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Friday 27th March 


Hello everybody smiley



Mrs Miles has been amazing and has found a way for all of us in year 3 to share our fantastic poster or powerpoint about the 1960s. Here she has passed on the following link for everyone to follow. We are going to be using FlipGrid, which will allow you to record yourselves presenting your work. Today you need to log on so we can see if this works, here you need to make a short video where you just say Hello smiley hopefully then at the end we can all watch each others from home. 


The link:



Activity for the day smiley 




In preparation for next week we are going to be writing a Biography all about Rosa Parks and her life. Today we would like you to watch the following link all about her life.


From this website start to make notes about the key events in her life. This could be done through a thinking frame, writing key notes under the following headings:

Early life

Going to school 

Fighting for equal rights 

Sitting on the bus.




Thursday 25th March 


Bore da Year 3 smiley The sun is out once again, make sure you go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather throughout today. The teachers in Year 3 have been so impressed with the work that has been emailed or tweeted, it has made them smile every time they see the wonderful things you have all been doing at home. The dance routines were amazing, we could definitely be on the next Strictly Come Dancing!


Today's work:



Work has been set on MyMaths for you to complete at home. Whilst on this website you can also have a look at the games.


Maths Challenge 

TRI colour 

Have a go at playing this game at home, Using your home school books - Let us know how you got on, what did you find out?





Everyday at 11am David Walliams is releasing free audio books - read by him.

Today we would like you to follow the link below and listen to todays's story. After hearing this story can you complete a short book review - Who was the main charter? what happened? How many stars would you give this story? 




1960s Research 

Can we also just remind children to remember about their 1960s research for a poster or power point. We set this at the end of last week where the pupils can create a poster or powerpoint about any part of the 1960s. This is to be on going and is due in the end of next week. The information about this research is lower down on this page. We are hoping to with Mrs Miles share this posters in a interactive way towards the end of next week - we will keep you updated about this. 



Remember anything your child does at home please Tweet so we can share their wonderful work with the rest of the school smiley Also loads have been asking about Mine Craft - we will be holding an interactive session again - we will let you know when this will be. 



Wednesday 25th March

We hope you'll have great fun with these challenges...


Just Dance Challenge

Create a dance for the whole family to join in.

Plan it out, do it, and send us the evidence!


Maths challenge is all about what your money would buy in the 1960s. How different are the costs of today? See if you can find out.

Tuesday 24th March

Bore da! What a beautiful sunny day!

Challenges today are:

Topic- Research the designer, Laura Ashley. Put the info into a describing frame.


Maths- continue with MyMaths challenges and the Daily 10. Choose times tables for the daily 10. Whichever you feel you would like to improve and get quicker recall of. 


Fitness challenge- What fitness did you do today? Email evidence to us of how you are staying fit at home. HIIT session, playing in the garden, dancing to your favourite song or your own workout? Let us know.




Poster design prompts

Monday 23rd March

Morning everybody!

Start your day the right way with the Body coach workout live- check out the Twitter feed or try the workout on the Whole School Challenge page.


You have created amazing t-shirts for the 1960s in class. Now we would like you to create a poster to sell your t-shirt.

Remember you are persuading someone to buy it, so use language and images which make people want your t-shirt. 


You can send your finished posters to our email addresses.

Good luck, designers!


Second task is the mathematical 'Foursomes' challenge. Have fun working this out and making different shapes. 

Remember the Tangrams we did at Christmas? Foursomes is a simpler version, you can create whatever shapes you'd like. Don't forget to send us the evidence!


If you feel like you are missing the 'Daily Ten' then why not pop onto the website and challenge yourself? There's only one have to beat your last score! Pob lwc!


1960's Homework Project

Year 3 Eisteddfod Poem

Year 3 Eisteddfod Poem  1





Blwyddyn 3 get weekly spellings that are sent home for the children to practise, they are then tested on a Friday.