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Year 4 Curriculum Presentation for parents - Autumn 2021


Please click the link below to access the curriculum presentation, with information about the coming term. 

Please email or dojo the year 4 team if you have any queries.

Many thanks 

Year 4 team.


Click here to view the Interactive Powerpoint



Click here to download the interactive Powerpoint

Harry Potter


We have a magical half term planned for Year 4. We will be reading Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone By J. K. Rowling (we have plenty of copies in class, so there's no need to buy the book, but you can bring in your own labelled copy if you wish).  We will study the language and features used by the author to create enchanted settings and mystical characters of our own. In PE we will combine spellbinding sequences of movements to form dramatic and entertaining dances based on life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Be on the lookout for a stick, but not just any stick, take care which tree it is from! You'll need it when you make your magic wand.  Hold on tight to your broomsticks, this term is going to be fun with a good sprinkle of growth mindset and hard work! Alohomora!