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The below lessons are on google classroom with the necessary links. 




We have been sent a cool competition to design a futuristic home.

You can create your design in anyway you like using whatever materials you can lay your hands on – you could draw your house by hand, use computer software, use Minecraft, make a model out of cardboard boxes, use Lego, or create a video talking about your ideas. You could also write an article, story or a poem about your future house.

If you would like to take part in this competition upload your futuristic home designs to this assignment page :)

We have until 30th January to complete this challenge :)

•    Think about green living - growing food, energy, water, wildlife and waste.  

Will you:
- Collect and re-use rain water from roofs (e.g: to flush toilets, water your plants)
- use sustainable electricity and generate you own energy/heat
- recycle and re-purpose everyday materials (e.g: turning old clothes into cushion covers, using old wood to make a bird table)




Brain game. Follow the links below to create your project.