and passwords.


watch the videos and take notes - can you answer these questions from the videos.

1. When did they start their sport and how did they get involved in it?

2. What special equipment or clothes do they need for their sport?

3. Do they need to follow a special diet or eat special food for their sport?

4. Have they won any medals or races? 


You can also upload your learning log if you have finished it. If you don't want to be in the video you can show a powerpoint and talk over it - like Ella and Amber have done. 


Lesson 3 is on refraction.  Check out the first 2 lessons in previous weeks if you haven't done them before tackling this lesson. 


CLICK HERE  -  Lesson 3 - What is refraction and how can we use it?


This week you can explore different colours in music and how different pieces of music can make us feel different emotions. 


CLICK HERE - exploring emotions in music lesson 


Explore melody and pitch in this fun BBC Bitesize activity. 


PSE - Wellbeing 



What does it mean to be brave? 

Follow this link above and listen to the story of Sir Alvin. -  A cowardly medieval knight is called upon to save a village from a dragon. But what exactly is the bravest course of action

When listening to the story - pause at the different points and have a look at the resource below  (Sir Alvin pdf) and answer the questions for each section. 

After the story you might like to try some of the suggested activities or have a look at the say yes activities. 



How has lockdown been for you and your family? 


We have all had very different experiences during this time of lockdown. Some of us have enjoyed being around our families and have even learnt some new skills. Some of us have really been missing our friends and relatives and have had times where we have felt a bit sad. In order to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible we would like you to tell us all about it. Please complete these questionnaires with your families and send them back to your teachers. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school and this information will help us to get the right activities ready for you.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding the questionnaires please feel free to contact Mrs Jones on'


Week beginning 15th June

Bore da Blwyddyn 5,

thank you for your questions, I have forwarded these to our Sports personalities and they are posting their video replies on flipgrid. Have a listen and see if they have answered your questions. I will be setting activities based on these videos next week. This week we will be following Rhys and Amber's suggestions and looking at the origins of the Olympics and locating the different places that have held the Olympics. Ella and Harry have also suggested researching how sports originated and changed over time. 

If you haven't sent me your ideas yet - there is still time. 

Keep sending in your pictures and work we love seeing it. 




Task - How did the Olympics start? 

 To learn about the origins of the Olympics click on the link below


use the information in the lesson and the resources below to find out what sports were in the original Ancient games. You might want to produce a fact file or a chart to show your research. 

You could be really creative and design a poster to advertise the games as though you were living in Ancient Greece! 


Task - Where have the Olympics been held? 



Here are some examples of work - locating Olympic locations for the Summer Olympics. As you can see one has used a key and the other has neatly labelled the locations. You can choose how you wish to set it out. If you do not have a printer for the map - you can draw the table into your book and research the different headings. 

When you have finished you could research the locations of the Winter Olympics or the birthplace of famous Olympians or football stadiums? It's up to you! 

Please send me a photo I would love to see it. 


Task - What was life like in Ancient Greece? 

Read through this fascinating e-book courtesy of Teaching Packs and learn more about this amazing civilisation. See if you can produce a fact file/report on one aspect of the Ancient Greeks. Look at the examples of reports, choose a format and use the check list to help you write your report. E.g. you might decide to do a report on houses and home or Greek Gods and Goddesses. 


We were really pleased to hear that you had enjoyed the science lesson on what is light! Here is the next lesson on Reflection. 


Lesson 2 - What is reflection and how can we use it?


As so many of you enjoy creative activities here are a few suggestions for the week 


BBC Bitesize lesson - Exciting pictures 

National Academy - Juan Miro and automatic drawing 


Why not have a go at drawing a Greek laurel wreath or a Greek vase?


Finally don't forget it is Father's Day on Sunday 21st June - why don't you make a card for your Dad, Grandfather or someone who is special to you? 

Here are some ideas -



Click the link to complete the Welsh task!

Week beginning 8th June 


Shwmae Blwyddyn 5! Hope you enjoyed all the sports challenges last week! Congratulations TY GLAS! It was so much fun seeing all your videos - well done to everyone (parents included) who took part! 

We are continuing with our Champion context this week - as many of you were so busy doing the sports challenges last week - we didn't have as many of your ideas or questions as we would have liked. So we are going to wait before revealing our 'Sporting personalities' so that we can include some more of of your questions and ideas. Well done to those who have already sent me your ideas! 



It is World Ocean day on Monday 8th of June and I know that this is a topic that you really enjoyed exploring whilst in Year 4. 



for an interactive line up of ocean advocates are live with ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, story telling and much more.


Choose which activity or activities you would like to do, here's some examples of what's on:

9.30am Rockpool Ramble at the National Marine Aquarium.

10.00am Learn how to breathe like a dolphin.

10.30am Ocean Learning Zone - pick something that interests you.

1pm Ocean Creative Zone -  there's lots to choose from!


As well as the amazing range of activities available on the website, you may want to try some of these activities from Teacher's Pet.




this week for our Champions context - please complete the prior learning activity and ideas activity from last week and email me your suggestions at 



Also please can you send me your questions for our Sports personalities, they are eagerly waiting to do their interviews but we've only had a few questions! Two of them are runners, one is a cyclist and one plays ice hockey! (Who might they be? wink) Please email me your questions - you might want to find out how and why they started their chosen sport, what are their training routines, have they won any medals etc.


Write a fact file or biography of a sporting hero - (thank you Amber for the suggestion) 

You can choose any sporting hero - current or past - and you can present it in any way you wish - use the resources to guide you and give you some ideas. 


Context /Creative 


Amber and Ella both suggested that you could design/make your own medals. This could  be medals for Sports day at Birchgrove or for the Olympics! Have a look at the following resources and get creating!



Expressive Arts 


Some of you have told me how much you enjoyed the music and art lessons previously posted so here are some new lessons for you to try. 


Singing in Harmony 


The Circle Challenge

Science Activities

For the remaining few weeks of this term I would like to investigate 'Optics, Mirrors and light'. The National Academy has produced a teacher led unit of work. This first lesson recaps on some of the skills we tackled way back in the Autumn term. There is a nice investigation that you can then take part in towards the end of the lesson. 


Lesson 1 - What is light ?

Don't forget to do regular sessions on MY Maths, TTRockstars and Nessy!  10 minutes every day will make all the difference!

Welcome Year 5 to the start of our new context CHAMPIONS!

this is a fun packed context that looks at healthy lifestyles, sports and sports related topics, the Olympics and what makes a champion. And what  a week to start it! 

It's Sports Week at Birchgrove - can you complete the Sports Day 4.6 challenge? Mrs McNamara has been really busy setting all sorts of exciting challenges for the whole family - the more the merrier. Earn points for your house! 

Come on TY MELYN!  (sorry Miss Lewis ! laugh) 

Click on the picture below to go directly to the Sports day page. 




Activities for the week 

Remember they can be done in any order to suit whatever fits in with you and your family. Please check out the sports day star every day and post your videos - the more you post the more points your house will win! 

Don't forget you can email us or use twitter to let us know what you have been doing as well as using flipgrid (though flipgrid is a great way to see your friends and teachers!) 



To start this context, I would like you to activate your prior knowledge! What do you already know? Complete the tasks on the powerpoint in the resources below and then consider what would you like to find out more about, what activities would you like to have a go at? 

Next week some familiar faces will be talking to you about the sport they enjoy doing. We would like you to be sports interviewers and ask them some questions about their chosen sport, why they started doing it? How do they train? Do they need special equipment or clothing? Have they won any competitions? etc 

So I would like you to email me some of your questions so that our sports personalities can  answer your questions on a flipgrid!  




Learning Log

We have set you a new learning log challenge - it can be a different format this time - you could do it as a presentation, or a powerpoint or a factfile. Don't forget you can email us or message us using j2message if you are not sure what to do. 


This week I have set you some literacy challenges based on an image from Pobble365. I would love to see your results. 

Health and Well being 

This week as well as the Sports day challenges, Miss Lewis will be setting you a PE challenge on the PE star, so keep checking it out! 

I would like to set you a cheerleading challenge - can you come up with a cheer or chant for your house to get everyone geared up to do their best? 

Watch the links below to get some ideas - you can post your chants and cheers on your house page! 


If you are worn out and fancy a quick emotional check in - there are 2 mindfulness/wellbeing activities you could complete. 

laughEXCITING NEWS!! laugh

J.K.Rowling is publishing for free a new book,

                        The Ickabog 

in  instalments over the next seven weeks, a chapter or two at a time. It isn't Harry Potter and it doesn't include magic. This is an entirely different story. 

Her publishers are also running an illustration competition alongside it.

Visit the Ickabog website to read the first chapter and to find out more! 




Eloise Williams - Children's Laureate Wales 


Eloise Williams has produced an activity pack based on her book Wilde - read the first chapter and have a go at the fun activities. Year 5, I am hooked already and have ordered the book. Maybe this could be our next reader? Tell me what you think!                                                  


                         laugh    HALF TERM ACTIVITIES  wink


Happy Half Term Blwyddyn 5 - below are some activities you may want to take a look at as we 'recharge our batteries' over the week. You may wish to use this week as a chance to do some activities that you may not have tackled in previous weeks. Please continue to share your examples with us through twitter, email or flipgrid. We love seeing them! Check out the gallery later in the week to see all the lovely things you and your friends have been getting up to! Remember to keep doing My Maths, Nessy and reading as often as you can. Miss Lewis has also told me all about the new TTRockstars which many of you are already using and enjoying! 

Art Activities 

Access Art has many resources suitable for children, teenagers and adults to enjoy during this time. You don’t need fancy art materials. Just provide access to as many types of drawing tools as you have in the house (even Biro’s are fine). Children can draw on opened-out envelopes or the backs of food packages. Be creative and don’t feel restricted by lack of “proper” materials. Choose from different drawing activities to improve basic skills to making worry dolls - scroll through there are lots of different ideas. ACCESS ART

BBC Bitesize art lesson - painting, collage and printmaking - CLICK HERE

FLIPGRID - check out the different topics in the year 5 grid - it's lovely to see what your friends have been doing. Visit the Happy Half Term topic and find out what I've been learning to do during lockdown, what I miss the most (apart from your smiley faces!) and what is going to be the first thing I do when lock down is lifted! Maybe you would like to share what you have been up to with us. Keep checking it out during the week - you may see some familiar faces!!! wink





The challenge:
Use your imagination to build your dream museum in Minecraft. Decide how you would like the building to look and fill it with some of your favourite Museum objects. They could be anything from any of our seven museums, such as a Dinosaur, a Roman coin or a house from St Fagans! 

Premier Football Home Learning Resources 


Click on the logo for a range of fun activities including a 10 star challenge for all the family. 

RSPB activities


As the weather improves , it's great to get a little bit of fresh air when we can and to also see if we can help the creatures that might sometimes visit our garden. If you have a garden, this week could be a great time to safely step outside into it and take a close look. Or may be when you are out and about on your daily exercise. However, if you don't have any outside space, then please don't worry as there are lots of lovely activities on the websites below that you can do safely indoors as well.

Book Review 

We are only 3 chapters away from the end of the Velvet Fox! What shall we read next! I have taken advantage of the time at home to catch up on reading many of the books piled up on my book case. I can't decide which book to read with you next? Shall it be

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell or Beetle Boy by  M.G. Leonard? The House with Chicken legs by Sophie Anderson or the Hippo at the end of the Hall by Helen Cooper? 

Why don't you read the reviews for these books on line and tell me which book you think we should read next and why? Or tell us about some of your favourite books, which author would you recommend and why? 




Hello Blwyddyn 5! 

It's Miss Davies - I'm missing you all! I'm hoping you can help me with a project to make people smile.  





I'd really like you to get involved with the next issue of the Birchgrove Buzz ( I am especially looking for, a short story, TV/book/film reviews, pictures of what you have been up to, jokes to make us all laugh and messages for your wonderful Year 5 teachers and teaching assistants. Diolch Tilly and Aoife for sending me your contributions. 


Please send them to me


I hope to see you all soon, 

Miss Davies

Week beginning 18th May 

Bore da pawb, hope you have had a nice weekend? Thank you for all the lovely pieces of work you have sent in - we have seen some amazing powerpoints on theme parks, mock webpages, maths work and much much more! Keep sending them in and I will do another gallery later in the week. 

Big thank you to all of you who have posted your rollercoasters on flipgrid - they look so much fun! We look forward to seeing the rest! Come on you can do it - look at the examples already posted for inspiration. 

We have a mix of activities for this week - remember you can do these in any order and you can adapt them to suit whatever resources you have at home. You can also go back through all the previous activities posted and catch up on something you might not have had the time to do yet. 



1. Design a rollercoaster or theme park of the future! 

2. Finish your learning log and post it in the rollercoaster grid on flipgrid. Click here to read through the learning log rollercoaster challenge! 



This week in Literacy I would like you to read through the comic produced by Cadw. It is a retelling of an ancient Mabinogi myth. Once you have read through the comic -you can choose from the following activities - you do not have to do them all, unless you want too! 

1. retell it in your own words using the resources from Twinkl to help you

2. write your own welsh legend comic  - research a familiar welsh legend such as Gelert or the tale of Gwenllian. 

3. use the puppet  templates and act out the story in your own words. 

4. complete the comprehension based on the story 

5. complete some Branwen inspired mindfulness art. 





It is also the start of the Hay Festival Digital on Monday 18th May. This famous book festival has gone digital during lockdown and they have produced a special schools programme. CLICK here to visit the website and look at the range of authors and activities on throughout the week. Your favourite author may be giving a talk - or there may be a new author for you to discover. The podcasts are being recorded daily and will be available to listen to at your own leisure. I shall certainly be tuning in! 

Art Activity 

Mrs Couper has posted some interesting and fun links to different art activities on the whole school challenge star. One of the tasks is based on the work of Bridget Riley. 

Have a look at this online lesson from the National Academy to draw your own optical illusion style picture in the style of Bridget Riley. I had lots of fun doing my own ! 



Music Activity 

If you enjoyed the previous music lesson on dynamics and tempo, I thought you might enjoy these 2 lessons on pulse and rhythm. 





Miss Davies (RE) has been very busy producing the first issue of the Birchgrove Buzz!

She would love as many pupils as possible to get involved by sending us pictures, jokes, short articles, reviews, messages to your teachers/ teaching assistants etc. 


You can email anything you would like to be included to Miss Davies at 



Mrs Couper has added some exciting and fun links on the Art page.


Click here to visit the Whole School Challenges Art Star! 

One of our activities next week will be based on one of these artists! Watch this space! 

Please check the Cymraeg star !!!!!! Diolch. 

On Wednesday 13th May at 9:30am, Catherine Fisher, the great Welsh author, (The Clockwork Crow and The Velvet Fox) is  reading from THE CLOCKWORK CROW on 

Join Pie Corbett and friends for a free hour of language games, creative writing and reading response. You can also listen to all previous shows. This is a great interactive resource to improve literacy skills. 

We have been sent many examples of lovely work and you have been busy on flipgrid and twitter. We would like to show as many as we can click on the star below to see what you have been up to! Log into flipgrid to see the amazing videos posted! 

Week beginning 11th May

       Bore da, Blwyddyn 5, we hope you had a fun bank holiday and enjoyed commemorating VE Day! We have lots of fun activities this week, we hope you will enjoy them! 




I have been exploring some of the new tools available to us on HWB. So for one of your activities this week I would like you to log into your hwb account and reply to a message telling me how you remembered VE Day. Follow these easy steps. 



log into the website

type your username - **********

Type your password - please note that the password is case sensitive. 

Choose 'Just2easy' from the menu.

Choose the  'j2message' tile - you should have a red number 1 to say you have a new message. 

Open and read the message. Reply by simply typing in the box and clicking the green plane to send! 

It is as simple as that! 


If you have lost or forgotten your hwb email address - please email me. 


Whilst you are on Just2easy -why not have explore the different tools available. 

J2blast - here you can test your spelling and times tables. You can play against other pupils by clicking the go live button! 

J2e5 - this is a great tool, you can use it like word or powerpoint or even do spreadsheets. Have a play around with it - perhaps you could use it to tell me about your favourite theme park or to do a Lockdown diary entry. It automatically saves your work as you go along and you retrieve your work by clicking on the my files tile on the main J2e page. (once in j2e5 click on load in the left hand corner and then shared files in the right hand corner you should be able to see a Lockdown diary that I started to give you an idea of what you can do.) 

Context activities 


This week we will be researching theme parks around the world, before designing your own theme park and even making your own rollercoaster/fairground ride! 

Follow the instructions on the powerpoints. Don't forget you can adapt the activities to suit what you have available at home! Share you work via twitter or email.



Literacy activities 

Here are a few literacy activities you may like to try - a writing activity and a reading comprehension. You may also like to try this bitesize lesson to help with your story writing.     how to write a story setting 




It is important that we take the time to consider our well being. I really enjoyed this activity (though I couldn't decide on only 5 favourite pieces of music!) Send me your choices I always have music playing in the background in my house, I would love to hear your favourite songs! 

Check out the resources and activities in the Den to support your whole family's wellbeing. Click here

Week beginning May 4th 


Bore da, Blywddyn 5, hope you dodged the showers over the last couple of days and have managed to get out and about in the garden or on your daily walk. I have some fun and interesting activities for you this week, leading up to a VE day stay at home celebration on Friday. Please visit the VE day star on the whole school challenge page, where Mrs Bertelli has put up links and other information.

Remember you can do these activities in any order that you wish, you should be able to work through most of them on your own. You might need some help with the paper plane investigation to do the measuring.

Don't forget to check out the other Stars on our Class page and especially the RE star on the Whole School Challenges to check out the work Miss Davies has set for you. Click here!



I would like you to work your way through this exciting resource pack from Talk for Writing - developed by Pie Corbett. You do not need to print the pack, unless you wish to, you can use your books or what every paper you have available. There is a lot of information in the pack make sure you read the instructions carefully and follow the examples. You can work through this at your own pace - the pack is based on the story of Jumanji - playing the mysterious game resulted in a big problem. Discover what it was and write and publish your own finding tale. 

We would love to see your work - please send us examples that we can share. 


You may also like to have a go at this reading comprehension based on the Wright brothers. Choose a level that will put you in the learning zone. 

Context Activities


After learning about air resistance and friction last week, I would like you to have a go at designing an aerodynamic paper plane. Watch the following lesson and jot down any notes and ideas about air resistance and forces.


Then go through the following powerpoint and plan out your investigation. You might need a grown up to help you with the measuring if that is what your investigation is about. Send us a photo of your finished investigation and/or your paper plane. You may be future plane designers in the making! 

Paper Plane Investigation

Music Activities 

You may like to visit BBC Bitesize daily lessons to learn all about duration, tempo and Beethoven!

VE DAY activities 

Friday 8 May is the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe, when the nation will join together to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the WWII generation then and now. As well as the suggested activities that Mrs Bertelli has posted on the VE Day star (in Whole School Challenges) we would like you to listen to Winston Churchill's historic VE speech and then complete the following reading comprehension. Remember to choose a level to get in the learning zone. Please send us pictures either email or through twitter of how you marked this anniversary.


Also check out the Picture News Resource on 'What is VE Day?' for further information and activities. Did you know that the Queen was allowed out with her sister to celebrate with the crowds on VE day?  (she had to do it in secret!) 



Bore da Blwyddyn 5, I am going to post the rest of this week's activities so you can choose which order you would like to do them. There are lots of activities exploring forces and thinking about the forces that are involved in fairground rides. There are also some activities to help you think about your well being and a lovely resource focussing on the amazing Captain Tom Moore! 

Answers to the emoji book challenge

Tuesday 28th April 


Hope you enjoyed looking at different rollercoasters and theme parks yesterday. Today we would like you to write a Kenning Poem about a rollercoaster or other fairground ride. You have written Kenning Poems in previous year groups but I have given you a guide on how to write them in case you have forgotten. Click on the link below - see if you can work out what ride I was describing in the final slide. We would love to hear your poems! 

Family Challenge! 

Can you work out the titles of these 20 traditional tales, fairy tales or fables? I will give the answers later in the week! 


Monday 27th April


Bore da Blwyddyn 5, we are moving onto our new exciting action pack context 'Scream Machine'.  In this context we will be exploring forces and mechanisms. Eventually we will be building up to using junk materials from around the house to build your own rollercoaster! (so start collecting bits and bobs now! Tubes are especially useful!) 


We have set you a new learning log challenge - you can post this on Flipgrid or send us a picture of your finished learning log.


For today's activities we would like you to gather your ideas and thoughts on the new context. Click the intro pdf below for further details. 


Take a minute or two to think about your wellbeing. These activities  might help you to appreciate the little things. 


Friday 24th April


Bore da - are you ready to present your speech? Rehearse it a couple of times out loud to make sure you can read all the words and understand your own writing. Think about where your full stops are to pause when you are reading. I have recorded my Cardiff Castle speech as an example for you on flipgrid. You can see that I keep looking to the side so I can read my notes! Think about where and how you are going to hold your paper so you don't cover your face! 

Finally when you are ready record your speech. It would be lovely if everybody did this activity so we could vote on the most deserving - remember you can just use the audio you dont have to use the video if you are camera shy. But if I can do it so can you!!




Well done Maisy for uploading your speech before I had even finished updating the Website! yes


As we are coming to the end of our Wonderful World context, I wonder if you can complete this A - Z challenge. Can you name a country in the world for every letter in the alphabet?

 E.g. A = Albania  B = Belize  C = Canada  etc 


if you want to challenge yourself further can you name the capital cities for each of these countries or which countries they border? 

Thursday 23rd April


Bore da, we have a few activities for you to complete today.


1.  Hope you are ready to write your speech. Make sure you read all the way through the powerpoint and the resources before you start writing. Remember we want you to present your speech on Friday using flipgrid, so make sure you can read what you are writing! 


2.   Please make sure that you have uploaded your learning log using flipgrid. If you have any problems using flipgrid, please ask your parent/s to take a photo of your learning log and to email them to us so we know that you have done it.


3.  Take a moment to reflect on how you are feeling - look through the resource and think about your wellbeing. You don't have to print the sheet out, you can design your own sheet. 

Wednesday 22nd April 


Bore da, did any of you stay up to see the shooting stars last night? I stayed out for a while, wrapped up in a blanket but didn't manage to see any. Very disappointing! 


Today's activities are all about persuasive writing. We have touched on this in school, when you wrote a voice over for the promotional video of the Chindia Tower in Romania.  Remember how we spoke about emotive, strong language and the use of imaginative vocabulary. 


The following resources will remind you of the different features of persuasive writing and will hopefully give you some ideas, words and phrases to use in your own writing tomorrow. 

BBC Bitesize 

Today's activity  is exploring the importance and the benefits of teamwork. Get moving with a supermovers clip, watch some videos that you will make you think about teamwork, before completing an activity describing what an amazing person you are! Miss Lewis and I would love to see your finished work! Remember you don't have to print the sheets out, draw your own in your book or on any available paper!

Tuesday 21st April

I hope you enjoyed discovering new places around Wales and it was lovely to see some work on twitter. It is lovely to see photos or to have emails from you please keep sending them in. Today we would like you to choose one of the locations from the powerpoint or one of your own (as long as it in Wales) and do some research. Click on the powerpoint below and it will show you what to do. 


Mrs Miles has made some amazing Kodu lessons for you to work your way through at your own pace. Click on the IT star on the previous page (Year 5 home learning) to find the link. 


I have included a fun singing music lesson from BBC bitesize if you fancy something a bit different. I know how many of you love singing! Just click on the link below.

Task 2 Powerpoint

Summer Term 2020


Welcome back Year 5, we hope you have enjoyed your Easter Break and managed to enjoy the nice weather safely in those unusual times. 

We will be adding activities daily, but would like to remind you that you choose your own timetable, whatever works best for you as a family. We understand that there is pressure for devices and that parents/carers are working from home too! We will try to post tasks that don't need much printing and will give you guidance on how to complete them. 

There is an overwhelming amount of resources on the internet - some better than others. You may have read/seen that BBC bitesize are producing daily lessons online and programmes through red button on iplayer. We will be accessing some of these lessons from time to time, but they are an excellent resource if you are looking for more activities for your child/ren.


Don't forget Miss Lewis will be setting My Maths regularly and we hope you are managing to do some reading everyday. Please email us if you have any queries or would like to show us your finished work. 


Miss Broughton:

Miss Lewis: 


We look forward to hearing from you.

Year 5 team. 


Monday 20th April

We are coming to the end of our What a Wonderful World context, I hope you have uploaded your learning log presentation on flipgrid for us to view.

Before she left, Miss Spencer had planned a series of lessons for you on marketing a Welsh Wonder of the World. I have adapted these lessons for you to access at home but I know she would be really pleased to see how you are getting along and I will forward any emails or work to her. She will also have access to flipgrid to view your finished activities. 


Over the week, we will be asking you to research a landmark/location in Wales that you think is worthy enough to be considered a wonder of the world. All the activities will be building up to you writing and presenting a persuasive speech to convince us why your choice should be named a Welsh Wonder of the World. 


Task 1 - Click on the link below to view today's powerpoint and activity. I really enjoyed planning it and learnt lots about different places in Wales that I would like to visit when we are allowed to. 

Task 1 -Powerpoint

BBC Bitesize 


One of today's lessons is all about the Ancient Egyptians that you might like to look at.


Miss Davies also found a site where you can take a virtual tour around the inside of a pyramid! 

Take a Virtual Tour around a pyramid!




Easter week 2


Happy Easter everyone! We hope you and your families are all safe and well. We hope you enjoyed some of the Easter activities we put up and that you managed to tune into some of the radioblogging shows! Keep listening to the show and don't forget to complete your My Maths and your Learning Log presentation on flipgrid. There are some more fun activities below you may like to do. 5B keep checking the class book star the next installment is on its way! 



Easter Holidays Week 1


We hope that you all have a relaxing 2 weeks and manage to get out in the garden to enjoy the sunshine. If you would like some activities to keep you busy you can dip and out of the following activities.

  •  Complete your Learning Log presentation on Flipgrid. You have five minutes recording time - remember to rehearse your presentation before recording. 
  •  Tune in to  for daily show with interactive activities to keep everyone busy and engaged, brought to you by Pie Corbett ( I'm sure many of you will recognise his name from the storytelling activities you did in previous year groups) You just listen and blog, it's live, fun and interactive with new educational tasks each day. Go to the website to listen to previous shows or listen live at 9:30am! 
  •  visit the Glamorgan Cricket website for some fun games and activities. 
  • there are some fun Easter themed activities below - I have also added some to the Just for Fun  star. 



I would like to take this opportunity to reassure pupils and parents that there is no expectation that you complete all of the activities we post. Use them as a guide, dip in and out, choosing as and when you complete the activities. Please don't feel that you have to do everything everyday, your mums and dads and carers are all busy, especially the fantastic key workers out there, so we all have to help each other. 

Congratulations to our top Nessy Learners for a second week - Seren, Josh, Ryan, Sofia, Ayman and Luca. Keep up the good work ! Well done from Mrs Jones, Miss Broughton and Miss Lewis. I'm sure Miss Daley will be really pleased to hear this news! 

Da Iawn Aidan and Lucas - we were really impressed with your pyramids on twitter! Did you work out how many blocks you needed mathematically before building? We hope you have enjoyed this mini project on Ancient Egypt. 


Task 10 - 3/4/20


To finish our mini project perhaps you would like to write your own story based in Egypt. If you can remember your story we started writing in school you could finish that off - remember we had just got to the point where your explorer was searching for something and something was about to happen to him. Remember to describe how he is feeling, what he sees, what he does. Does he succeed in his quest? How does he escape? How does he get out of the tomb? What happens at the end? 

Try to remember all the interesting sentence starters we use and 2 A sentences - e.g. tired and exhausted, the explorer inched his way down the dusty, cramped corridor. 

Or  you could use a story starter from the pack to spark your imagination to write your own adventure story set in Egypt. 

Task 9 - 2/4/20

Today we are exploring pyramids. Use the templates below to have a go at making your own. Use any blocks/lego that you have to make your own pyramid. Can you solve the pyramid puzzle? Send us photos of your pyramids, we would love to see them! 


Watch the following videos to get inspired.

Task 8 - 1/4/20 


Bore Da Blwyddyn 5 hope you are all keeping well. Today we are carrying on our learning about the Ancient Egyptians and discovering more about the different God and Goddesses. There are 3 different challenges - choose a challenge that will put you in the 'deep learning' part of the Learning pit. Remember to answer in full sentences. For a further challenge you could produce a keynote or powerpoint about the different things you have learnt.


You might also enjoy the Crack the Code activity.  

Task 7 - 31/3/20


Ancient Egyptian Maths - have a go at these fun maths activities using hieroglyphics. 




Ancient Egyptians Quiz - answers

Task 6 - 30/3/20


Continuing with our research into the Ancient Egyptians - can you complete the following quiz - use the guide from last Friday to help you. Remember to answer the questions in full sentences in your book. 




Mrs Miles has been amazing and has found a way for all of us in year 5 to share our fantastic Learning Logs on the Wonders of the World. Here she has passed on the following link for everyone to follow. We are going to be using FlipGrid, which will allow you to record yourselves presenting your work. Today you need to log on so we can see if this works, here you need to make a short video where you just say Hello  hopefully then at the end we can all watch each others from home. 


The link:

Task 5 - 27/3/20


Today you will be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. Read through the e-book below and learn about this fascinating civilisation. See if you can produce a fact file/report on one aspect of the Egyptians. Look at the examples of reports, choose a format and use the check list to help you write your report. E.g. you might decide to do a report on Egyptian Food and drink or the pyramids.  Send us a photo of your finished report, we would love to see them. You can do this report on a side of A4 in your learning log book.  

When you have finished your report there are some fun activities you can try. 

Answers for Christ the Redeemer comprehension

Don't forget to check out the other stars for new activities!

There is a Welsh activity on the year 5 page and a RE activity from Miss Davies in Whole School challenges and the Story writing Star is updated regularly!! Lots to do to keep you busy! 

 Task 4   -   26/3/20

Reading Comprehension - Christ the Redeemer 


a) Today's comprehension is based on the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio, Brazil. Read through the text and answer the questions in full sentences in your book. I will post the answers tomorrow.

b) Have a go at writing a newspaper report, from the day the statue was finished. Remember to include as many facts from the text as possible, and to include a headline and some quotes!  Use the writing prompt to help you structure your report and to remind you of the features of a newspaper article. 

Task 3 - 25/3/20


  •  work on your learning log - remember you can do 4 pages this time. one double page on 7 new wonders that you have decided should be considered wonders and one double page on either the Ancient Wonders or the Natural Wonders of the World. 
  •   check out the link to the story writing activities on the whole school challenges star. We would love to see your story maps. 

Design Competition 

Cornish Chocolate makers Kernow have launched a weekly competition to design a chocolate bar wrapper for their products. See the information below. Thanks to Miss Davies who spotted this competition (which linked in with the comprehension today) and thought you might be interested.

Task 2 - 24/3/20 

Reading Challenge 

Read through the following short passage and answer the questions in your books, using full sentences. 


Can you create your own ideal chocolate bar? What  ingredients would you have in it? 

Watch the following videos to get inspired!



Task 1 - 23/3/20


Pobble365 - Toby

The following activities are courtesy of Pobble365 - choose one or all! Look at the picture and use your imagination to answer the questions - there is no right or wrong answer!

Activity 1

Answer the following questions in your book - remember to use full sentences to justify your answers. Use your imagination - there is no right or wrong answer. Use the story starter prompt below to spark your imagination. 


Why does Toby live at the foot of a tree?

Why do they live in a forest?

Who else lives there with him?

What do you think it’s like living in a forest?

What do these dogs get up to?

Where are their owners?

Who built their houses?


Now write 3 questions of your own about the picture. Don't forget the question marks. 

Activity 2

 Can you make these sentences more interesting ? Can you add 2 adjectives before the noun?

e.g. The weathered, twisted tree was colossal.

Can you add an adverb

e.g. The weathered, twisted tree was colossal and swayed gracefully in the gentle breeze. 

The tree was big.

It was covered in moss.

There were leaves on the ground.


Activity 3

Use the following story starter to write a story about Toby. Try to use imaginative vocabulary and interesting sentence starters. You might want to plan your story out first. 


Story Starter

Toby poked his large, shaggy head out of his front door and sniffed. He loved the smell of the forest, especially first thing in the morning. He could almost taste the fresh, leafy goodness on his slobbering tongue as he dangled it out of his yawning mouth.

He could hear a rustling noise coming from nearby; one of the others was awake. You see, Toby wasn’t the only dog that lived in the forest…

Activity 4


Can you draw a picture of the perfect house for a dog to live in? Think carefully about what it might have inside it.