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We have 3 literacy based context activities for you to complete. 


A comprehension about Queen Victoria - there are 3 different levels - take a look at each of the levels and decide which one to complete - Remember you want to be in your 'learning zone'. 


For the next two activities you will need to log into your Hwb account and look at the shared files on J2E. If you have brothers and sisters also using Hwb make sure they have completely signed out of their accounts. 


Victorian Christmas

Look through both documents and read the instructions carefully. We would like you to create a Venn diagram looking at different Christmas traditions. You will need to read through the powerpoint on the second file  to gather the information. 

Remember to save your work or if you are doing it on paper, send us a photo through Dojo or via email. 


Christmas Word Fun 

Work your way through the Christmas based activities - I know you like a word search!