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Monday 26th June 


Today we read the Monster Pet by Jan Pienkowski. A story set in a fantasy world and using repeated  patterns and rhymes. The children created their own monster pets and posters to care for their pet. They also made finger puppets so they could retell the story in their own words.  

The Monster Pet Powerpoint

Photos from 26th June

Monday 12th June 


Today we read the Runway Pizza by Brenda Parkes. It is a re telling of the traditional tale - The Gingerbread Man. The Children enjoyed joining in with the rhyme the cheeky pizza shouted at all the people trying to catch him. 

The children and their parents thought of interesting words to describe the pizza and completed some pizza inspired maths work. 



Runaway Pizza Powerpoint

Photos from 12th June

Monday 5th June 


Today's book is called Kakadu Jack by Brenda Parkes. It tells the story of a naughty parrot who lives in the Caribbean and the chaos he causes on a trip to the market. We will looking at the rhyming words and predictable language. We will also be learning about Alliteration - when words start with the same letter sound. 

Kakadu Jack Powerpoint

Photos from previous sessions.

15.5.17 - Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt


We talked about the importance of rhyming for developing language. We listened to the funny story of Timothy looking through his telescope in the park and what did he see? 


A Shark in the Park! 


or did he? 



Shark in the Park powerpoint

8.5.17 - Elmer and Wilbur by David McKee


This week we will be reading this lovely story about Wilbur and his mischievous cousin Wilbur.  

Click the link below to see the powerpoint for ideas and activities. 

Elmer and Wilbur Powerpoint

Summer Term 2017 



Our first book this term was Pig in the Pond by Martin Waddell.





We had lots of fun listening to the story. We played babble gabble with our parents, listing all the different animals that could be found on a farmyard. 

Click on the link below to find ideas that you can do at home after reading the book. 


Pig in the Pond powerpoint