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Hello everyone! We can't quite believe this is your final week in year 3. What a year it has been! We have enjoyed our time teaching you so much, despite it being a very strange situation in lockdown, we are so very glad to have a last week together.


To celebrate all we've done this year we would like you to record your favourite moments on the year 3 flipgrid. It will be so great to share and remember special times together. Please record your memories and upload them to the flipgrid topic.


Please take this week to catch up on any home learning you may not have time

to complete over the last few weeks. Mymaths is also set.


We have some super fun activities planned for you when you come to school this week.

We will not spoil the surprise but ask you to remember to:



We look forward to see all our superheroes in year 3! 



cheekyWelcome back!cheeky

What a week we've had!

It has been fantastic to see so many of you back in school.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. 

Week 6th-10th July 

This week will be similar in structure to last week. We have set work for home and included a timetable so you can pick and choose when you complete the activities. We will complete work in class that compliments the home schooling. 

Please continue to send us images of the completed work, we will then look at it and discuss it, if needed, when you are in class.

Also, please keep adding videos to our Year 3 flipgrid, it is a great way for you to communicate with one another and share what you've been up to.

We are so excited to have

another wonderful week with you all.

Have fun. See you soon!cheeky

This week at home we would like you to:

  • Read the powerpoint about Onomatopoeia and find out what it is. You can also use the Onomatopoeia word cards to help you.
  • Then complete the Onomatopoeia art - see the powerpoint
  • Research information on Stan Lee and present it in a circle map.
  • Read the online book on 'The Fantastic Four' ready for when you come into class.
  • Mymaths-online.
  • White Rose maths-days and months of the year.



Hello Everyone smiley


We are very excited to see you all next week. We cannot wait for the Daily Disco and to see your wonderful virtual handshakes or hugs smiley


Below you will find links to the weekly timetable. In class we will teach activities that can then be carried on at home. We are all going to look at the theme Superheroes - and the history of Marvel and its many characters.



If your child is not in school - they can find out everything we have been up to via FlipGrid - if you click on the icon this will give you the links to follow. We have also opened up the platform so children can send messages to one another. We hope this will alliviate any worries they may have. Also it keeps us altogether so nobody is missing out on anything we are doing in the classroom smiley


We have also included Flashback maths for the children to complete - this is optional. 

Can we just remind you to email any of the children's work - when they return to class we are able to see it via the PC and share with themsmiley

Hello everyone! smiley

We have been busy in school putting the last few things in place for your return next week. We are so excited to see you all!


If it is not your allocated day to come to school, or you are in the school hub, then please continue to complete the home learning from our year 3 website.

If it is your allocated day to come into school, please only bring in- lunch, snack, water and a coat. Please do not bring in any in work you have completed at home as we cannot take it in, so with this in mind, please email or send photographs of the information from COVID19 time capsule booklet from this week's work. We will then share this work from the emails when in class. You can also email or message us with the Daily Disco Dance song choice.


Everything is looking great for your return. 

School will be a little different but the people are still the same.

smileyWe will be waiting for you with great big smiles, virtual hugs and handshakes! smiley


Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!



Hello Boys and Girls smiley


We have both been super busy making sure the classes are ready for Monday. Below you will find photographs showing how the classes look. You each have a star with your name showing where you will sit. Everyone has a brand new writing pen and personal folder to keep all of your work.


We hope you have your virtual handshake and disco moves at the ready! We cannot wait to see you all smiley


** For parents** - We will set the website with a weekly timetable on Sunday (this is the same as we have been doing over the past few weeks). In class, we will teach to the same theme that has been set online. Everyone will do the same work in class when they are in school. We will explain the next tasks for the children to then complete at home. Throughout the week we will be using FlipGrid so children who are at home can see what we have been doing in class. 


See you all next week!  

We cannot wait to see you!!

Hello Everybody smiley


Both of your teachers would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for all of the home learning that has taken place over the last few weeks. We love seeing what you have been up to as a family and have enjoyed reading through all of the emails showcasing your work. 


We are very much looking forward to the next few weeks in school. We are going to be treating this as an 'Adventure' - this week you will find we have included some very top secret tasks we would like you to complete at home. These are going to be very FUN. smiley


Here are some clues:

They include music and dancing.

You will automatically end up laughing. 

Your face will have a big smile smiley


Click on the star to find out more. 


smileyThe next couple of weeks are going to be a FUN ADVENTURE smiley






Hello Everybody smiley


It has been lovely hearing from so many of you this week, we can tell you enjoyed visiting the zoo. Your new enclosure designs were very detailed with clear calculations for the materials. You managed to stick to the budget - Da Iawn.


I wonder if you can guess what our focus is going to be this week.

Here is a clue.


Click on the symbol to find out more smiley


Please read the following:


'How has lockdown been for you and your family? 


We have all had very different experiences during this time of lockdown. Some of us have enjoyed being around our families and have even learnt some new skills. Some of us have really been missing our friends and relatives and have had times where we have felt a bit sad. In order to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible we would like you to tell us all about it. Please complete these questionnaires with your families and send them back to your teachers. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school and this information will help us to get the right activities ready for you.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding the questionnaires please feel free to Mrs Jones on'


Hello Everyone smiley


What a week we have had. It has been very active indeed, we have enjoyed watching all of your flip grids showing off your sporting activities smiley 


Over the year we know that you have always loved learning about animals and their habitats. This was true when we looked at Wild Wood, we also know so many of you enjoy attending Nature Club.


Therefore this week we have decided we are going to have a week at the ZOO!  You can follow the link to be in with the animals.smiley


​​​​​​​Year 3 get your Zoo Keeper uniforms ready for the week ahead smiley lots of activities to complete smiley​​​​​​​ 

Hello Everyone smiley


We hope you have had a lovely week with your families enjoying the sunshine smiley 


This is going to be an exciting week for the whole school as we are holding a Sports week for our Sports Day - 4.6 challenge. Daily challenges will be set and the competition will continue throughout the week. House points will be awarded if you complete the challenges and upload the evidence to flipgrid. Please check out the Whole school challenges page for all the details. Let's make this a super fun week! smiley


This week we are going to focus on sports and being active and healthy smiley to link in with our Sports week challenge - we hope you are ready to get active Year 3smiley

Hello Everyone smiley


We just wanted to say a HUGE


We have loved watching all of your FlipGrid videos - it has been the highlight of our week. we hope they made you smile seeing all of your friends and teachers smiley We would also like to thank mums and dads, you are doing an amazing job home schooling the work has been great where our topic Road Trip USA has come to life smiley From every piece of work we receive or image we can tell you have loved this topic - especially the American Bake Off! smiley we will definitely have to do a Birchgrove Bake Off when we return. Please find above the activities that have been suggested for this week. Please treat these as a 'pick and mix' - we are not expecting you to complete them all. Only one more thing to say from us smiley Have a lovely week with your families. 


smileyMiss Oats and Mrs McNamara have left you messages on flipgrid.

Please take a look and message us back!

Missing you all! smiley


Miss Oats and Mrs McNamara have got a very special

laughDisney themed message for all their wonderful year 3 children! laugh

Please follow the link:

**Important Update**

These resources follow a 12 week plan created in partnership with the BBC to help ensure pupils are ready to return to school in September.  The accompanying video tutorials can be found here


This week we are looking at multiplication and division smiley



We are so proud with the amount of work and learning experiences that are taken place during this time smiley Each week we receive numerous emails and images showing us how you are spending this time with your families. They are special moments and now we would like to share them. We have decided we are now going to develop a'Virtual Time Capsule' smiley In years to come we can look back through these pages with a smile on our face. 


This week click on the Rainbow and see all of the wonderful things that have taken place. Even some of the teachers have been coming along on our road trip across the USA - see if you can spot who they are smiley

Hello Boys and Girls smiley


What a fantastic week we have all had exploring our new topic Road Trip USA, we have decided we are going to start to display a selection of work within our Weekly Gallery smiley take a look smiley


Thank your to Holly and Eva for asking us to explore bridges - great idea! Next week we will begin to write our Mini Saga about the story behind how the Brooklyn Bridge was constructed. 


This week we are going to explore Disney smiley Following the ideas from Jacob and Eva


We are also going to following Lauren's suggestion. We are going to watch a Disney film (any film of your choice) and write our own review. We are asking you to dress up in anything Disney smiley whilst watching the film. 


As always please tweet and email your work - it makes your teachers so happy smiley 

The links for the activities are below - Enjoy year 3!



We will be putting up the work for our VE Day Celebrations - this will take place on Friday 8th May - be ready to get out your best dresses and shirts for the toast at 3pm smiley

Our Weekly Gallery :)

Monday 27th April 

Dear Parents/carers   

 We have been asked to make contact and check our lines of communication with all parents. Please could you contact your child/ren’s class teacher on the following emails to say hello and if possible just let us know how you are.


Class 3M -

Class 3O - 


Many thanks

Miss Broughton

Deputy Head

Hello boys and girls smiley


We hope you had a lovely weekend. We have been overwhelmed with the amount of 'planning and ideas' everyone has generated for our new topic. We have had suggestions about Disney, building bridges, looking at a musical show and about landmarks from the USA. We have decided to follow your wonderful ideas, we will be sharing with you a different idea each week - just like we do in the classroom smiley



Our first stop on the exciting road trip is going to be New York. Loads of children this week were asking many questions about bridges and how they are constructed. We are going to start with the Brooklyn Bridge - it has a very interesting story behind the construction. 


This idea has come from Holly and Eva smiley


In Miss Oats' class lots of children were suggesting we looked at another artist. We will be exploring Keith Haring this week. smiley



Here is this weeks timetable smiley

The links for the activities are at the top of this page. Please remember to send your work once completed. Tweet your bridges and artwork smiley



















Spellings smiley


A few parents have been asking about spelling for the summer term. Above we have attached the spelling overview for the next few weeks, showing the lists the children would have received on a weekly basis. 


These following websites offer games and activities that cross reference with our spelling overview.





As well as MyMaths you can also access White Rose home learning maths, working step by step throughout the week. Also showing children short videos explaining the method. 


Here is the following link:





Can we just remind everyone that you are doing an AMAZING JOB  working with your children. The examples of work we have received have been completed to a very high standard. We have enjoyed seeing the enjoyment on the children's faces smiley


The timetable is designed to work around you and your family. You can pick and choose when the children complete these activities throughout the week.smiley Please remember you can always contacted us via our emails. 


Year 3 team smiley 

Summer term week 1 April 20th




This is the timetable for the week smiley all of the sheets linked to the activities are at the top of the page. Also can we remind you to look under the star called IT for the KODU lessons.


The link is password protected with birchgrove6


Welsh sheet to help with the activity. 


Can you have a go at filling in this map of the USA?


Enjoy everyone! Remember to send us your planning sheets and ideas smiley



Summer Term sportsmiley

This term we will be focusing on those fabulous summer sports: athletics and cricket. 



Athletics is a mixture of track and field events so any form of running, jumping and throwing will help develop your skills. Try some of the Welsh Athletics activities suggested here.



Try activities out from England and Wales Cricket Board and work your way through the All Stars Cricket program at home.


Yoga and Mindfulness

If you are happier to chill and take a slower approach then why not try out some of the fantastic yoga stories from Cosmic Kids. There are so many to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.


Remember to aim to do at least an hour of exercise every day. This can be done in one session or little 'bursts' throughout the day. Exercise is so good for you, not only because it helps you stay fit and healthy but because it helps your well being and boosts your mood. 


Whatever you decide to do please tweet or email photos so we can see what you've been up to! smiley

Plus, see who you can get to join in with you...grab those mums, dads, brothers and sisters!!


Monday 20th April

Hello Year 3 smiley

We hope you and your families had a lovely Easter break. We are all very proud of everyone for their efforts in your presentations about the 1960s, you all spoke confidently and could share lots of facts about this era. We are going to keep this up on flipgrid, if you have not seen each others go and have a look smiley


If you have not yet had time to begin our scouts challenge don't worry as you still have another week. It's great fun to learn and a good skill to have. 


​​​​​​​This week we are going to move onto our next topic Road Trip USA smiley​​​​​​​ This is where you get to learn all about different aspects of the USA and even looking at Disney. Over the next few weeks we are going to be on a virtual tour through the different states - it will be fun!


Today is our enquiry based learning, where you can all have a research and think about what you want to learn about?

Do you want to find out about the presidents?

Do you know anything about New York city?




We would like you to follow the power point (link is at the top) and try to answer the following questions. Also we would like you to make a list about what you would like to learn in this topic or any ideas. We could even have a virtual Disney dress up day and be a film critic smiley or make an American breakfast.


​​​​​​​Tomorrow we will be putting up the timetable for the week. My Maths has been set for you to complete. White rose maths have a daily challenge to complete:


Mrs Miles has also set some ICT virtual lessons for this week where we will be looking at Kodu. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you - please email and tweet us your ideas smiley Happy researching everyone smiley






Hello Year 3 smiley


We hope you all are having a lovely Easter and enjoying those yummy Easter eggs. We hope you have all had a lovely weekend out in the sunshine and with your families. We are missing you all very much smiley


For the next two weeks we thought we would take on a new exciting challenge, as a year group. We have got in touch with the and they have agreed as a year group we can work towards a badge! You do not have to be a member for the Brownies or Scouts in order to take part.


This is a great opportunity to learn a new skill and apply them. We will be looking at the art of making Knots. Did you know, there are many different knots that can be made. They can be very important to use in many real life situations. This week we would like you to have a go at making a variety of knots. The instructions for the badge are below! 


We can all do this!yes


The link for this power point and any of the activities shown will be at the top of this page. 


We have also included some activities to complete around the house for this week smiley






Below is the timetable for the week smiley



Enjoy smiley​​​​​​​ remember MyMaths has been set for the week. Please remember to Tweet or email any evidence towards your Scouts Badge. smiley


Hello Everyone laugh


Can we just say a HUGE Diolch I bawb to everyone in Year 3 smiley The last two weeks have been very challenging, but we are VERY PROUD with your determination and resilience. The emails and photographs that we have received have been amazing. smiley Please keep sending and tweeting - as it makes our day.


Over the next two weeks we will be putting up a timetable with a variety of activities for you to enjoy as a family. Please treat these activities as a 'pick and mix' smiley we will not be using Flip grid or mine craft over Easter.


Your teachers are currently watching and looking at your wonderful presentations about the 1960s - they are very creative and animated.


Have a lovely Easter with your family - enjoy the sunshine together. 




Here is the timetable for the next week. MyMaths will still be set for the week, this is an option for your children to complete throughout the week smiley



The Link for these activities is at the top. 







Good Morning Year 3 smiley


In Year 3 it is clear we are going to have many fashion designers and artists of the future. The Laura Ashley art work was inspiring, the detail and the use of colours were very vibrant. 


For this week we have decided to show you the whole timetable for the week. All of the activities we expect you to have a go at home smiley This way you can balance your home learning around your busy families. 



We have set up a few tasks on Flip Grid - which we will be looking at to see your wonderful work.


Above is a link to this timetable. Once opened you can access the links to the work set for the children smiley



Monday 30th March 


Hello Year 3 smiley It was lovely seeing so many of you have already signed up to flip grid and were able to upload a short video of yourselves saying hello smiley, we are going to use this towards the end of the week. The idea is that you can all present your research about the 1960s in a short film. We can then all watch each others and magpie any ideas from our friends. This is like being virtual learning partnerssmiley Also the teachers get to see all of your hard work. We will be looking to use this on Friday. 


Todays' learning 



In class we have been looking at parts of the body and how to say if we are feeling unwell. We have begun to expand on this by saying 'achos...' and explaining why we maybe feeling unwell.  


Can you watch the short film from BBC Bitesize, after there is a quick game for you to complete, matching parts of the body.




This has been set for you to complete online - this has been set for the week.


If you would like a further challenge select one of the problems from White Rose Daily Problem. Just make sure you select KS2, primary resources smiley



Art / Creativity 


Last week we looked at Laura Ashley and looked into how she became famous in the 1960s. Here we touched upon some of her patterns and how she used these in many of her materials and clothing lines.


In this lovely spring sunshine we would like you to use your garden or nature as inspiration. You could use flowers and leaves from the garden to help with your design, you may decide to use paint and stencil them. This can be done with any materials, colour pencils, felt tip pens, paint etc. 


I have included a link to a video where they have used an old toilet rolls to help them create a dandelion design. I have also included examples of Laura Ashley prints. Enjoy smiley




Friday 27th March 


Hello everybody smiley



Mrs Miles has been amazing and has found a way for all of us in year 3 to share our fantastic poster or powerpoint about the 1960s. Here she has passed on the following link for everyone to follow. We are going to be using FlipGrid, which will allow you to record yourselves presenting your work. Today you need to log on so we can see if this works, here you need to make a short video where you just say Hello smiley hopefully then at the end we can all watch each others from home. 


The link:



Activity for the day smiley 




In preparation for next week we are going to be writing a Biography all about Rosa Parks and her life. Today we would like you to watch the following link all about her life.


From this website start to make notes about the key events in her life. This could be done through a thinking frame, writing key notes under the following headings:

Early life

Going to school 

Fighting for equal rights 

Sitting on the bus.




Thursday 25th March 


Bore da Year 3 smiley The sun is out once again, make sure you go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather throughout today. The teachers in Year 3 have been so impressed with the work that has been emailed or tweeted, it has made them smile every time they see the wonderful things you have all been doing at home. The dance routines were amazing, we could definitely be on the next Strictly Come Dancing!


Today's work:



Work has been set on MyMaths for you to complete at home. Whilst on this website you can also have a look at the games.


Maths Challenge 

TRI colour 

Have a go at playing this game at home, Using your home school books - Let us know how you got on, what did you find out?





Everyday at 11am David Walliams is releasing free audio books - read by him.

Today we would like you to follow the link below and listen to todays's story. After hearing this story can you complete a short book review - Who was the main charter? what happened? How many stars would you give this story? 




1960s Research 

Can we also just remind children to remember about their 1960s research for a poster or power point. We set this at the end of last week where the pupils can create a poster or powerpoint about any part of the 1960s. This is to be on going and is due in the end of next week. The information about this research is lower down on this page. We are hoping to with Mrs Miles share this posters in a interactive way towards the end of next week - we will keep you updated about this. 



Remember anything your child does at home please Tweet so we can share their wonderful work with the rest of the school smiley Also loads have been asking about Mine Craft - we will be holding an interactive session again - we will let you know when this will be. 



Wednesday 25th March

We hope you'll have great fun with these challenges...


Just Dance Challenge

Create a dance for the whole family to join in.

Plan it out, do it, and send us the evidence!


Maths challenge is all about what your money would buy in the 1960s. How different are the costs of today? See if you can find out.

Tuesday 24th March

Bore da! What a beautiful sunny day!

Challenges today are:

Topic- Research the designer, Laura Ashley. Put the info into a describing frame.


Maths- continue with MyMaths challenges and the Daily 10. Choose times tables for the daily 10. Whichever you feel you would like to improve and get quicker recall of. 


Fitness challenge- What fitness did you do today? Email evidence to us of how you are staying fit at home. HIIT session, playing in the garden, dancing to your favourite song or your own workout? Let us know.




Poster design prompts

Monday 23rd March

Morning everybody!

Start your day the right way with the Body coach workout live- check out the Twitter feed or try the workout on the Whole School Challenge page.


You have created amazing t-shirts for the 1960s in class. Now we would like you to create a poster to sell your t-shirt.

Remember you are persuading someone to buy it, so use language and images which make people want your t-shirt. 


You can send your finished posters to our email addresses.

Good luck, designers!


Second task is the mathematical 'Foursomes' challenge. Have fun working this out and making different shapes. 

Remember the Tangrams we did at Christmas? Foursomes is a simpler version, you can create whatever shapes you'd like. Don't forget to send us the evidence!


If you feel like you are missing the 'Daily Ten' then why not pop onto the website and challenge yourself? There's only one have to beat your last score! Pob lwc!


1960's Homework Project

Year 3 Eisteddfod Poem





Blwyddyn 3 get weekly spellings that are sent home for the children to practise, they are then tested on a Friday.