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Science - Burps, Bottoms & Bile


Thank you for all your fantastic ideas for our new context via FlipGrid or email.  We are really looking forward to using them throughout this topic.  Today we start with the mouth and teeth.  I wonder how many of you have had a visit from the tooth fairy during 'lock down'?  Did you know that not all countries have a tooth fairy?  If you want an extra challenge you can research what happens to children's teeth in other countries! 


Your Mouth & Teeth


Watch these two BBC bitesize videos on the mouth & teeth. 

Choice of task – pick one


Super: Draw and label the teeth in an child's mouth. Explain the function of the different teeth.

Fantastic: Make a poster explaining how to look after your teeth for younger children.

Amazing: Draw and label a diagram of the mouth and explain this stage of digestion.