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Birchgrove Memories

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Good Luck Year 6!

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Star Video - Part 1

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Star Video - Part 2

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Morfa Bay 2020


After an incredible week away at Morfa Bay, the photos are available to view by clicking here. Please note these must not be shared on any social platforms; they are for personal use only. You are welcome to download them to keep them safe forever. The folder is password protected this will have been sent through to your class dojo and the kids have been informed.

Morfa Bay Highlights Video

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Morfa Bay Day 1 (Part 1)

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Morfa Bay Day 1 (Part 2)

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Morfa Bay Day 2 (Part 1)

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Morfa Bay Day 2 (Part 2)

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Morfa Bay Day 3 (Part 1)

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Morfa Bay Video 3 (Part 2)

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Morfa Bay Day 4 (Part 1)

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Morfa Bay Day 4 (Part 2)

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The Holocaust


Following on from World Holocaust Remembrance day, Year 6 have been learning about the Horrors of the Holocaust. 


After watching the 'Boy in Striped Pyjamas' the pupils had the difficult task of dramatising an area of the film. The whole year group then performed their piece in a cannon effect. The children were incredibly empathetic and understood the delicate nature of the topic. To view the full video click here.  


This afternoon they are working in groups to generate subject specific vocabulary.



Holocaust Drama

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Enterprise Sale

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Christmas Enterprise Day 1

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🎄Blwyddyn 6 Christmas Enterprise🎄

Year 6 have been working hard all day to create their Christmas Enterprise products.

They will be on sale this Friday after school. You won't want to miss out on some of these unique products.

Girls Football Tournament

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Girls Football Tournament - Having the best day!

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Spanish Alphabet - 6H

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Spanish Alphabet - 6V

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Autumn 1 - What have year 6 been up to?

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Green Screen Animations

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Show Racism The Red Card Lyric Video

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Show Racism The Red Card - Year 6 Singing in Assembly

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Show Racism the Red Card


In preparation for 'Show Racism the Red Card day' this Friday, Blwyddyn 6 have been lucky enough to collaborate with

the Song Writing Doctor to write an Anti-Racism song. 


Show Racism The Red Card

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Two of our Year 6's explain what they have been up to today.

Show Racism the Red Card Song

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A little snippet of year 6's collobaration song with The Song Writing Doctor.

Glitch - CSS and Remixing


In our IT lesson today we learnt about the syntactic differences between HTML and CSS.  Using ‘Glitch’ software, we tinkered and remixed a premade web page by changing its CSS. We changed fonts and colours as well as adding in our own text. We had to be careful to follow the correct syntax otherwise our web page would not work correctly. When we saw a red dot we knew that we had an error and had to change it accordingly. Finally we shared our URL and print screen our work and saved it our folder.


You can have a go yourself by clicking here.


Lego Movies


Using the iMotion and Stop Frame Animation apps, we patiently took shots of our scene making sure not to get any hands in the way. We took our time moving our Lego pieces, as we have learnt that the slower the movement the better the animation. Once our stop frame animation was complete, we then altered the frames per second (fps) to choose a speed setting that complimented it and made the movement the most fluid. Next, we uploaded our videos to iMovie. This is where we would add captions, credits, titles and themes as well as layer music, edit, crop and cut our video clips. We added sound as well as animations that were created using Keynote.


Here is a link to our Lego Movies:



Lego Movies

Funeral Directors


Blwyddyn 6 had a visit from Francesca and Gareth from Coles Funeral directors to discuss any worries they had about their upcoming visit to the funeral directors. More information will be sent to parents soon.


Cross Country 2019


Our year 5 and 6 pupils had an absolutely fantastic morning at the Cross Country event. Here is snippet of a video they have made all about it. The completed video is available to view here:

Lego Movies


Wow Blwyddyn 6 were certainly in the zone whilst shooting their Lego animations this afternoon. They are all finished and ready to edit them tomorrow. Take a look at more pictures of them working hard here:


Stop Frame Animator Practise


Year 6 were practising using the Stop Frame Animator app in class reaady to make their own Lego Moviews next week. They had to make sure to keep their entire set completely still, including the iPad and all background items. They then had to very carefully and slowly move their object and take a photo. The slower the movement the better the animation. The pupils were challenged to take many frames so that they could increase the FPS speed to make their overall movie look fluid and realistic. They all did a fantastic job and you can see some wonderful examples by clicking this link:



Year 6 created their own futuristic product, made a script and then produced their very own advert. All the adverts were absolutely fantastic but our Digidudes wanted to find out who would come out on top. They created a survey on google forms for the class to vote for their favourite.


Congratulations Diet Chocolate! Your product and advert was voted the best by your peers 👏


2nd: Brainy Juice

Joint 3rd: Universal Gum and Robo Buddy

4th: Energiser Button


To view some of the pupils adverts click this link:






Spooky Stories


This week the pupils have been focusing on writing their very own Spooky Stories. They had watched a few Spooky video clips from Literacy Shed to help inspire them. First they had to come up with their own ideas and then they transferred their notes into a flow map to help them plan their own story. Next they focused on using short sentences and including a character description in their opening paragraph. They made sure that they built tension to ensure their story was super scary. 

Model UN


Year 6 were lucky enough to have two ladies from the WCIA in today to help them create a Model UN style project. The WCIA inspires people to learn about and act on global issues so everyone in Wales contributes to creating a fairer and more peaceful world. Our pupils were put into groups, and were each given their own Country to focus on. They then had to research the Countries climate policies and make a new strategy to tackle climate change in a much better and effective way. They then wrote a speech and delivered it during their UN meeting.



Dark Tales From The Woods


Year 6 have started reading 'Dark Tales From The Woods' by Welsh Author Daniel Morden. They have read 'The Squirrel and the Fox' and 'The Leaves that Hung but Never Grew' so far.

Angle Jigsaw


Year 6 are tearing their hair out with how challenging their maths investigation is today. They need to measure the angles correctly before matching the jigsaw up to make a certain shape.

Sci-Fi Stories


This week year 6 have been planning their own science fiction stories. We have been looking in detail at typical opening paragraphs as well as concentrating on building up suspense using varied sentence structures. We will be continuing with this next week.



Year 6 have begun to plan, develop and create their adverts this week for their very own futuristic product. Some fabulous products are being thought up such as; Faster Food Helmet, Transbile the translator app and Pick Pocket Pack that prevents stealing. They will then be producing, directing and starring in their very own adverts tomorrow.



This week, year 6 will be focussing on advertising as we build up to next week's sessions on making our own advert. 


We will be comparing some popular TV adverts, slogans and logos and we will also be learning about persuasive language.


We will have a reading comprehension exercise where we will be comparing two adverts for the same product, and we will be looking at the key features of a script for an advert before working in groups to write our own.



Year 6 have begun their new topic 'Techo-Tastic!' After looking at a variety of genres, they focused on Sci-Fi (Science Fiction). They enjoyed watching clips from 'Avatar'. Through some annotating of a modelled text, they identified metaphors, similes, personification and powerful adjectives.