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Year 6 pupils will be given Writing Challenges to complete through KidBlog every 1-2 weeks.


Monday 23rd March– Monday 30th March





Writing Challenge 7

For lots of us we had the awesome opportunity to visit Morfa Bay last week....but don't worry if you didn't as it sounded like you all had a lovely week doing lots of fun activities in school. Your challenge 7 is to write about your activities last week.

You could write:

  • A review of Morfa Bay

  • A diary of your week

  • A spooky story about a haunted character that roams around Morfa Bay/Birchgrove

It is entirely up to you. However it must be at least 800 words.

This is a one week challenge :)

Pob Lwc you wonderful lot


You have one week to complete this task.



Use the following link to access your very own Writing Page. You will then need to LOG IN to access your account.


Year 6 Boys:


Year 6 Girls: