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Week Beginning 18th January 2021


Thank you for the fantastic work which you have been completing at home and sending to us. We are both very pleased with what we have received. Da iawn pawb! smiley Thank you parents too as we know that it's not always easy to juggle work commitments with this new way of life. 

Below is a timetable for the week to give you an overview of the activities set for each  day in School, so that if your child is accessing the Hub provision on certain days you know which activities not to do at home. We would suggest that you follow the order of the activities as they often build on skills from previous lessons, however if you are working through them at home you can choose when to do them as long as they are completed by the end of the week.

Once work has been marked, we will return it to you. Please read the comments which have been left. You only need to resubmit work if there is a correction or if you need to respond to a comment left by your teacher. 


Timetable for week beginning 18.1.21

Home Learning W.B. 11th January 2021


Below is a timetable for the week to give you an overview of the activities set for each  day in School, so that if your child is accessing the Hub provision on certain days you know which activities not to do at home. We would suggest that you follow the order of the activities as they often build on skills from previous lessons, however if you are working through them at home you can choose when to do them as long as they are completed by the end of the week.


Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda - Happy New Year!

Home Learning - Week beginning 4th January 2021


Happy New Year Blwyddyn Dau! We hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and have had a relaxing holidays.


As we are going to be learning from home this week we will be setting home learning challenges via Google Classroom. The children will be able to access this via their 'Hwb' email accounts.


Please click here for information and instructions about how to access and submit work through Google Classroom. There is also a video demonstrating how it works.  If you have any problems or if you are unsure of your child's Hwb email and password please email us.


Should you have any difficulty in logging into Hwb and accessing Google Classroom after watching the video please get in touch. The invite link has been sent to your child's Hwb email so they will need to log on with these details.


The work that is being set for each day will be the same as that delivered in school for any children who are using the 'Hub' provision. With this in mind, if your child will be attending the Hub on any particular days they will not need to complete those activities  as they will be covered in school. While the tasks have been organised into specific days, we understand that it may be that you complete them at a time convenient to you.


We greatly appreciate your support during these difficult times and look forward to seeing the work that the children complete at home.


Thank you.


Mr Warlow and Mrs Jones.


Friday 8th January

Thank you for all the support and work that you have sent in this week. It has been fantastic to see so many of interacting via Google Classroom and sharing your learning activities with us. We will be continuing to use Google Classroom for our challenges next week so if you are having any issues logging in or need a 'Hwb' login please get in touch by either Class Dojo or email.


We greatly appreciate all of your efforts in enabling the children to continue their learning while at home and will look forward to making video contact by Google Meetings next Tuesday morning. Next week's daily tasks will be uploaded onto Google Classroom and will again mirror the activities that are undertaken by the children in the school hub.


Have a lovely and restful weekend after this week of home learning. Hopefully the Winter sun will be shining so you can get outside and enjoy some fresh air!


Diolch yn fawr.

Mr Warlow and Mrs Jones



Friday's Google Classroom Activities


Big Maths CLIC questions - Choose a challenge that puts you into the learning zone, you could even try all of them!


Head to Toe Pupil Voice - Our new context is titled 'Head to Toe' and is all about the body and how we can keep ourselves healthy. We would like you to tell us what you would like to learn about and what activities you want us to plan for you.


Maths - Sumdog and White Rose Maths Adding Equal Groups.

Spr2.1.3 - Add equal groups

This is "Spr2.1.3 - Add equal groups" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Thursday 7th January

It has been fantastic to see so many of you accessing Google Classroom and submitting your work over the last few days. We will continue to post work using this platform through your child's Hwb account although if you would rather complete the work on paper and upload a photograph then this is also fine as it doesn't necessarily all need to be completed online. 


You should have also all had a message regarding the virtual video well-being sessions which will run every Tuesday morning. This will detail the time that your child will be able to access their meeting.


Today's sessions are on Google Classroom are as follows:


Design a Healthy Lunchbox - Choose some healthy treats from a range of food groups.


Which is the most important and why? - Brushing your teeth, sleeping or exercising.


Maths - Making equal groups and Sumdog Challenges.


Recognising equal groups

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th January

It has been fantastic to see that so many of you have been able to log on to Google Classroom via Hwb and hand in work. We hope that this will be a valuable way for us to be able to mark and comment upon work for the children which can then be kept within their online folder.


Click here for the link to the Google Classroom information page with an explanation video about how to log in. Please let us know if you are still having any difficulties accessing it or need new copies of usernames, Hwb email addresses or passwords.

Click on the link below to go straight to the Hwb log in page.


When you have logged in with your Hwb email and password you can then access the activities for today under the heading Wednesday 6th January. You can then 'hand in' these activities once completed for us to mark them.


Odd One Out - Explain which food is the 'odd one out' with a reason.


How can you stay healthy? - Record as many different ways as you can about how we can keep fit and healthy.


Maths - Recognising equal groups - Watch the video and use the information to answer the questions.

Sumdog and Reading

There are new Sumdog challenges set for you and there are also a range of fun maths games that you could try out on there.


It is also important to practise your reading while you are at home. Try to read as much as you can. Read for fun whether it is a book you like, a magazine or even something on a website. Remember to use phonics to help you sound out words.

Tuesday 5th January

Healthy and Unhealthy Foods

Watch the video below and then think about what foods might be healthy and unhealthy.

You need to then organise them into those that are healthy and those that are unhealthy.

This activity is on Google Classroom for you to submit but you can also create your own sorting diagram and draw the foods and take a picture if you are unable to access Google Classroom.

New Year Promise

We would love to hear about what you would like to do this year. What are your new year promises? Do you have any new year resolutions of things that you would like to improve or get better at?

Let us know and write some down for us on Google Classroom or on paper. Remember to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Give reasons for your promises as well.

Number of the Week


Complete the following number of the week challenge. Choose the correct colour slide for your group or have a go at completing the slide that will get in into the 'learning zone' by challenging yourself.


As with the other challenges, this activity is also on Google Classroom for submitting there.


RE - Yr Hen Galan


Happy New Year Blwyddyn 2! 


Did you know in some parts of Wales the new year isn't celebrated on January 1st? Instead some areas of Wales celebrate new year on January 13th. This is called Yr Hen Galan. 


This week I would like you to learn all about Yr Hen Galan. 


Read the information on the PowerPoint below before choosing which activity you would like to complete. 



  • Make a perllan
  • Make an origami Fari Lwyd. 
  • Compare old New Year (Yr Hen Galan) and modern day new year celebrations in a compare and contrast frame. 
  • Create a poster about Yr Hen Galan celebrations - remember to include lots of pictures and try and write the information in your own words. 
  • Create a video telling someone you can't visit all about Yr Hen Galan. 


I look forward to seeing which activities you have chosen. Please send me pictures of your work on


Miss Davies 



Festive Fun Home Learning

Hello Blwyddyn 2! Here are some fun festive challenges for you to try at home over the next few days.


Please find below a range of activities and challenges for you. Pick and choose the activities that suit you and do not feel that you need to complete them all. Decide on which order you might like to do them in and combine them with any other activities that you might also be doing at home.


Flipgrid is a fun and safe way of keeping in touch with us and each other. Click here for a guide on how to set up your Flipgrid and leave some video messages. There is section called 'Hello 2W' and 'Hello 2J' for each class to share some festive jokes, send a festive greeting or to tell everyone what you have been doing. Just click on 'View Topics' in the 'Drop Down Menu'to find the section for your class.


If you continue to scroll down there is also a special section about The Christmas Story that Miss Davies has set you. She thought that as you were missing out on her RE session this week you could try some festive nativity challenges at home. 


You can share any work with us by email at:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mr Warlow and Mrs Jones



Get Festive and be a Christmas Helper!

Why not try to be a bit like one of Santa's Elf Helpers and help out around the house in a festive way?


Christmas Wrapping

Wrapping presents is a great to develop a range of skills. You can use the measuring skills that we have used in school this term to measure how much wrapping paper you need. Try to then carefully cut the paper and then fold it until it covers the present. Then carefully cut some sticky tape and stick the paper together where you have folded it. Send us some pictures of your presents when they are ready to go under the Christmas tree! 


Always remember to take care when using a scissors and make sure an adult is around to supervise you.


Christmas Cooking

Christmas is a great time for tasty food and if your parents and carers are making any festive recipes help them out. You could help get ingredients together and weigh them using a weighing scales if you need to. You might be making a recipe where you can help to wash the fruit or vegetables or even mix the ingredients together in a bowl. It will be even more fun to taste the food if you have helped make it!


Santa's Little Helpers

There is always lots to do at this time of year and a great present to your family might be being extra helpful! Ask if you can help with any of the cleaning or tidying or any other small jobs that might need doing. You are all so good at tidying up in school, try to show your parents how you can do the same at home. Click here for the 'Tidy Up Song' to help motivate you!


In addition to your 'Sumdog' challenges set online, here are some  activities for you to try based upon the number bonds to 20. There is a video clip explaining the method to watch first and then there are some tasks for you to try as well as PowerPoint slides from the video tutorial.

Fact Families

This is "Addition and Subtraction Number Bonds to 20 - Fact Families" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo,

Maths Challenges - Check Calculations

This is "Check Calculations" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Maths - Problem Solving.

Remember to think about the different number of legs different animals and creatures have. How can you add them to 12? For example a dog has 4 legs and a chimpanzee has 2 legs, so 4+2 = 6. Keep adding until you reach 12. How many different combinations of the legs of creatures that Noah might have seen can you make?


It is really important to keep practising your reading skills while you are at home. Give yourself a reading challenge of trying to read some books at home to your family. It does not have to just be only books either, you could try reading magazines, comics or even information online. 


Try to challenge yourself by reading some new words and think about the sounds they make before you 'blend' them back together.


Click here for a link to some free online reading books for children.


Click here for some 'Geraldine the Giraffe' Phonics video clips to help you practise your phonic sounds.





Reindeer Comprehension

Read through the information about Reindeers on the first page using your reading skills to help you. Remember to try and sound out any words that you are not sure of and then 'blend' them back together. You could also 'read around' any words you are not sure of to think about what word comes before and after in order to help you make sense of the unfamiliar word.


When you have read through the non-fiction information try to answer the questions on the next page fully. Remember that you can keep going back to the text on the first page to skim and scan for the the information and key words from the questions you are trying to answer.

Christmas Tree Wordsearch

Link your spelling skills to your searching skills to see if you can find all of the words in the wordsearch below. Remember to 'skim and scan' to look for the letter patterns in the Christmas words.

Thinking Challenge - Odd One Out

Activate your thinking skills to decide on who you think is the 'odd one out' from a snowman, an elf and a reindeer. There is no right or wrong answer but you need to explain and give reasons for your choice.

Creative Christmas Crafts

It is always a great idea to re use and recycle so why not try to make some of these fun and festive Christmas decorations made from toilet rolls.


Click here for instructions on how to make them.


Don't worry if you haven't got all of the resources like sparkly paper or glitter, you could just colour the toilet rolls with colouring pencils or felt pens.

Handprint Wreath

This handprint wreath is another fun decoration that would also be perfect to make as a gift to give at Christmas.  You could even use a range of different handprints from brothers, sisters, mums, dads and anyone else in your house to vary the size of the handprints and make it look even more realistic. Again, if you don't have all of the materials or resources listed you could just use paper and green coloured crayons. It's all about using your creative skills!


Click here to find instructions on how to create this wreath.

How To Draw Rudolph

Continue to develop your art skills with this fun cartoon style Rudolph.

How To Draw A Christmas Penguin

Get festive and try to draw this fun Christmas penguin which you could use on front of a Christmas card.

P.E. Activities

It's important to keep yourself active and moving while you are away from school. If you have access to a garden, try creating your own exercise routine out there or even just get some fresh air with a walk around it.


Below you can find some links to some PE activities that you can try out indoors to keep up your fitness in a fun way.

Yes! I Want To Build A Snowman - Moose Tube | GoNoodle

Do you wanna build a snowman? Of course you do...and so does Kat! So help her run, duck, dodge and jump over obstacles so she can build the snowman of her dr...

The 'ELF' Christmas Workout #GETKIDSMOVING (10Mins)

Christmas #workout #buddytheelf #elfmovie HAPPY CHRISTMAS FOLKS!! πŸŽ„It's that time of year again! I'm here to help you get 'festively fit' this Christmas wi...

Hello Blwyddyn 2!


Sorry to miss you this week! Instead here are some lovely activities for RE to get you thinking about the Christmas story. I hope you enjoy them. 


Do as many as you like - each activity gets your brain working in a different way. 


Watch the Nativity Story to refresh your memory! 


Can you remember all the important characters? Make a list of the characters or draw them. How many times is the word Jesus mentioned in the story? 


Retell the Nativity Story 


How well can you remember the Nativity story? Have a go at being the story teller and telling the story of the Nativity in your own words. You could write the story, create your own story book, use Lego, draw it, you could even film it - the choice is yours! 


Nativity Word Search


Have a go at the Nativity word search below - can you find all the words? How fast can you find them? Why not time yourself! Can you make your own Nativity word search for someone in your family to do?


Make an Angel


We know that angels play a very important part in the Nativity story. Can you make your own angel? Why not try making an angel from a paper plate or a piece of paper. You could even make one from Lego or try making an edible angel! Be as creative as you can!


Complete the Nativity Story Map


Have a go at the Nativity story map - which characters and points in the story are missing? Can you create your own completed version of a Nativity story map?


Create a Wanted Poster for Baby Jesus


Do you remember in the story that King Herod was very cross when he found out that Jesus had been born? Why was he cross? Who did he send to find the new baby? Imagine you are King Herod and create a wanted poster to help find the baby Jesus - remember to include why he is wanted. 


You can send any pictures of what you have done to me ( or Mr Warlow ( 


Have fun! 

Miss Davies smiley

School Council Design a Christmas Jumper Competition

The School Council is running a 'Design a Christmas Jumper' competition this year to see who can create the most fun and exciting jumper. The deadline for entries has been extended to January 7th and if you would like to take part you need to return your design to the School Office by then with 50p. Good luck!

Festive Fun Learning


Hello 2W, it was great to speak to so many of you yesterday for a chat. I am glad to hear that lots of you are keeping yourselves busy and making the most of your time at home. I will keep putting some new challenges and tasks online for you but if you have other activities to try out with your parents and carers then that is also great. I heard yesterday that some of you are helping with some festive baking, putting up decorations and being very helpful around the house.


It would be great if you used your Hwb accounts to access 'Flipgrid' and record some videos to say hello to everyone and to stay in touch. In these difficult times it will be nice for you to see each other. There are also some varied new challenges for you when you get a chance to try them.  Thank you for sending me some of your fantastic work so far and I will look forward to seeing more!


Our Year 2 Flipgrid page is an exciting way for us to all stay in touch with each other and share information.


If you haven't already tried our Flipgrid, why not download the app to get started?

 Click here for instructions on how to use it. 


When you log on click on the Hello 2W section. This is the page where you can leave messages or share fun and interesting videos for all of year 2 to see. It might be something new that you have learnt, an activity you have enjoyed, or even a game in your garden or a funny joke! I have left you all a special message to say hello with a silly joke which might even give some of you a laugh. I'll look forward to seeing your videos!



Following on from your wonderful shape posters yesterday, there is a new 2D shape challenge for you on Sumdog along with some other new questions involving times tables to try out. Remember that there are also a huge range of maths games for you when you are logged onto Sumdog as well!


Here is a link to the Sumdog website:


Christmas Word Scramble

Father Christmas needs your help! Yesterday that cheeky Grinch took some 2D shapes and today he's 'scrambled up' some words. Father Christmas cannot read them without your help and you need to 'unscramble' them for him. Good luck!


1. nagel

2. rast

3. reptnes

4. etre

5. llbse

6. mstcahris

7. ldecna

8. obnirb

9. llohy

10. rebaderingg

11. sevle

12. etardcoe

13. emyrr

14. eletcerab

15. houlprd 

Thinking Challenges


Activity.1 – Maths/Problem Solving - DIY Lego Marble Run

What you will need: Lego and something small that rolls (a marble, small ball, pom-pom etc).

What to do: Get a base plate, Lego pieces and start building a maze from one corner to the opposite corner. When you have finished your maze test it out using your rolling object. Move the base plate and tilt it carefully so the ball can get from one side to the  other...good luck! If the ball falls off start again.

Think about: Did it work? What changes can I make? Can I change the level of challenge to make it easier or harder? What would make your maze even better? What would happen if you put in dead-ends?  





Activity.2 – D.T/Engineering - Paper Bridge Challenge

What you will need: a piece of paper, a stack of books and some coins.


What to do: Can you make a paper bridge? Create two towers of books and use the piece of paper to create a bridge between the two. Test the weight of your bridge using 1p coins to see how much it can hold.


Think about: How far will the book towers need to be apart? Is it better to have a wide or narrow gap between the book towers? Where will you place the paper? Is it better balancing it on the top of the book towers or further down? How many 1p coins can it hold? Would folding the paper help? What different ways could you fold the paper? Does this make it stronger? What would happen if you swapped the paper with another type of material eg; tinfoil, cardboard or fabric? Would it hold more or less 1p coins?

Christmas PE

It's a great idea to keep your body healthy while you are at home and 'Cosmic Yoga' is a fun festive way of doing this.


Click here for a full screen link to 'Christmas Cosmic Yoga'.

Christmas Special | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Home Learning Tasks and Challenges


Hello 2W! Thank you for sending in your lovely work from yesterday. I can see that lots of you have been busy. If you can send a picture of anything you do at home to me at I will be very excited to see it!


Here are a few more tasks and challenges for you to have a go at. Try any of the ones that you would like to whenever you get a chance.


Have fun learning and have a lovely festive day!

2D Shapes


We have got a bit of a problem today in that the Grinch has stolen some shapes and we can't find them anywhere! He is a bit of a naughty Christmas character and he has hidden them away somewhere. I think we will need to create a 'Wanted' poster to  help us find them!


There are some videos below to watch which will remind you about the names and properties of 2D shapes along with a PowerPoint to explain.


You can then create either use the 'Wanted' poster template below or create your own one in your own style. You could even use ICT to make one if you like.

2D Shapes I Know song for kidswww savevid com

Name That Shape! (2D/flat shapes version) [identifying various 2D or "flat" shapes by name}


Keep working through your online Sumdog challenges. It is great to see that so many of you are challenging yourselves online. Remember there are a great range of games on there for you to try out as well.


On Monday you all created some wonderful adverts for your Christmas decorations using persuasive words and language. You all really made me want to buy your 'Star' and 'Angel' decorations for my own Christmas tree!


Using what you now know about persuading someone to buy something by telling them they must buy it or need it, I would like you to create your own poster to advertise something of your own choice. It could be a toy, a game or even some food. Remember to use words and language that will make people feel that they need to buy your product.


Have a look at the PowerPoint and the words used to give you some ideas. Try to include a fun, exciting and eye catching design for your product. You could even make it really colourful!

Santa's Grotto Christmas Activities

Here are some fun Christmas challenges for you to try.

There are lots of different wordsearches for you, the answers are linked on the same document for you to check later on but don't look at the answers before giving them a go!

How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus

Try to develop your art skills with this fun Santa Claus online tutorial!

Christmas Challenges


Bore da pawb! Here are some activities which we would like you to complete at home. You can email us your work on our email addresses -




What gift would you give to Baby Jesus? 

In school. we have been learning about the birth of Baby Jesus. The shepherds and the wise men all gave special gifts to the baby. We would like to know what you would have given the baby? Please can you draw a picture of your gift and explain what you have chosen and why.  



A new practise challenge has been set for you on Sumdog. Log on and see if you can complete the challenges. Who will be top of our leader board next week? Pob lwc! 


Christmas Pudding Maths

Have a go at completing this number challenge. 




Christmas Pudding Maths

Word Challenge

How many words can you make out of the words 

Festive Greetings?


Make a list of words and send them to your teacher. Who will have the most? (Lists to be given to teacher by Monday 14th December.)



This week, we have been using Hwb to create our own Avatar. Please log into this website with your child using their unique user name and password and ask them to show you their creation on J2Stars.


If you have any problems logging into the website, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can rectify the problem. 


In the near future, we will be using HWB to set home learning tasks to be completed at home.