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Challenge 11 - Writing a book and film review. 


After talking to lots of you last week it became apparent that you have been reading many different books and watching some interesting programmes and films. You decided you wanted to discuss these with your friends, so a great way to that will be to share your thoughts in a book and film review. This way we will be able to see what you all recommend through reading each others blogs. 

Click on the links below to find some book and film reviews template to help you with your blogs. 

I look forward to seeing these as I am always looking for new books to read and films to watch. 

Writing Challenges


Year 6 pupils will be given Writing Challenges to complete through KidBlog every 1-2 weeks.



Challenge 10 - Story Spinner


2 week challenge


18th May - 1 June




 Hiya everyone, hope you are well. I have absolute loved reading your stories so far. I decided to change things up for the next challenge.


So in order to complete this challenge you will need to click on the link below to generate your story:


It will direct you to a new page, you need to choose from:

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Scrambler (Mixture of all genres).


  • Then you need to choose 4-6th Grade and enter your name (or a random word) before being directed to the story spinner page.

  • Press the lever to spin your story.

  • If you don't like any of them just spin the levers again.

  • If you would like to change it up completely go for it.


 Then when you are happy with your story spin, create a new post and then start your story with what the spin has generated.


You have two weeks to complete this challenge and your story should be at least 800 words minimum.


Pob Lwc!!!!


Minimum 800 words




Use the following link to access your very own Writing Page. You will then need to LOG IN to access your account.


Year 6 Boys:


Year 6 Girls: