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1960's - Enquiry Based Learning

Arctic Explorers


To view the full version of the Arctic Explorers video click here.


Please do not share these videos on social media, keep them for personal use only. The videos are password protected and a password will be given to the children in class.

Breaking News

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Arctic Explorers Video (Short)

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Ice Lolly experiment


3O have been carrying out a science investigation with Ice Lollies. They took an ice lolly and wrapped it in different materials, and layered it differently. Some children wrapped theirs in bubble wrap and others in foil. The children learnt the purpose of a good insulator how insulation works. Sounds like lots of fun, but definitely too cold for ice lollies. Brrrrrr......



Ice Hockey Facts

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The Cardiff Comets

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Hockey Terminology

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Intro to Hockey Vid

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Volcano Green Screens


As part of their Disaster Zone topic, Blwyddyn 3 have created their own Volcano Green screens with the help of Mrs Miles.


To view them all click here.


The file is password protected so check your Class Dojo for the password.

Twas the Night Before Christmas


Year 3 recited the whole of 'Twas a Night Before Christmas' as part of the whole school Christingle assembly this week.


To see the video click here.


The file is password protected so check your Class Dojos for the password.

Volcano Green Screens

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Top Marks


Blwyddyn 3 love having a go at the Top Maths Daily Challenge. Today they gave level three - 3 times tables a go. Da iawn pawb!

Blwyddyn 3- What an absolutely delightful assembly by 3M this morning. Jam packed full of information, songs and fun - we cannot quite believe how you managed to fit it all in! 


Da iawn pawb you should all be so proud!



3M - Assembly Song

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Volcano Experiment

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Check out this awesome video made by one of our super Digidudes all about year 3’s incredible Volcano experiment.

Creating a Volcano


On Monday 4th November year 3 will be making Volcanoes in class using Mod Roc and paint.


Please can you make sure they bring the following:

-Apron/Old T-shirt



-Empty 2 Litre bottle




DigiDudes Video - What have you learnt this term?

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Dai gi Bach

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Spooky Stories

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Blwyddyn 3 have been writing spooky stories this morning. Here are some examples of their terrifying cliff hangers.

Wild Wood


Blwyddyn 3 presented their findings about adaptation in woodland animals. They found out why Squirrels have bushy tails and why Otters are suited to live in the water.

Year 3 have been focussing on the life cycle of different animals such as butterflies and frogs. They learnt that life cycles are really important because the species could not continue without it.


The pupils have also been doing some maths work on partitioning and column addition.

Trip to Margam Park


Even though it was a super wet day, the pupils still managed to have a lovely time exploring Margam Park. They looked at different habitats around the world and discussed the animal species that lived there. With a microscope, the children looked at pond life. They also took a closer look at the insects that inhabit lakes around Wales.