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Year 5 kicked off their final summer topic, 'Champions' this morning. They were very lucky to have some inspiring athletes come into school to talk to them about how they became successful in their sporting careers.


Liz Thomas talked about Hockey, Coach Zeb –Rugby, Miri’s Mum – Running, pupils Anna and Lara to talk about Table Tennis and Taekwondo, Coach Mark Wakely- Taekwondo and Tom Marshall to talk about his running career and running with Mo Farrah!!


Children planned before hand questions to ask these talented sport stars which will inspire them to then plan their topic for the remainder of the year. I’m sure you’ll agree this topic sounds like loads of fun!!


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                                           Foods from around the world



Yesterday we had the opportunity to try foods from different countries as part of this terms topic 'A Wonderful World'. Miss Risoli came into the class to talk to us about Italy, whilst Mrs Altameeni talked about Iraq. We were fortunate to be able to taste traditional foods from these countries. We also had a very tasty Biryani made by Mrs Quraishi.


Leading up to this amazing session, we had been planning our own pasta dishes, which we then cooked during the afternoon. Look out Gino D'Acampo, Year 5 have some talented chefs in the making!!


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                                                      Brain Creating


Over the past few weeks Year 5 children have been using Growth Mindset to encourage a positive thinking when learning. This week they looked at different parts of the brain and researched which areas contribute to their everyday thinking and learning.

                                                      Topic Planning




We have been super busy since returning to school, planning our summer topic. We have been putting our heads together to come up with exciting ideas on how we can learn about The Wonderful World. Over the next few weeks, we will use all our ideas to develop our understanding about these great and wonderful countries. We look forward to sharing these with you at the end of the term.



                                                         Our new Topic 


As part of our current topic, Year 5 are looking fir any traditional costumes/outfits, artefacts or photos from the following countries; China, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Italy,  Mexico, Egypt and India. Please could bring any of these into Mrs Jacobs and Mr Warlow. 


Many Thanks



                                                      Growth Mindset   



Years 5 and 2 met this morning as Year 5  have been using 'Growth Mindset' throughout their learning, and they wanted to share their ideas and experiences with pupils in Year 2.  Both classes were very excited to be able to share the ideas and are looking forward to passing on their knowledge to the other classes.


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                                              Rollercoaster Building 



Year 5 have been super busy today following instructions to build a section of a Rollercoaster. They had to use their imagination, mathematical skills and work as a team to ensure that a marble was able to roll the whole way with out falling off. Children then calculated the average speed of the marble by using previous mathematical knowledge. Look out Oakwood, the Megaphobia has nothing on these!!!


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Year 5's topic this term is 'Scream Machine' and what better way to experience first hand, than to ride those 'scream Machines'. We set off to Weston-Super-Mare to the Grand Pier to their indoor theme park to experience some of the countries scariest rides. We were thrown around by the Robocoaster, scared by the Ghost train, swung by the Sidewinder and dropped by the Freefall!!


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                                            Healthy Living Workshop



Cardiff University students came and visited year 5 children to deliver an exciting project that involved interactive and informative health-related sessions. This visit involved informing and inspiring the pupils to think about issues such as healthy living. As you can see the children had a fantastic afternoon and had lots of fun, although I'm not sure they are quite ready to become doctors yet!!  


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                                                   Gallery Sale



Mrs Jacobs and Mr Warlow would like to thank all that attended yesterdays Gallery Sale and purchased pieces of artwork. Year 5 children have worked exceptionally hard during the last half term studying Gallery and have created some amazing masterpieces that would put the likes of Picasso and Van Gogh to shame!! The total amount raised was a fantastic £123. Da iawn Year 5!


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Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to attend a concert that was performed by talented musicians from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. The children had their imaginations captured through the power of a live symphony orchestra. The RWCMD Symphony Orchestra and the presenter Tom Redmond brought to life some of the greatest stories ever told and introduced the different sections to an orchestra. Both classes had a fabulous time!!


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                                  Year 5 Gallery Exhibition


Next week we be holding a special 'Gallery' exhibition to show some of the wonderful pieces of art that we have produced this half term during our 'Gallery' exhibition.


It will take place on Tuesday 14th February from 3pm in the New Hall here in Birchgrove Primary School.


You will not only have an opportunity to view our art work but you will even have a chance to buy some of it!


We would greatly appreciate you joining us for this special event and there will be some refreshments  for you to enjoy as you look around at all of our amazing art.

                                                 5W Class Assembly



What a fantastic way to start a Friday!! 


Mr Warlow would like to thank those that attended 5W's class assembly this morning. The pupils have been very busy learning their lines and have only practised a handful of times. The children took their visitors through the various contexts they have been studying since September which included 'Off With Her Head'. ' Beast Creator' and their current context 'Gallery'.


Da Iawn 5W!


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                                                          Fire safety



Year 5 were visited by South Wales Fire Service to discuss the importance of safety at home. Unfortunately, they didn't get the chance to have a look at their engine as they were called to a 999 emergency.


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                                            5J Class Assembly - Gallery




Mrs Jacobs class would like to thank those that attended their class assembly this morning. The pupils have been very busy since returning to school after the Christmas holidays by studying the context 'Gallery'. They have looked at various styles of art and famous artists from all over the world, and have even squeezed in a trip to Cardiff Museum. This morning they showed off what they have learnt and what a good job they did too. Da iawn!!  


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                                                     NSPCC and Childline Talk 



Year 5 were visited by people from the NSPCC and Childline to talk about the importance of child safety and given information about who they need to speak to should they have a problem.


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                                           Cardiff Museum Art Gallery 




We have had a fantastic day visiting Cardiff Museum to explore one of Europe's finest art collections. There are five hundred years of magnificent paintings, drawings, sculpture, silver and ceramics from Wales and across the world, including one of Europe's best collections of Impressionist art at Cardiff Museum. Some of the paintings that are on show there include Monet and Renoir. After viewing the paintings we took some time to sketch some of the work these famous Artists are well known for.


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Year 5 have been very active again in their P.E lesson, getting the heart pumping by doing a variety of circuits to burn off all that chocolate from the Christmas Holidays!!


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                                                       Arthropod Gallery



Year 5  have had a very busy week preparing for their Arthropod Gallery and would like to thank the parents and children that came and looked at the work. They have been studying Mini Beasts over the past term and were very excited to share the exceptional work they have completed.


Gwaith Ardderchog blwyddyn 5!!



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                                           Christmas Through the Keyhole




5J have had a fantastic morning at St Marks church. They were taken on a journey to explore the homes of the characters from the nativity. The children collected information from each area to enable them to ask questions to the characters at the end of the journey. There was lots of fun making Key Hole shaped Christmas cards and Angel decorations and lots of enjoyment getting into the spirit of Christmas.



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                                                          Learning Logs




Both Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Anderson are thrilled with the work that the children have prepared in their Learning Logs. They have collected information about what they have learnt during this terms topic of Beast Creator. They have had the opportunity to look at each others work and gain new knowledge about the different types of Mini Beasts . It was exciting to see what different ideas their friends had come up with, and we hope that you'll be equally as impressed.


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                                                        Football Festival



Year 5 girls have had an amazing time at Cardiff University Sports Village, taking part at their 'Football Festival' which was organised by Sport Cardiff. They demonstrated their football and dance skills by taking part in different activities throughout the day. The children even had Mrs Jacobs taking part. Well done girls, you were amazing!!


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                                                Genetic Modification




Year 5 have been discussing the moral and social issues surrounding genetic modification. They used their thinking outside the box skills and worked interdependently to consider the way their actions impact on the world we live in. They listened to each other with empathy and thought about ways to look after our plant.


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                                                       Asthma Awareness



Year 5 children have been given a basic awareness of the signs and symptoms of Asthma from medical students at The University Hospital in Cardiff.


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                                                         Children In Need



Year 5 have been doing their bit for Children In Need. The planned their own games and raffles in order to raise money for this fantastic cause. Da iawn blwyddyn 5!!


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                                                      Circuit and Dance  


Year 5 have been very active in their P.E lessons this week learning dance moves and creating their own dances and doing a variety of circuits. 


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                                          Primary or Secondary source?



As part of their Tudor topic, Year 5 compared different sources of information and tried to identify whether they were a Primary or Secondary source.


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                                                         St Fagans 



Year 5 have been visiting St Fagans to compare and contrast the clothes of the gentry with those of wealthy farmers. They have  been exploring the Tudor buildings and have enjoyed looking at how people during those times lived.  



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                             Shakespeare's Macbeth                                  ​                        

Year 5 have been playing some games to develop their understanding of how to perform to an audience. After writing some Shakespeare plays, they had the chance to rehearse/perform their own to the class. The children had to work interdependently to make sure everyone took part. They had lots of fun taking on the role of a character in Macbeth.
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                                             Learning Logs 

Year 5 children have been busy sharing the information they have collected on their learning logs.  Both class teachers were extremely impressed with the hard work and effort put in. Da Iawn! 


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                                                      P4C Worries



Year 5 used Micahel Rosen's 'Sad Book' as a stimulus for a P4C session about dealing with death and loss. 


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We have been testing our fitness levels and ball skills this week during outdoor and indoor PE. We have used the benches and mats and other equipment to complete different circuit stations indoors and outdoors we have improved the ball skills needed for football. 


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                                                          Big Maths 



 Year 5 have been training their brain to be super quick in answering quick fire questions during their Big Maths sessions. 


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                                                Christmas Cards Already!!



Year 5 had great fun designing their Christmas cards.


                                                Please Click here for more photos. 

                                           Fire Safety


Year 5 had a visit from South Wales Fire Service to talk about the importance of Fire Safety.


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P4C on Worries 




Year 5 used Silly Billy as a stimulus for a P4C session about worries. 


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Teamwork Building



Year 5 had great fun using gummy sweets in their team building activities. 

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Autumn Term Curriculum Talk


This term's curriculum talk for parents will take place at 3.45pm on Thursday 8th September 2016.


We will deliver information about the contexts and learning that will be taking place this term. This will also provide an opportunity for any questions you may have  while also sharing key dates and expectations for Year 5.


We shall look forward to seeing you there.