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                                              Pulse and Heart rate investigation


As part of their Champion topic, Year 5 have been busy carrying out an investigation to see how fast the heartbeats during the day. They have been looking at different factors that may contribute to a fast heart beat and a resting heartbeat. Miss Broughton had them working really hard doing star jumps and running on the spot.  They then looked at graphs to interpreted information and to identify when people were doing different activities that got the heart beating faster.



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Year 5 kicked off their final summer topic, 'Champions' this week. They were very lucky to have some inspiring athletes come talk to them about how they became successful in their sporting careers.


Our very own Mr Warlow brought in his cycle gear to give us an insight into his fabulous cycling career. The children were in awe of the dedication and commitments both teachers give when training for a race, and couldn’t believe their luck to have such talented teachers teach them!!


 This afternoon they were so lucky to be able to take part in a Latin dance workshop, given by British Champion Loren James. She has represented Britain in numerous prestigious dance competitions and holds many titles. The children were mesmerised by the sparkling dresses and elegant footwear and couldn’t wait to show us some moves.  Thank you Loren for taking time out of your day to tell us about your interesting dance career.


I’m sure you’ll agree this topic sounds like loads of fun!!


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                                  Cardiff Athletics Academy


5T were given a taster session this morning delivered by coaches from Cardiff Athletics Academy. They provided an introduction to athletics where, they were able to learn about the different training techniques, how to train properly and safely, warm-up and cool-down.  They will be back next week to show 5B how it's done!!


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                                                         Know Your Rights! 



Year 5 had a visit from Sophie who ran an 'I Say' workshop to talk about the rights children have. Pupils explored different rights through games before creating a shield about themselves.  Can you remember articles 12 and 31? If you'd like more information about children's right, please click here


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                                                       Paper Plane Experiment 


Paper planes flew from all directions this afternoon as Year 5 children carried out an experiment to find out the different ways they could make their paper planes fly further. Some groups added a parachute, some made their planes smaller and some changed the thickness of the paper, however the winning group with an average distance of 4m 75cm changed the design to be longer and narrower, which meant that they had the longest distance overall. 


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                                          Showing Racism the Red Card 



Year 5 worked with the charity 'Show Racism the Red Card' and had a workshop delivered, following on from a lesson Mrs Morgan gave back last month. Their aim is to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominately but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others. 


The charities aim is to educate young people about the causes and consequences of racism and to explore the various forms racism there are,  giving children and young adults the the opportunity to challenge racism in the communities in which they live and to provide them with relevant knowledge and information to enable them to do this.


Through providing these opportunities, it allows children to develop good relationships and respect the differences between people, regardless of their ethnicity, faith, culture or nationality.



If you would like more information on this charity and how they work , please click here. 



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If you would like more information on this charity and how they work , please click here


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                                             Science - Forces and Air Resistance 



Year 5 have been enjoying the sun and doing a science experiment to test air resistance and the force. They created their own paper aeroplane and measured the distance.


Air resistance is a force that acts in the opposite direction of a moving object and is a type of friction. Greater surface area on a moving object can increase air resistance. Air resistance works as an opposing force for both falling objects and those moving on the ground.  


Who knew paper aeroplanes could be so much fun!!!!


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How lucky were Year 5 yesterday to take a trip to Weston-Super-Mare! Their topic this term is ‘Scream Machine’ and there was no better way to experience the thrill of the rides than to visit the Grand Pier at W-S-M. We set off to the Grand Pier to their indoor theme park to experience some of the countries scariest rides. We were thrown around by the Robocoaster, scared by the haunted Ghost train, swung by the Sidewinder, dropped by the Freefall and bumped heads in the Glass Maze!



We don’t know who enjoyed the rides more, the children or teachers!!!!!!



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                                                       5B Assembly 




Huge congratulations to 5B for their fantastic assembly!!


Miss Broughton would like to thank those that attended 5B's class assembly. The pupils had been very excited to present the award for best context during their assembly. They had been busy preparing for the huge announcement, which Mrs Morgan helped to present. Throughout their assembly, the children gave an insight into the three topics they have been studying since September. 


Da Iawn 5B!


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                                                  5T Class Assembly 



What a fantastic way to start a Friday!!


Miss Tomkinson would like to thank those that attended 5T's class assembly this morning. The pupils have been very busy learning their lines and have only practised a handful of times. Year 5 have been studying ‘Beast Creator’ this term and gave their visitors an insight of what they have been learning through their TV show ‘Mission Survive’.


From singing and acting, Year 5 have very talented children!


Da Iawn 5W!


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                                             Show racism the Red Card 



This morning, Mrs Morgan delivered a lesson to Year 5 about discrimination and racism and how it affects others. They watched a video clip from Show Racism the Red Cardan anti-racism educational charity that was established in January 1996. The organisation utilises the high-profile status of football and football players to help tackle racism in society. 


Their aim is to combat racism through enabling role models, who are predominately but not exclusively footballers, to present an anti-racist message to young people and others. 


If you would like more information on this charity and how they work , please click here


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                                   Dar-ul-Isra Mosque


This morning Year 5 were warmly welcomed by the lovely Sisters and Brothers of the Dar-ul-Isra Mosque. They had kindly volunteered to take year 5 through a number of stations discussing different aspects of Islam. The pupils got the opportunity to draw some beautiful Arabic calligraphy, learn about the 5 pillars, discuss the prophets and their links to other religions and most importantly, how to be a good person and kind to others. The Sisters and Brothers were enthusiastic with the pupils and so knowledgeable that they even taught the staff a thing or too. What a wonderful trip!


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                                                           Animal Zone 


Year 5 had an amazing treat when Animal Zone UK came in to show the different types of Arthropods to help them with this terms topic ‘Beast Creator’. They were shown a great range of Creepy Crawlies, which included Hissing Cockroaches, Scorpions and Dave the handlers hairy friend; Molly the Tarantula! Dave taught the children about the creatures' habitats, their diets, how to care for them and how they have evolved.


Dave managed to scare the life out of Mrs Denatale-Griffiths when he brought out his selection of snakes which ranged from a small corn snake to a an albino burmese python, who at 14 foot long is still a baby!!! 


Let’s hope Year 5 have remembered it all ready for when they create their own Mini Beast!!


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                                                        Flat Stan 



Year 5 were really lucky to be able to take part in Flat Stanley first aid training, where they were taught how to bandage cuts, resuscitation and how to treat burns. It was really interesting and fun. Every pupil in Year 5 earned their Flat Stanley certificate. Da iawn!!


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                                           The fabulous Kandinsky 




Year 5 have been showing their creative side once again, creating their own versions of Kandinsky’s most recognisable painting, Squares with Concentric Circles. His drawings are a small study on how different colour combinations are perceived by the painter. Kandinsky’s early art was influenced by painters such as Claude Monet as well as music composers and philosophers. For Kandinsky, colour meant more than just a visual element of a picture, but colour as its soul!!


The children have concluded that Kandinsky’s style of work is abstract and revolutionary. The theory behind this is that, one evening he spotted a picture in his studio that was laying on its side. The way it was formed and the colours fascinated him. Kandinsky also claimed that he could hear colour, which then influenced him to give his painting musical titles.


As you can see, they have had lots of fun experimenting with chalks, water paints and oil pastels and have created some exceptional pieces of art. Let’s hope Miss Broughton and Miss Tomkinson are not too cross with the amount of mess they left behind, oops!

Fabulous work blwyddyn 5!


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                                                  Pablo Picasso Portraits 



How clever are Year 5 children? They have been busy this afternoon, creatively drawing their own Picasso style portraits which have been influenced by the Cubism period. Pablo Picasso is probably the most important figure of 20th century, in terms of art, and art movements that occurred over this period. With his use of color, shape and geometrical figures, and his unique approach to the illustration  of images, Picasso changed the direction of art for generations to come.  


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                                                South Wales Fire Service 



Year 5 were visited by South Wales Fire Service to discuss the importance of safety at home. They are  now able to recognise the hazzards and dangers around them. 


                                                  Universal Children's Day



Universal Children's Day, or Children's Rights Day is celebrated annually on the 20th November. The goal of Children's day is to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children's rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst children. 


Today, Year 5 have been looking at these rights during their numeracy lesson to decide which rights they feel are most important to them. They then used a tally chart to gather this information which they then used to plot a bar graph to identify the least and most important to them. As you can see, they have been working super hard, and now have more information of the rights they have as children. 


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                                                       Cardiff Museum 




We have had a fantastic day visiting Cardiff Museum to explore one of Europe's finest art collections. Come and take a look with us.


There are five hundred years of magnificent paintings, drawings, sculpture, silver and ceramics from Wales and across the world, including one of Europe's best collections of Impressionist art at Cardiff Museum. Some of the paintings that are on show there include Monet and Renoir. 


The children were lucky to be able to view the Artes Mundi Exhibition . Artes Mundi is an internationally focused arts organisation based in Wales. It identifies, recognises and supports contemporary visual artists who engage with what it means to live in the world now, from a social, economic and political point of view, and how art can engage with society in meaningful and useful ways.  After viewing the paintings we took some time to sketch some of the work these famous Artists are well known for.


What a fabulous way to finish their visit, by taking a sneaky peek at the spacecraft that brought British astronaut Tim Peake back to Earth from the International Space Station. The Soyuz TMA-19M capsule, complete with fully-equipped interior is displayed alongside Tim Peake’s Sokol KV-2 emergency spacesuit, the spacecraft antenna, interactive displays about the International Space Station (ISS) and life in space.


As you can see, Year 5 have been really lucky to have has this experience all in one day!! 



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How lucky were Year 5 to be given the opportunity to have a skating taster session? TJ Rollerskating came and taught the children basic rollerskating. The children learnt that roller skating is a sport that works muscles in the upper body as well as using muscles in the quadriceps, hamstrings, shins, and calf muscles. They used great persistence and finding humor to have an enjoyable afternoon. We had a few bumps and tumbles, but Year 5 children enjoyed themselves so much that they didn't let that stop them!!! 


Diolch TJ Rollerskating!! 


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                                                        Bubble Experiment 




This week we were visited by ex pupil Ben Rouch who came and talked about his research on 'Hunting Bubbles'. He carried out a Bubble Experiment with us where we had to measure the speed, size and shape of bubbles!! The experiment was lots of fun, and has inspired us to think of other experiments we can carry out throughout year 5. Diolch Ben!!


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                                                        St Fagan



Year 5 have had a great start their first topic. They visited St Fagans to compare and contrast the clothes of the gentry with those of wealthy farmers. They explored the Tudor buildings and enjoyed looking at how people during those times lived.  


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