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We are going to be using FlipGrid for some exciting tasks.


You will need to log in with your HWB log ins, then you can make a short video where you just say Hello 😊


A how to guide is available here

Week commencing Monday 6th April 


Please find below a list of fun activities that you might like to try this week.


Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.


Pasg Hapus!


The Year 1 Team

Friday 03.04.2020

Bore da plant. It's Friday already ,the week as flown by and the weekend is nearly here. Time for you to have some fun in the sun and have a lie in.

Today's activities for you to try, if you want, are a phonics hunt and a Superhero reading quiz. 

Hope you have fun trying both of them and don't forget to send us your work and messages .


Sound of the week treasure hunt.  

Let’s go on a treasure hunt. Look around your house and garden. How many things can you find that have a th, sh, ch sound.

Write them in your exercise book and draw a picture of them.


Now write 4 sentences using 4 of the  words you found.

Superhero quiz

Thursday 2nd April 


Bore da pawb, sut wyt ti heddiw?

Mae hi'n heulog- what a beautiful start to the day!


Thank you for sending us your Flipgrid videos and photographs of your homeschool tasks. It's lovely to see how you've been keeping busy at home. 


Today's challenge involves maths and movement!

Time yourself for a minute and count how many balls or scrunched up pieces of paper you can throw into a box/hoop/bin that is 2 metres away. Remember to check with a grown up for the minute hand on the clock. 

You could film yourself and upload to our Flipgrid page or

record how many you get into the box each time in your home learning book.


Mr Carroll beat Mrs Carroll with a score of 35 balls on target! Can you beat Mr Carroll's score?


Pwb lwc pawb!


Mrs Miles has also added a new grid to our Flipgrid page called 'Fun times'.


Send us a clip of something that you have done at home which you really enjoyed. It could be a drawing, cooking something yummy, reading your favourite book or some early morning exercises! 



Wednesday 01.04.2020


Bore da plant… time to have fun.

We know you love the Little Red Hen story. Read along with it and show your family the actions.


The Little Red Hen story


Now can you retell the story using the shadow puppets ?

 You could change some of the characters to make it fun.

Show us your hand puppets, can we tell what animal they are ?



Picture 1

Tuesday 31st March 2020


Da iawn Blywyddyn 1, the Year 1 Team have been so impressed with your Flipgrid videos that have been uploaded so far. We are trying to reply as soon as we can, so please, keep them coming! 


Mrs Liddell is also going to film herself reading some stories in the next few weeks so keep checking for links on twitter and on our Year 1 flipgrid page.


Activity: Would you rather...


Would you rather…

Have a magic Easter basket that produces 10 chocolate eggs each morning


Have a bunny that can talk?


Let us know what you would rather and why by uploading a video to Flipgrid or sharing your writing on twitter.

We look forward to hearing your answers!



Easter Bonnet Activity


Can you use your recycling/ bits from around the house to make an Easter Bonnet? Be sure to upload photos to twitter or send us a video on flipgrid!

   Monday 30.03.2020

  Bore da pawb ! Hope you have  had a super weekend and enjoyed some family time. There was lots of Face Time and House Party sessions in the Watkins' house and a game of Quick Draw which I won. 

We have some super activities for you this week so keep checking on this page, but remember to keep reading, practicing your sight words and your Learn Its as well. 


Today you will be learning about floating and sinking. This could get messy.

First watch the video.


 Then find 8 objects in your house …. For example, a ball, a pencil, a small toy, bar of soap. Ask a grown up to draw a table in your exercise book.

Now the fun bit, fill the sink with water and put the objects in. try not to splash everyone.  Do they sink or float ? Write the answers in your table.













    Now listen to the story Who Sank The Boat ?


Can you make a boat out of paper and make it float?

How many coins can you put in it ?

Maybe take a photo of your boat and send it to us.



 This week's Cosmic Yoga.

Spider man



Still image for this video

27.3.20- Big Maths


Exercise your brain by clicking on the link to practise your


learn-its for this term. How many can you answer in 30s?!



We know that blwyddyn un love to listen to an e book. Here's one to try today.  Maybe you can hunt for a caterpillar in your garden or draw the Cautious Caterpillar in your book. 

The Cautious Caterpillar EBook

25.3.2020 Mathemateg-Time  

Bore da little ones... we hope you are well and enjoying the home school activities. 

Today's fun is time- o'clock and half past.

Sing along to the time song, we know how fantastic year 1 are at singing!

Go through the PowerPoint then play the games. 

In your pink books look at the sheets and write down the time that is shown on each clock  don't draw the clock. 

Remember if the big hand is on the 12 it is O'CLOCK

If the big hand is on the 6 it is HALF PAST. 

24.3.2020. Mathemateg 


Bore da pawb. Mae hi'n braf a heulog heddiw, ardderchog. 

So let's try and go out in the garden or on your balcony and practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. Count quietly, count loudly say them slowly or quickly but have fun.


23.03.2020  Home Learning Activity. 

Bore da Year 1 Superheroes! Hope you are all well, looking after yourself and doing lots of fun activities.

Today's activity is to draw and label your own Superhero. You can use the pink exercise books for this. 

Let your imagination run wild- what amazing  outfit will your Superhero wear   Will they have a protective shield and cape or  body armour? Then label your drawing neatly and use adjectives to describe it e.g a bright blue cape,  a shiny, black shield. 

Now write a few sentences about your Superhero to tell us what their special powers are and what they are called. Use the sentence patterns below to help you. 

 My Superhero is called ................

They are wearing .............

Their Superhero power is ..............


Have fun and we look forward to seeing some of your ideas. Stay safe Blwyddyn Un!

Hwyl fawr .

30 Day Lego Challenge


Work those funky fingers by completing this 30 day challenge!

Take a photograph and share your creations on the school twitter page or email them to your class teacher.