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Farewell 1B.

Thank you very much for all your support throughout the year. We wish everyone a relaxing summer holidays and see you all in September.

Year 4 Carnival Experts! - 5.7.17

To begin our exciting new topic, we worked in our learning partners to think of three questions to ask the Year 4 Carnival experts.  We were able to visit their classroom and team-up with year 4 learning partners to ask our interesting questions. We were amazed at how much they knew about the famous Rio Carnival and we think they were able to learn something from us too. 


Ugly Bug Ball - 15.6.17

We had a fantastic time at the Ugly Bug Ball. We danced, played games and the children were able to show all the parent and grandparents some of the amazing things we have done in our topic 'Wriggle and Crawl'. We hope you enjoyed looking at the children's work as much as everyone in Year 1 has enjoyed investigating the different minibeasts.


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Our Bioblitz in Heath Park

The sun came out for Year 1 today as we took a lovely walk over to Heat Park to do our own bioblitz. We met Sue from RSPB who spoke to us about the minibeast, flowers and trees we might see around the park. A big thank you to Sue and all the other helpers today. Look at our photos to see what we found and to see what a fantastic time was had by all. 


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School Photos


School photos take place on Thursday 18th May. Have your best smile ready! 




RSPB Trip to Heath Park


We will be visiting Heath Park to have a Bioblitz with the RSPB on;


1D - Wednesday 17th May from 9.30-11.45am.

1B - Thursday 18th May from 9.30-11.45am.


During our visit the children will be searching for signs of Summer and going on a bug hunt! These sessions will be led by members of the RSPB. Children will be required to wear their school uniform and appropriate clothing, such as sun hats/ or wellies and raincoat!


*NOTE: school photos will take still place on Thursday for 1B. 



WB:15.5.17 - Bug of the week 

Our new bug of the week is a snail. Please help your child research an interesting fact and have it ready to share with the class on Friday 19th May. Diolch. 

3.5.17 - The Miracle of Metamorphosis

We are very lucky to have been given our own Caterpillars by Evelyn's Gran in year 2. Over the next couple of weeks we will care for them  and watch as they evolve into beautiful butterflies. Watch out for daily updates. 

3.5.17 - Animal Zone visits Birchgrove Primary.

Year 1 had an amazing experience today when Animal Zone came in to see us. We got to meet all of Dave's friends ranging from Hissing Cockroaches to a Blue Tongue Skink! Dave taught us about the creatures' habitats, their diets and how to care for them. All of Year 1 were brave enough to hold the Albino Burmese Python! Thank you Dave and all your brilliant beasts.

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WB: 1.5.17 - Bug of the week 

Our new bug of the week is a pond skater. Please help your child to research an interesting fact about this mini beast and bring it into school to share with the class. Diolch. 

WB: 24.4.17 - Fact Finding


As part of their new context for leaning the children worked in their learning partners to find facts about different mini beasts. They used different types of media such as search engines and non-fiction books to source interesting information.





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WB: 24.4.17 - Staying Safe Online

During circle time we talked about how to stay safe online. We wanted to use the internet to research bug facts and needed to decide some online rules to follow.


We agreed that we should always;


  • Ask an adult before we go online.
  • If we see something we don’t like to tell an adult.
  • Never share our personal information online


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Summer Term 

Welcome back to the new summer term. We hope you all had a lovely holiday.


This term our context for learning is called 'Wriggle & Crawl'. We will be learning about the many different kinds of mini beasts that live in the world around us. 



Bug of the week 

Each week we will be asking the children to research facts about our 'bug of the week'. This week (24.4.17) our bug was an ANT. Please help your child find an interesting fact about this creepy crawly.




Animal Zone 

Animal Zone is visiting us next week (3.5.17). 


Your child will have the exciting opportunity to get up close and handle a wide variety of mini beasts which include; hissing cockroaches, giant crickets, terrifying tarantulas and mega millipedes!




Teddy Town - 27.03.17

Teddy Town has a problem! The children needed to find the different combinations so that each coloured teddy was living in a different coloured house. Through their persistence they were able to solve the Teddy Town problem. Da iawn plant.

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Sorting 2-digit Numbers - 15.3.17

Da iawn to all the children who had a go at today's sorting challenge! With determination and perseverance, ALL of the numbers have been sorted into their correct groups!




Our yummy trip to Younger's Fish Bar - 10/03/17

Year 1 have been lucky enough to go behind the scenes at Younger's Fish Bar. Paul told us all about the different fish they cook and where they come from. The children had the pleasure in meeting Colin the cod. They learnt the different parts of the fish and how they use them. The BEST part was being able to taste the delicious fish bites Paul cooked for us at the end! Diolch yn Fawr Paul and everyone at Younger's Fish Bar.  


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Mr Thomas pays us a visit - 26.1.17

Diolch yn fawr i Mr Thomas for coming in today to talk to us about his role as a paramedic. We learnt about what to do in an emergency as well as try on some of the special uniform paramedics wear. We were very lucky to be able to have a look inside the ambulance but we all jumped when we heard the loud siren as he was leaving!

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Inspector Smith - 18.1.17

Diolch yn fawr to Inspector Smith for coming in today to talk to us about his role as an Inspector in the Police Force.  We learnt about: what equipment Police Officers use; their special uniforms and what jobs they do to help people in the community. 


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Nurse Davies - 13.1.17

Diolch yn fawr to Nurse Davies for coming in today to talk to us about her job as a nurse.  We learnt about: what equipment nurses use; their special uniforms; what jobs they do to help their patients get better; and the different roles they have within the hospital - Nurse Davies helps people learn to walk again! 


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Features of a Comic Book - 11.1.17

This week we had lots of fun reading different comics and annuals, to learn about the different features. We discovered that thought bubbles look like little clouds! We read lots of comics to find sound and action words like - POW, Whoosh, Zap! We are looking forward to writing our own comic strips! 

Creating Monsters - 11.1.17

We went to the IT suite to experiment with the PAINT program. We worked with a partner to create our own monsters using the different tools available. We also learnt how to write our names and save our work. 

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Ysbyty Llwyn Bedw

As part of our new context our role play has turned into Ysbyty Llwyn Bedw and we have been taking on the roles of doctors and nurses. We have had lots of patients - Beth sy'n bod? (What is the matter?)


Please click here to take a look at some more role play photos.

A-Z Grid - 5.1.17

We had to think of as many words as possible to describe Superheroes to fill our A-Z Grid. We now have our own Superhero vocabulary bank!



Batman Maths - 4.1.17

As part of the new topic, Superheroes, we have been developing our knowledge of number facts within 10 by helping Batman to share his batarangs with Robin!



Superheroes - 3.1.17

Our context this term is Superheroes!  We will learn about people who help us everyday, what uniforms they wear, what equipment they use and what makes them so special.  We will have Superhero themed lessons such as creating our own stories, exploring the world through senses and many literacy and numeracy activities. This context also has a PSE (Personal and Social Education) focus where we will discuss what makes a super friend. 



Shape (2D)

We have been investigating shapes, their properties and how they fit together. We went on a shapes hunt around the school and then created our own shape pictures.


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30.11.16 - Our trip to Techniquest

We went to techniquest to learn about light and dark. First we had time to explore all the interesting things at techniquest...this was a lot of fun! Then we went into their dark dome where the lights were turned down and we were told a story all about night time. We learnt about different light sources and even did a bit of stargazing! 


Please click here to see more photos of our trip.

Eco Spies 

This week we have been learning about electricity. We learnt that electricity comes from a power station and travels through wires to get into our homes and buildings. Lots of us were surprised to find out that electricity costs money! We decided that it would be a good idea to see how much our school uses and if anyone is wasting it by leaving lights, laptops or whiteboard on when they aren't being used. We crept around the school to find out who was the best and worst energy savers in the school and used a tally to record how many electrical devices were being left on. 



Colour Mixing 

We have been learning about the three primary colours. We investigated what happened when we mixed these colours together and created a colour wheel. 



Visit to Ararat Baptist Church 

As part of our context for learning 'Electric Rainbow' we looked at how churches using stained glass windows to decorate and tell stories from the bible. The local minster invited us into her church and talked about the beautiful window and the other parts of the church. We even got to make our own stained glass windows.


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RE - Exploring different faiths 

During our RE lesson with Miss Davies this week we learnt about two different faiths; Christianity and Sikhism. We watched a video and made notes on what we heard. We then read different statements about each faith and used a Venn diagram to sort them into categories.


Please click here to view more photos of the activity.

Bonfire Pictures

We created our own pictures based on what we saw and heard on bonfire night. We talked about the colours and patterns the fireworks made in the night sky. 



Dark Den

Our new topic is called 'Electric Rainbow' and this week we have been exploring light and dark. We made our own dark den to help explore the effects darkness has on objects and how light can change the way we see things. 



20.10.16 - 1D's Class Assembly

Da iawn 1D, what a fantastic class assembly! A big thank you to all of the parents, guardians and friends who have helped the children to learn their lines, created costumes and were able to attend today. We are so impressed with how the children performed and are so proud of them all. Gwaith gwych!


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17.10.10 - Cup and Ball Games 

Today we have been looking at toys from the past. After visiting St Fagans and seeing the cup and ball game that was played long ago we wanted to have a go at making our own. We followed a set of instructions, gathered the equipment we needed and had a go at making our own using yoghurt pots, string and tinfoil. 


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14.10.10 - Collecting Data

This week we have been finding out about each other and thinking about similarities and differences. We wanted to find out which eye colour was the most popular. We used the ipads and Hwb+ to collect and present our data. Take a look at what we found out. 




Can you look at the pictogram and work out which was the least and most popular eye colour? Can you find out what the difference between the most and least popular is?

14.10.16 - Toys from the past

We have been sort toys into categories. We first had to look at the different toys and talk about them. We looked for clues to tells us how old they might be and thought about how children play with them. As a group we discussed how to sort the toys. We used hoops to sort the toys and some of us even had a go at using a venn diagram. 



11.10.10 - In RE today we...

We have been looking at the special clothes people wear to worship. In thinking groups we got David dressed ready to go to the synagoge. 



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10.10.16 - Miss Wilson and baby Tobias 

Today Miss Wilson and her baby came to visit us today. We learnt all about what a baby needs and how his mum and dad look after him. After we used a circle map to record what we had learnt using pictures, words and simple phrases. 




26.9.16 - Today in Year One we have been...

We have been doing lots of different things around the Year One area. On the maths table we have been playing a game called 'Ladybird Blitz' where we have been practicing 'taking away one'. We have also been finding 'one more than' and writing it down as a number sentence. On the art and craft table we have been using mirrors to find the line of symmetry and drawing the other half of a face. After learning the story on the little red hen in the style of Pie Corbett we sequenced the story using a flow map and picture cards...we have been very busy bees! Talk to us about the things we have been doing in class today! 

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22.9.16 - Our Digital World 

In Year One we have taken a visit to the ICT Suit. We have learnt about how to turn on, log on and open a paint program on the computer. We have been learning how to use a mouse to move the cursor on the screen to draw a picture - this was tricky! Help your child at home by practicing their mouse control skills. 


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19.9.16 - Outdoor PE


This week we have been learning how to send and receive a ball but first we had to warm up our body to get us ready to move! We talked about the changes that happen to our body when we move. We noticed that our heartbeat and breathing got faster, we felt hot and sweaty and lots of us had rosy cheeks - these are all signs that our body is working hard and exercising well. We also talked about the importance of exercising regularly. 


Click here to see more pictures of us moving! 

16.9.16 - Roald Dahl Day 

We have been celebrating Roald Dahl's 100 birthday by dressing up, reading his stories and taking part in lots of whizz-popping activities. 


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12.9.16  Outdoor P.E. - Warming up, throwing and catching!


5-8.9.16 - Painting Our Self-Portraits

This week we have been drawing and painting our self-portraits with Miss Jacob.  We used mirrors to closely examine our faces and discuss the distinctive features.  We talked about the different shapes, sizes and colours we could see and what makes us all wonderfully unique! 

8.9.16 - Numbers all around us

This week we have been investigating numbers. We thought about where we see numbers...inside the classroom on a number line, outside on the doors of houses and on packets of food in the supermarket. We talked about numbers and their order. We ordered numbers from the smallest to the biggest and practiced writing our numbers. Have a go at ordering numbers 1-20 and writing them at home! Can you play the game and put the numbers in the correct order? Click here to play the game.


click here to see more photos of us ordering numbers. 

5.9.16 - Our First Day 


From everyone in Year One we would like to welcome you all back to the new Autumn Term. We have already had a  busy day in Year One getting to know our new teachers and exploring our new classrooms.


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