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Minecraft Education


If you haven't already downloaded Minceraft Edu I suggest you download it on your device if you want to join in our class challenges. The app is available from the Android and Apple store and is totally free.


Click here to download the desktop version.


Once Minecraft Edu has downloaded you can log on using your HWB log ins just like we have been doing in school.


Class Challenges


On Wednesday between 11-12, Mrs Miles will host a Minecraft world for year 3. She will give you a join code live just before 11 so be sure to check out our school twitter page with an adult. Enter the join code and you will be entered into the world with your class mates.


If you have any problems logging in Mrs Miles will post another join code 5 minutes after for any late attendees. If the worlds are too popular Mrs Miles will create another world for any extras to access.


Individual Challenges


Individual challenges will be set for pupils to use whenever they want.


Feel free to explore some of the downloadable worlds here or check out some of the lessons here.