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Welcome to your new topic for the Summer Term... Our new topic for this half term is called 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile'.  As you can imagine, this is a very fun topic and can get a bit messy. 

Friday 24th April.


Happy Friday everyone! We hope you have had an enjoyable first week back after the Easter break and been enjoying the sunshine. Today we would like you to 'draw' upon your artistic ability. Firstly, watch the video clip below on how to draw a face. This will give you some good tips on how to divide the face and get the features in the right place. You are going to draw a self-portrait. That's right - a drawing of yourself. You could sit in front of a mirror or have a photo of yourself to copy. Take your time and initially just use a pencil until you are happy with it. You can leave it as a pencil drawing or add colour with paint or felt pens or coloured pencils. 

How to Draw a Face for Kids


As we are spending so much time at home right now, none of us can get to the barbers or the hairdressers for a haircut, so why don't you add a wacky hairdo to your portrait? It can be the "lock down hairdo challenge". Some very famous artists had funky and wacky haircuts. Do you remember Andy Warhol from our 60s topic in year 3? Take a look.

Try out this quiz as a starting point and see what happens...!

Which arty hairstyle would you get?


Please take photos of the finished drawings and share with us via email or twitter. We would love to see the final version!

Wednesday 22nd April


For today we have a couple of different ideas that you could try. 

One involves getting your hands a bit dirty and one is much cleaner. Both of them should give you lots of information about how the human digestive system works. 

Of course, you can do both if you want!

As always, please send us photos of your work. We love seeing what you're up to. 


1. This is the messy option. For this activity you are going to have a go at creating your own working model of the digestive system. Depending on the equipment you have at home there are a few different options you could try. We definitely want to see photos of this one. In fact, we would LOVE if you made a video of you explaining what your model shows and upload it to flip grid. 

2. AmazingWrite the top ten most interesting facts that you find out about the digestive system. 

Brilliant You could make it into a True or False Quiz for your family and try to trick them by changing some of the wording.

Fantastic Or you could make your facts in to an information poster.


All of your facts must be written in your own words. 

There are some examples on the poster below, but perhaps you could find out some extra facts that even your teachers don't know. Prizes for the best facts*

*The prize is that you get to stay at home tomorrow wink

Tuesday 21st April

It's time for some music! We know how much you have enjoyed your music lessons this year so we thought we'd give you something to 'tune' into smiley. There are two lessons to look at this week and many more to follow.


Session 1: What are pulse and rhythm?

Watch the video clip and when you see the children in the colourful t shirts perform,

the music appears to split into 3 very definite 'moods'. 

a) machinery b) a battle and c) a celebration

How does each section make you feel? Can you write a sentence or two for each one, or if you prefer, draw a picture to represent those feelings  - the use of colour would be important eg. red for anger or passion etc. Can you (and anyone in your family) record a pulse and rhythm piece using body sounds like Dev and Anna do in the clip? We would love to hear it!


Session 2: What are duration and tempo?

This looks at Beethoven's Fifth Symphony which is a very famous and recognisable piece of music. You may have heard it in a film or accompanying an advert. Watch the clip and see how many of the instruments you can identify. Make a list. Which would you like to try? I've always wanted to play the drums! And are there any you don't recognise? How do all the musicians keep in time? Would you like the job of being a conductor? A final question - Can you think of a reason why all the musicians are wearing black? This happens quite often with orchestras. Make a note of any other famous pieces of music you like.



Film Review Activities

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

We hope you have all had a restful 2 weeks and are raring to get back down to work. 


For today's literacy activity we would like you to think about a film you have watched in the last 2 weeks (or your favourite film of all time) and complete one or more of these activities. 


You have the option of: 

1. Create a film character profile. 

2. Create 20 word film summaries of some of your favourite films or films you have watched recently. As an extension, look at the themes in some Disney films and see if you can spot any trends. Why do you think these occur? 

3. Create a flow map (storyboard) of 2 different films trying to tell the whole plot in only 6 frames. 


You do not need to print any of the sheets, you can just use the headlines / examples to create your own versions in your book or on paper.

Send us a picture of your finished work. I wonder if any of us have the same favourite films or characters!

Activity 1 - character profile

Activity 2 and 3 - film summaries and storyboards