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Some of the children in Blwyddyn 3 had the opportunity to take part in a Tag Rugby Festival. We played in teams of 7 against other school teams and used lots of the skills that we have worked on in our rugby sessions this year. 



Year 3 spent the day at Cardiff Castle learning all about WW2 and how Cardiff handled the threat of bombs.  The children dressed up as evacuees and they were treated like children from the 1940's.




We made our own dream catchers this week. As we came to the end of our topic Road Trip USA it was an exciting and colourful way to update our display whilst offering us a chance to be creative. Roedd e'n llawer o hwyl!


Da iawn Blwyddyn tri for working hard this week. We have been very busy working on our comprehension skills and also solving some tricky maths problems. Our P.E lessons are also a very important part of our week. The sessions are fun and give us a chance to use up some of our energy. We notice that after these sessions we feel calm and relaxed.


We have been learning about some of America's iconic landmarks. This week we learned about the Brooklyn Bridge. One of our favourite facts was that Barnum paraded 21 elephants across the bridge when it was opened to prove how strong the structure was. We also had to make sure our facts were in chronological order.


We have been designing and making t-shirts ready to wear for our Fashion Show. Inspired by some of the fashion trends from the 1960s, our designs are bright and beautiful. We hope you can join us and see all our hard work at our fashion show!


We have been thinking about how to bounce back from making mistakes. Using our growth mindset techniques we have tried to adjust some of our thinking. We now know that mistakes make us grow into better learners. Some of our favourite phrases are going to be put on display around the class.


Diolch to Bigfoot Drama who came in to give us a story telling workshop. We created a magical, funny story as a whole class. Then we acted out different scenes from the Tales of Wales as freeze frames. 


Diolch yn fawr for all the fabulous entries for the Eisteddfod. It will be very hard for the judges to pick their winners this year! Bendigedig Blwyddyn 3.




We have enjoyed writing letters about protecting the polar bears. We have learned that their homes are threatened by global warming. Sketching our own version of polar bears to put on our Oriel display was really fun.


For our topic Polar Panic we have been finding out about different explorers and then we used our research to write a biography about Ernest Shackleton. In maths we have been thinking about 3D shapes. Ask us to find some real life examples of 3D shapes over the weekend. Hint : What 3D shape would different buildings be?


Whilst our Elf on the Shelf has been causing mischief, Year 3 have been very busy making book creator leaflets to highlight all our learning about the topic Disaster Zone. We also managed to squeeze in our Christmas party as a celebration of the fun times we have had this year.


As part of our topic Disaster Zone we have been thinking about how to budget money to help people in other parts of the world who have experienced natural disasters. As well as using our maths skills we have had to consider how we would order our emergency response.


We have been busy working on fact files about lots of different religions with Miss Davies. 


Just a quick reminder that this afternoon your child will be bringing home a Spelling Attack word search that will help them to learn the er spelling pattern. Please return this to school by next Friday. 

Also, please encourage your child to complete their My Maths homework which is set for them weekly. If you are struggling to access the website please try the google chrome browser as this is how we get on to My Maths in school.


Blwyddyn 3 had an amazing day out today! We had lots of fun den building and exploring the woodland at Bryngarw Country Park. Diolch to the Park Rangers who guided us through our activities and taught us new skills. Thank you also to the parents who helped us throughout the day.


This term the children have been given new Reading Records which we would like them to fill in themselves once they have completed a book. They will be encouraged to share their opinions on these books in discussions with their teachers. We are very grateful for your support in reading regularly with your child.


We have been very busy over the past few weeks learning all about our new topic Wild Wood. It was lots of fun writing kennings poems and also working on our own rhyming couplets. In maths we have been working hard on multiplication. What a wonderful start to the year. Bendigedig!

Croeso i Flwyddyn 3. We hope you all enjoyed the Summer holidays and we welcome you back to school.