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What a busy week! We have worked really hard to perfect our story-telling techniques. We now know how to make our descriptive writing more interesting by adding adverbs and similes. Also, we all took part in the Key Stage 2 Concert Goodbye My Friend and then some of us even went to a Tag Rygby Festival.

Diolch yn fawr to the rugby coaches who have worked with us throughout over the year.


Today was the school trip of a lifetime, we went on an exciting open top bus tour of Cardiff. We learnt that our city used to be a village which grew in prosperity due to the coal that we sent around around the world. This meant that there was enough money to design buildings made out of very expensive stone that still stand today and make the streets of Cardiff look very interesting. We loved visiting places we have been before and learning new facts about them. Some of things we have learnt will be useful in our work next week.


Diolch yn fawr to the parent helpers and everyone involved in planning our trips. It was an amazing day!


Please help us to learn the words for our end of term performance. Diolch yn fawr.

4M Hey! T.A

4BH The Lunchtime Frontline



Diolch yn fawr to Poppy who gave us a STEM inspired challenge. In teams we took on different roles such as architect, budget manager and designer all working together to create aqueducts.


Rydym wedi bod yn brysur iawn! This week we really enjoyed having our families visit to see our hard work this topic. We spent a long time preparing interactive digestive system presentations and overcame challenges as a team. Choosing how we wanted to display our work made us feel independent and as a result we felt very proud of the finished product. Bottoms, Burps and Bile has been a very interesting topic ... Gwyddonwyr ydym ni!


4M enjoyed an exciting trip to Allied Bakeries this morning. We had a very interesting talk from Tasty Careers all about the jobs in the food and drink industry. We also went round the factory and saw thousands of hot dog buns being made. Diolch yn fawr for an amazing morning of learning and exploring.


4BH enjoyed an exciting morning visiting Allied Bakeries. Whilst there we toured the factory and saw how machines and robots were part of the baking process. We also found out about the different jobs that can be done in a factory such as engineers, account managers and food production operatives. We realised that whilst robots play an important role in the bakery, the human workforce are just as important in the process and the bakery would not function without them.


Blwyddyn pedwar had an amazing day in Techniquest. We learned all about the human body in a workshop. It was very interesting and some of us had to take part on the stage. Then we tried out some of the other exhibitions. Finally we went for a beautiful walk around sunny Cardiff Bay.


Today we enjoyed an amazing talk about diabetes. It was an excellent presentation that made us all smile but also taught us many important facts. We had a chance to ask the experts our own questions at the end. Diolch yn fawr to the speakers. Bendigedig!


Diolch yn fawr to Beth and Dr Scurr for talking to us today about the digestive system.  We went on a tour of a giant inflatable bowel which was really fun and interesting. It helped us to think about the jobs our digestive system does and made us want to research more.


We started our new topic by reading 'The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business'. The book was very funny and informative and made us think about different types of animal scat (poo). We used the clues on the information sheets to create our versions of scat so that our classmates could be poo detectives and work out which animal the scat was from. We then took part in lots of different activities.


Ask us about what we enjoyed most during our immersion morning.


We conducted a science experiment that questioned the impact of friction and gravity when a marble roles down a ramp onto different surfaces. We made predictions about which material would make to marble travel furthest.


Using Lego we explored what forces are and how they can make objects move. We built a Lego robot to investigate the impact of balanced and unbalanced forces.


This week we enjoyed taking part in a science and technology workshop. We found out about climate change throughout the ages. Using timelines, photographs and materials we considered how the global temperature has changed and what impact this has had on our planet.


We started this week thinking about how robots are made and how they are similar and different to other technology. Then we thought about what type of robot we could design. We made a poster about our own robot persuading people to buy or invest in it. All through the week we enjoyed the Comic Relief activities planned for us and would like to say diolch yn fawr to School Council. In class we watched a video about Farhad and learned about his dreams of becoming an artist and footballer whilst living in a refugee camp in Serbia.


A big diolch from blwyddyn 4 for the drama workshop today. We enjoyed creating our own exciting stories. Our favourite part was learning about the Tales of Wales and inventing our own freeze frames to tell the story. The other groups had to guess what part of the story we were presenting.



We are enjoying tag rugby sessions this half term. It was a really exciting session full of running, catching and laughter!


Diolch yn fawr for a wonderful trip to the llyfrgell. It was a bright and crisp afternoon, prefect for a walk into Rhiwbina. We all had a chance to get involved in an interactive story. Then we went on a scavenger hunt for some missing letters. Finally we made our own book marks.


When Julie Morgan came in she talked to us about how we could stop pollution. Surprisingly even a small cotton bud can do a lot of damage. We can help by reducing, reusing and recycling the things that we don't need.


This week we have been thinking about water pollution. We have learned that there are both human and natural sources of pollution. In small groups we presented speeches to the class to try to highlight the problem of pollution in our seas and rivers.


Year 4 took part in first aid training and each earned their Flat Stanley certificate. They were taught how to bandage cuts, resuscitation and how to treat burns. It was really interesting but fun too.


Year 4 have started the term with a really exciting Immersion day all about their new topic Into the Blue. We are going to find out about different underwater habitats, sea life and the impact humans have on the ocean. Remember we are always happy to display any extra learning done at home on our continuous learning lines.


We have been learning all about robins this week. Inspired by 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo we have researched robins and created our own fact files. Then we made bird feeders that we can hang up in our gardens.


Blwyddyn 4 enjoyed an amazing trip to Pwll Mawr Amgueddfa Lofaol Cymru. It was a very exciting day. We learned about Christmas during Victorian times and made our own crackers. We were also brave enough to go down into the mine and experience what life was like for the miners who worked there. A big diolch to parent helpers and to all the people at Big Pit who made our day extra special.



We have had a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lesson with Poppy from Cardiff University. We've been science detectives trying to work out which bones came from which animal.


Using the Book Creator App on the I-pads was a great way to record all of our research on Queen Victoria. We used images, fact boxes and even recorded our own voices to make a multi-sensory display.


Ask us about our phrase of the week.


For our Victorian Immersion Day we were given the chance to dress up as Victorian school children. Mrs McNamara and Mrs Bertelli became very strict and gave out punishments like the dunce's hat. It felt a little bit strange but was a really good way to make us think about the past. 


We were very lucky to have Poppy from Cardiff University come to talk to us about STEM research. We really enjoyed it and look forward to more sessions!


Using the ipads we made our own Harry Potter trailers featuring us as the main characters. We used iMovie to help make them look realistic and enjoyed watching our finished trailers at the end of the session.


We added the finishing touches to our magic wands. 


Using clay we followed our own designs to create decorative wands.  We think that Mr Ollivander would be very proud of us. 


We have been working on our dramatic dance routines inspired by scenes from Harry Potter and performing them to the beautiful film music.


Today we have been exploring the solar system through art. Using chalk pastels the classes created beautiful space inspired artwork. What a lovely way to end the week. Bendigedig Blwyddyn pedwar!


Next week we will looking for examples of excellent work to put on our new Harry Potter display. Keep working hard and wait for your work to appear on our magical board!


This term the children will be given new Reading Records which we would like them to fill in themselves once they have completed a book. They will be encouraged to share their opinions on these books in class displays and discussions. We are very grateful for your support in reading regularly with your child.


We have enjoyed starting our new topic which is all about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This week we have written our own potions and also started to investigate how throughout history the image of witches and wizards has changed.

Autumn Term Curriculum Talk


This term's curriculum talk for parents will take place on Thursday 20th September at 3.45pm. We will deliver information about the topics that the children will learn this academic year. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have while also sharing key dates and expectations for Year 4.


We look forward to seeing you there.


Croeso i Flwyddyn 4. We hope you all enjoyed the Summer holidays and we welcome you back to school.