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Half Term Times Table Challenge 



As we come to the end of our first half term in Year 3 we would like your child to focus on learning their times tables. At the end of Year 2 the expectation is for most to be able to have a rapid recall of their 2, 5 and 10 times tables in and out of sequence. In Year 3 we use these to help us solve problems and start learning other multiplication tables, starting with the 3’s.


Please help your child consolidate their recall of the 10s, 5s and then 2s times tables and if they are confident then move onto the 3 times table. You can find a variety of useful websites to help them learn their multiplication tables on our Year 3 ‘homework’ webpage.


We will be asking children to take part in a times-table quiz (we will make this fun and not focussed around testing or how many they get correct) at the end of the second week back (Friday 12th November). After that we will be continuing to monitor their progress.


Suggested website and games to support learning: 

Hit the Button - quick fire times tables - click here 

Maths Fishing - interactive games - click here 

Tommy's Trek - arcade-type game - click here




My Maths

Pupils will be given tasks to complete in My Maths. The tasks will usually be related to our learning in maths. My Maths homework will be set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Friday.  


My Maths can be accessed via the website by clicking this link: My Maths Website



Spelling Homework

Spelling homework is set on a Friday and your child's test will be on the following Friday.  There are three spelling groups, your child will be told which group they are in.  We follow a scheme and teach the spelling patterns and rules in school.  There is a certain order in which we teach the spellings, so your child may find some weeks easier than others.  If your child does well in their weekly spelling tests and applies the spellings correctly in their written work, we will consider moving them up a group.  

Your child will take a spelling list home each week.  Children can practise their spellings using the online game in J2Blast - SpellBlast (in Hwb's J2Easy application).  Pupils will be shown how to access their spelling list in the game.


Your child's spelling list is in Google Classroom in Hwb.  

Here are some hints and tips to help your child learn their spellings:

1. Use each word in a silly sentence. The sillier the sentence, the more memorable. Underline the spelling word in each sentence.

2. Paint your words onto paper, write them in water with a big brush onto the outside wall of the house, or write them on the ground with coloured chalks.

3. Make a mini-dictionary. Sort the words into alphabetical order then write them out with a definition next to each one. For a challenge, see if you can also say whether each word is a noun, verb, adjective etc.

4. Make a word search with your words and list them underneath.

5. Write out the letters in the words with different coloured felt-tips or pencil crayons.

6. Write each word and incorporate it into a silly picture. For example, if one of the words is ‘thumb’ draw a hand with the word itself instead of the thumb.

7. Play hangman with a partner, using your words.

8. Say it as it is spelled.

9. Look, Cover, Write, Check.

10. Work out which words you are finding hard, and focus on learning those tricky ones.