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Take a look at the fun activities we have for you to continue your learning at home. Try and choose a mixture of activities and have fun. Remember to take your time, make sure your letters are formed correctly and use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  

Instruction writing.

1. Can you explain how to decorate a Christmas tree ? Remember your time words

 (First, Next, Then, Now, Finally) and your bossy words (Put, Place, Turn on). Think about what you do first, buy the tree or put the tree up. Remember to use these words…..  lights, baubles, star, fairy, tinsel, presents.  Practice reading back your work to make sure it makes sense.

2. If you aren’t sure about how to decorate a tree, read the instructions and put them in order. Copy out the sentences to help you practice your letter formation.

3. Decorate your own Christmas tree. Follow the instructions to decorate the Christmas tree. Read the sentences carefully and make sure you sound out, look for words in words and use your phonics sounds. You can draw the tree first then follow the instructions. Colour it in neatly.


4. Practice your handwriting and label Father Christmas or a Christmas tree. Read the words carefully and label Father Christmas or the tree neatly. You can draw them yourselves if you want. We know how much you enjoy drawing.  

Christmas word unscramble.

5. Can you unscramble the Christmas words? Use the pictures to help. Then put each word into a Christmas sentence. Remember to keep your writing on the line and start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

Reading Comprehension.

6. We always enjoy listening to you read and we will miss not hearing you. Let your family enjoy you reading these Christmas stories. Remember to pause at full stops and commas and try and change your voice to make it interesting. When you have finished answer the questions about the story to show you understood. 

Christmas Riddles.

7. Ho Ho Ho ! These riddles are great fun. Practice your reading and speaking skills. Try them out on your family or practice them for Christmas day. We are sure your family will find them hilarious. Maybe you know some of your own ?