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We have been enjoying learning how to play cricket. Working as a team we have learned how to bat, bowl and field. We are looking forward to playing more throughout the term. 


We have enjoyed an exciting drumming workshop today as part of our International Week. It was lots of fun and made everybody smile. Look on the gallery for all the pictures of us playing different instruments.


Year 4 had a wonderful trip to the Botanic Gardens of Wales. We found newts, dragonfly nymphs, pond snails and lots of other interesting things whilst pond dipping. There were some beautiful plants and lots of butterflies. Some of us stayed really still and the butterflies landed on us. Even the rain did not stop our fun!


We have been having lots of fun in our rugby sessions with Coach Zeb throughout this half term. It is lots of exercise and has also helped us develop our teamwork.


Year 4 enjoyed exploring Heath Park. We identified different creatures that live in the pond area and the woodland. It was interesting to observe the natural habitats and see what impact humans have made. 


This week Year 4 pupils were lucky enough to get a chance to learn all about how planes are made. We got a chance to make and fly our own versions. A big diolch to Mr and Mrs Stewart for making our Friday so exciting.


We designed our own games to raise money on red nose day. Lots of us wore something red to school and there were lots of extra red noses in the classrooms!


We have been finding out about our new topic... Flight Engineers!

Working together we have created timelines that map the history of flight. Also, we have followed instructions to make paper aeroplanes and investigated why some models fly better than others.



Blwyddyn pedwar enjoyed a wonderful school trip to Cyfartha Castle. We discovered stories about lots of different types of Victorian people. Some of us even got to dress up and feel exactly what it was like to be part of the wealthy Crawshay family! Others were not so lucky and got to dress up as servants. Look on the gallery and guess which role we were playing.


It has been really interesting learning how to design and make our own museum displays. We used all the facts we have learned about the Victorians this term and made displays using our own creative ideas.


We have been comparing our lives with what life was like for Victorian children. Writing a diary where we imagined that we were Victorian children helped us to see how difficult life was back then. Also, we have started to create our own William Morris inspired artwork. Visit the website next week to see our finished designs.


Writing in Victorian times was much harder than it is now. Children would have to write with a slate and chalk. Then when they were really good at it they had to try writing with a quill and ink pot. We found out that it was difficult for Victorian children to keep their work neat because of all of the ink blots!


We have been finding out about what life was like for people who lived in the Victorian era. Our research has shown that there were big differences between the living standards of people who were rich and people who were poor. Some poor people struggled to buy clothing and at the same time the rich people could buy expensive gadgets like pocket watches. We have also started to look into the life and artwork of William Morris.


We have been learning all about robins this week. Inspired by 'Coming Home' by Michael Morpurgo we have researched robins and created our own fact files. Then we made bird feeders that we can hang up in our gardens. 


Nadolig llawen a blwyddyn newydd dda!



This week year 4 have been enjoying learning about all sorts of mechanical toys. We spoke about our experiences completing our Learning Logs. It was exciting to see what different ideas our friends had come up with. Diolch yn fawr from Mrs Court, Mrs Rees and Mrs McNamara for making such wonderful and interesting presentations.

Click on the gallery for photos of all the Learning Logs


This week we have been very busy. We have done some investigating about circuits and have started to predict what will happen when circuits have several different pieces of equipment. The electrical parts we used were bulbs, batteries, switches, buzzers, conductors and non-conductors. Now we can even draw electrical circuits using scientific diagrams. 


It was really fun to wear our pyjamas to school and help make money for Children in Need. This week we have also enjoyed learning about electricity. We hope to find out even more next week!


To get ready for our new topic Robot Rampage we have been building some mechanisms of our own using the K'Nex construction kits. We have come up with lots of different ideas. Look in the gallery for some photos of our designs. 


The school was visited by Olympian Charlotte Wingfield and Bethan Rees from Nike. We were really excited to meet them. The athletes did an assembly about taking part in sport and keeping active. Then they gave us a sprint session and after that we played lots of fun games. It was one of the best days we have ever had in school and we feel inspired to try out lots of different sports.


Year 4 have had a wonderful time today visiting tourist attractions in Cardiff. First we went to Cardiff Bay and learned about the wetlands. Then we walked all the way to the Norwegian Chapel whilst looking at the different ways that land has been used. Next we went to Cardiff City Centre and visited some Travel Agents to pick up brochures and information. Finally, we went to the museum and got to see some original Quentin Blake sketches.

Da iawn Blwyddyn Pedwar. What a lovely day!


Beth wyt ti'n hoffi?

We have been speaking welsh with lots of different partners. It was great to work with different people and find out about their hobbies.


This week in year 4 we have been finishing off our Brazilian carnival masks, ready to wear for our Samba Parade around the playground. We got inspiration from the rain forest animals because of their pretty patterns and bright colours. We have used string, glitter paper, paint, feathers and many more materials to make our masks.


We really enjoyed using the apparatus this week! Some of us even had time to capture some wonderful photographs of our classmates.


We have been collecting data all about our holidays. Then we used our data to draw bar charts. Finally we worked on the computers to create really detailed graphs and charts. 


Year 4 have had lots of fun designing and making their own carnival masks with Mr Grindle. We are looking forward to finishing them next week! 

Look in the gallery for more pictures.


We have been working on our teamwork in P.E. We worked together to create sequences. Benches and mats helped us to perform routines on different levels.  It was very enjoyable to use our own ideas to create a number of movements.

16. 9.16


This week we have been learning all about the life of Roald Dahl and celebrating his work. We have written our own 'Revolting Rhymes' and drawn our own version of Roald Dahl characters.

Look in the gallery for more photos!

Curriculum Talk

This term's curriculum talk for parents will take place at 3.45pm on Tuesday 20th September.

We will discuss the contexts that will be taking place this term. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


We shall look forward to seeing you there.


Croeso i’r Blwyddyn Pedwar!