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Hello all,  we hope you enjoyed Sports Day/Week.  We loved seeing all the videos your posted on FlipGrid or by email, they were fantastic.  You all looked like you were having so much fun.  Congratulations to Ty Glas!   We start on our new topic 'Travel Agents' this week, but before that, this Monday is World Ocean Day, see below for information about that.  We love hearing from you, so keep those emails coming in.  Have a great week.


Mrs Bertelli & Mrs Jacobs  

Task 1 

World Ocean Day  Monday 8th June 



An interactive line up of ocean advocates are live with ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, story telling and much more.


Click here:


Choose which activity or activities you would like to do, here's some examples of what's on:

9.30am Rockpool Ramble at the National Marine Aquarium.

10.00am Learn how to breathe like a dolphin.

10.30am Ocean Learning Zone - pick something that interests you.

1pm Ocean Creative Zone -  there's lots to choose from!

Travel Agents 


Thank you for all your ideas for our new topic 'Travel Agents'.  Before we jet set off around the world, we are going to find out a little more about our home town 'Cardiff'.  We'll look at what Cardiff has to offer as a tourist destination and then create a leaflet advertising Cardiff.


Task 2-  Research - Remind yourself on how to write a list, remember, unless it is the name of a place or person (a proper noun) it doesn't need a capital letter, see the poster below.  Then watch the video on Cardiff as a tourist destination below.  Write down as many of the 'places' and 'things to do' that are mentioned in a list.  Watch the film again and add to your list.   Can you think of any more? 


Task 3 - Research Cardiff as a tourist destination, click on this link:

Write notes about the things to see & do (attractions & entertainment), places to eat and drink, places to stay and shopping in Cardiff.   While you are doing this, think of words you could use to describe each of these places or activities.  For example: impressive, ancient, interesting, world class, amazing, exciting etc. 


Tasks 4 - Before we write a leaflet we need to recognise the features of a leaflet. 

Watch the short video and complete the quiz in this link: Click here

Then click on Document 1 below, you need to identify the different features of a text, then complete a comprehension about a leaflet. 


Task 5 - Create your own leaflet about Cardiff as a tourist destination.  Use the poster  (Document 2) below a your success criteria, you can also include a map and made up quotes.  You can create your leaflet in your exercise book, on a piece of A4 or print out the templates below (Documents 3 or 4). 


We love seeing your work, so please email photographs of your leaflets to us.

PE - Don't forget to keep fit and healthy. Click on each item to follow the link:

Just For Fun

Llywnfedw Gardens Challenge - Make your way to LLywnfedw Gardens and see if you can take matching photographs and/or tick off the photos as you find them.  Remember not to touch anything and to social distance.  Click on Document 5 below.





Cardiff - City of Opportunity

Some documents from Twinkl.
Documents 1 - 4 from Twinkl