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Literacy / Topic

In school this week we will be continuing with our topic about the Plague. We will be creating a flow map using descriptive language that we will discuss and share in school. We will be focusing on similes, metaphor's, varied sentence starters, adverbs and varied sentence structures. For your home learning task we would like you to use your flow to write your own diary entry as if you were in London at the time of the Plague. 

Below you will find examples of flow maps and diary entries that have been completed by past pupils.

Please email us your completed diaries by your next school day. 





Skin deep.


As part of our skin deep topic we will be looking at and discussing different types of microbes and virus and thinking about how they look and the effect they have on the human body. We would like you to create your own microbe and write about the effects it has on a human as it travels around their body. Look at the example below and think about the descriptive language you are going to use. 


We would like your image and description sent to us before your next school day.