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w/b 15th February- Half term

Hello year1.

Well it is half term and we really want to say a huge thank you for all your continued hard work. You should be very proud of all the amazing work you have shared with us and we have enjoyed reading it and seeing your smiling faces as well. It has been a delight to see you in the Hub or on the weekly Thursday meetings, you have indeed made us smile. We would also like to say a very big thank you to all your grown ups who have helped you go through the activities and uploaded your work for us, they are awesome just like you year 1.

It is now time for a rest year 1. However, if you fancy a few fun activities and some Welsh songs and games go to your Google classroom site and have a look. There are some online games, a spot the difference activity, a poem, songs and a half term fun Jamboard to have a go of. If you would like to learn the poem that would be super. as we will be having an Eisteddfod recitation competition the second week back. The fun activities will be available from Monday 15th.

Once again, a huge thank you for your continued support in these very strange times. We really appreciate your feedback as well and your patience when there have been a few technical problems. Together we have learnt to overcome them and come out smiling, well most of the time. As we always say in year 1 …teamwork matters. Year 1 children and grown ups you are an AWESOME team … diolch yn fawr iawn pawb. 




Week 6:  Week beginning 8th February

Bore da pawb a croeso i wythnos 6. It’s very nearly half term and what a few weeks it has been! We have only seen a handful of you in the school hub and we have really missed seeing you all. Enjoy this week’s learning and then have a well-earned break next week whatever you might be doing. Let’s hope the sun shines and we can get outside for some fresh air. Remember to choose which activities you would like to do and in any order. All we ask is that you upload your work to google classroom like you have been doing so far. Diolch yn fawr. This week Mrs Rees is teaching in school and Mrs Watkins is managing the home learning so please direct any queries to her.

Monday 8th February

Literacy & numeracy – how to make our community even better!

Monday\us-ss-204-all-about-community-helpers-powerpoint-and-quiz_ver_2 (1).pptx

It is the last week of our current topic so please watch the PowerPoint (which you will find uploaded to google classroom) and think about how all these people in our community help us. Now what we want you to do is to think about how we can make our community even better. We would like you to make a list of the shops and services we already have in Birchgrove. Perhaps you could go for a walk and take some photos or make a note of what there is. Or your grown up might be able to remember what there is if you can’t go there yourself. Alternatively, click on the link below to take you directly to the local area using Google earth and have a look at the shops on Caerphilly Road. It’s always great fun having a look around where you live!

A tally chart is a great way to record your information. It is very straightforward. We have done this before in school. Here is a short clip to remind you.

What do you think we need more of in Birchgrove? What is missing? Would you like a cinema? Or extra play areas? Or more sweet shops?? Use the sheet below to record your answers. Remember each tally mark is worth one, and then the fifth one is the ‘bar’ across the ‘gate’. There is space below the chart for you to draw what else you would like to see in Birchgrove. Or of course you can draw it straight on to a plain piece of paper. On google classroom there is an easy and quick activity for you to try. It's called Jamboard. Take a look and you can add any ideas you have by posting a virtual sticky note. Don't forget to add your name! Give it a try...

It’s story time. If you feel like having a quiet few minutes listen to this story all about shopping called The Shopping Basket by John Burningham, or another favourite of mine is Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O’Dowd.

Another game you can play is an oracy game. This can be played with just one other person or a few of you. eg.

You: I went to the shops and bought an apple.

Partner: I went to the shops and bought an apple and a bag of peas.

You: I went to the shops and bought an apple, a bag of peas, and a mop!

Each time, you add another item while repeating all the other things that have been bought and trying to say them in the same order. Sounds easy? Have a go.  How good is your memory? Perhaps you could record yourselves!!

Tuesday 9th February - Odd and Even Numbers (Miss West)

Today we’re going to learn all about our odd and even numbers. Our number cruncher friends can help us with these. First watch the power point with a grown up, then you can have a go at the different activities starting from mild all the way to our challenge at the end. Remember all of the facts for our odd and even numbers that we learnt in the power point to help with the questions.

Pob lwc!


Mild - Spin the number wheel to find a number. Can you sort the numbers into odd and even?

Hot - Odd and even numbers, true or false.

Spicy - Finish off the number sequences - are they odd or even? 

Challenge - Can you write your own rule to explain how we know a number is odd or even? 


Mild Activity Number Wheels:  (Number wheel to 20) (Number wheel to 50)


Self-assess using the traffic lights
Once you have finished doing your activities, have a go at colouring in the traffic lights which you will find at the bottom of the last worksheet to show us how you found it.

If you found the activity nice and easy and are ready for a bigger challenge, colour the green light in.

If you found the activity a bit tricky and needed some help, colour your traffic light in amber.

If you found the activity very tricky and needed lots of help, colour your traffic light in red,

Let us know why you chose the colour too!

Wednesday 10th February - Crossing the Road - Writing instructions (Miss West)

We love to go out and about and explore different places, but one thing that’s really important is that we know how to cross the road safely! Have a watch of the power point which you will find on google classroom, and then pop back here to find some fun activities for you to try.
Can you write your own instructions to help someone cross the road? You can use our word bank and sentence starters to help you.

Maybe you could teach them to your grown up too!

You could even practise them next time you’re out and about!

Cross safely Blwyddyn Un!


Learning Heroes

Once you have finished sequencing the instructions and writing your own instructions, I would like you to think about which learning hero you have been today?

Brainy Branwen, Decisions Dewi, Creative Cadi or Teamwork Twm?


Crossing the road – Safety poster


Why don’t you have a go at making your own safety poster to remind people how to cross the road safely! Remember to add our key words on the poster like stop, think, look and listen! Add some drawings too and make it look nice and bright and colourful.

Thursday 11th February- Literacy and numeracy

Blwyddyn 1 we need your help today! Sally, who owns the toy shop, has a problem sorting out all the new toys on her toy shelves. Where can she put them all? They all have a special place to sit. Read and listen to Sally’s letter here and see if we can follow her instructions to help to solve the problem.

toy shelf letter (spoken).mp4

Still image for this video

You can use the sheet provided to arrange the toys, or you could draw some shelves on a plain piece of paper. That would work just as well!  You will need 3 rows of shelves, one above the other.

We are going to be solving problems using (positional) language like next to, above, below, alongside, under etc. Follow the clues to arrange items in the toy shop (the toys are on the sheet below) .Remember to do them in the right order.  Please take a photo of your finished toy shelves and send it to us. As an extra challenge, you could design your own toy shop and include your favourite toys in it. Or give directions using similar words and language to place the toys in the correct place? Pob lwc and enjoy.

Friday 12th February

It’s time to get moving! There are a few options today, depending on your mood and energy levels, but it’s great to get moving…

PE - if you are feeling energetic then this is the one for you…

Or if you want to take a breath and go at a slightly slower, gentler pace, then this is for you…we know how much some of you love Minecraft! It’s Minecraft yoga today…

Or if you want to get the party started you might like to dance along to this great tune with KIDZ BOP kids!! Just a 4-minute warm up cardio.

Number of the week

How many different ways can you create the number 18? Remember, it could be the answer to the sum like 10 + 8 = 18. It could be the start to the sum too like 18 – 10 = 8.  Try adding more than two numbers together. What is 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 3? Yes, its 18. Watch the clip below.

The number 18

Still image for this video

Creative – how about making an emergency vehicle? This is going to use a particularly funky finger skill called weaving. Click on the link below to be shown what this looks like. Perhaps you would like to choose 2 bright colours like yellow and green, or blue and red? You will need to get some strips of coloured paper ready all the same size. This will probably need the help of a grown up with some of the fiddly cutting bits!

Phonics - the ee sound. Watch the short clip below and find out more about the ee sound.

Now perhaps you could do a mind map of words containing the ee sound and draw pictures and label them too. It could be really colourful, and we need to see them on the sheet, so in between your other work and sleep time, make sure you don’t sneeze or fall over and hurt your knee! Go on, be a busy bee!! 😊

Welsh - bwyd (food)

Watch this short clip to find out the Welsh names for some of our everyday food shopping items. Try and repeat the words and see if you can you remember them once the film has finished? Test yourself. Perhaps you could draw a picture of the foods shown (or your favourite ones) and label them in Welsh? Pob lwc pawb

Story time with Mrs Altameemi

Listen to the following story that Mrs Altameemi has narrated. Perhaps curl up on the sofa and have some quiet time. Enjoy your weekend 😊

Bore da blwyddyn un. Another week has passed, and we are thrilled at the wonderful work you are completing at home. We hope you are enjoying the activities as much as we are. Once again we have some super lessons for you this week. Remember to complete them when you can. Keep uploading the work to Google classroom and place it in the correct assignment folder. Thank you all for your continued support at home and keep smiling. Take a look below at this week’s activities. Please direct any queries to Mrs Rees this week.


Monday 1st February Literacy/ topic At the shops

I don’t know about you year 1 but we love to go shopping. There are so many types of different shops and they sell lots of different things. Today we will use the days of the week to write a shopping list.

First let us remind ourselves of the days of the week. Sing along to the song. Can you remember it ?

Listen to the PowerPoint and it will tell you what to do.

Now that you have watched the PowerPoint here is your activity. Start with Sunday and write a sentence about what you could buy, then go through the days of the week and write what you might buy and from where. Remember to sound out words and read back your work.

For example.

On Sunday I went to the butchers and I bought  tasty sausages.

On Monday I went to the shoe shop and  I bought a pair of blue shoes.

Use the pupil sheet below or write it out on paper. 

Tuesday 2nd February Numeracy - Whole, half and quarter turns (Miss West)


Today, Pip the Penguin and friends are going to help us learn all about whole, half and quarter turns! Have a watch of the video you will find on google classrooms to learn all about whole, half and quarter turns and then come back here to have a go at a few yourselves using the work sheet!

There are mild, hot and spicy challenges to have a go at.

If you’re feeling extra clever, you can even have a go at our big challenge using turns on a map. Have a watch of the challenge video on google classrooms and then answer the questions on the worksheet.

Pob lwc bawb, there are some tricky questions there!


If you would like to challenge yourself try this online coding activity.

Try and direct the rocket to each of the planets using the arrows. Remember to use your directions skills and look carefully so you know which way to turn the rocket. 


To access the activity...

Log into your Hwb account ( don't click on Google classrooms )

Click on  Just2easy 

Click on j2code

Click on jIT coding platform for KS1.

Once you are on the site have some fun moving the rocket around . Have a blast year 1.




Self-asses using the traffic lights
Once you have finished doing your activities, have a go at colouring in the traffic lights which you will find at the bottom of the last worksheet to show us how you found it.

If you found the activity nice and easy and are ready for a bigger challenge, colour the green light in.

If you found the activity a bit tricky and needed some help, colour your traffic light in orange.

If you found the activity very tricky and needed lots of help, colour your traffic light in red,

Let us know why you chose the colour too!

Wednesday 3rd February Literacy - Through the Keyhole

 (Miss West)

Today we are going to be looking through some magical keyholes and see what we can see behind them! Have a watch of the video that you will find on google classrooms with a grown up, and then come back here and use the worksheet to create your very own magical keyhole picture! Remember to use lots of adjectives like we talked about in the video to describe your picture. There is a word bank to help you think of some adjectives, along with some sentence starters to help you with your writing.
We can’t wait to see them!

Thursday 4th February Numeracy Word Problems

Bore da ! Today you will be learning to solve one step word problems. Word problems are little stories about maths that you can solve writing a sum. Listen to the PowerPoint and then have a go at solving the problems.

Now choose an activity. One has pictures to help you the other has words. Read the problem carefully then think what do you have to do? Is it an adding or take away sum? Remember if it is taking away you start with biggest number.

Friday 5th February Fun Friday. Phonics, PE, Art, Welsh, Number of the week

Literacy- Phonics sentences reading phase 2 3 and 4

Today we would like you to do some reading. Choose a phase and have a go. Remember to sound out, use the pictures to help you. When you have read the sentences choose yes or no. Did you get them right?

Choose a Phase for your reading book colour.


 Phase 3- Pink and Red 

Phase 4 – Yellow and Blue level

Phase 5 – Green, orange, turquoise, purple and gold.

Max the Champion by Mrs Jones   

This is a super story about Max. Listen as Mrs Jones reads it then complete the activity . You will find the story on Google classroom  under  Community Explorers w/b 1st February  .  

Numeracy- number of the week


Still image for this video

You have to think of as many ways as you can to make that number. You can do an adding sum or take away sum. You can challenge yourself and maybe add 3 numbers together.  Try and include some subtraction sums.

Your number of the week is 17.

Good luck and check your sums carefully.



Dance workouts.


If you want to burn off some energy try these dance workouts.

  • A short sharp Zumba dance





If you want something calmer try these super yoga workouts.


  • Yoga poses for children. 10 poses in a 13 minute activity from Cosmic Yoga.



Creative-cone people

We know you love to colour and make cone people. Here are some of people who help us in the community. Maybe you can colour a few and have a role play activity.

You can pretend you are one of the people who help us. Perhaps you are a fire fighter rescuing a kitten and then takes the kitten to the vet. Use your imagination and perhaps your family can join in.

Welsh - 

Today I am going to read Picnic Tedi Twt. You can listen to the story on your Google Classroom page . Go to Friday 5th February, the story is there. 

Follow as I read and then try and read the story by yourself. I hope you enjoy it. 







Week beginning 25th January (week 4)

Monday 25th

Bore da Blwyddyn 1 and welcome to your new week. Thank you for all your hard work last week. We particularly enjoyed reading all your “Who am I?” riddles and trying to work out who you were!  And your imaginary maps were amazing. Da iawn. We hope you are enjoying your new topic of Community Explorers and we would like you to have a go at the following activities. As always, choose which ones you would like to do, and when, and please remember to upload your work to google classroom so that we can have a look and make a comment on what you have done. Have a lovely week! Stay safe and enjoy your learning. This week Mrs Rees will be in school teaching and Mrs Watkins will be managing the home learning, so please direct any queries to Mrs Watkins. Diolch.




The 25th January is Dydd Santes Dwynwen in Wales. We watched a lovely video yesterday telling us the story of Dwynwen. Click on the link below to watch these reception children in North Wales acting out and explaining the story. Miss Davies has organised some activities based on this story, so have a look on google classroom and have a go! Enjoy.

Today’s task is to create a fact file about someone who helps us in the community. It could be a police officer, a lollipop person, a shopkeeper, a librarian, a firefighter, a nurse or anyone else who helps us. Have a look at the following PowerPoint to give you an idea of how different people in the community can help us. It’s an either-or game so you might be able to guess the answer before it appears! Have a think about who you would like to do your fact file on.


Now how do we go about setting it out.? Look at the template below to give you an idea. You can either print it out or draw some lines on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to draw a box for a picture. It will help to have some headings eg name of helper, their uniform or what they usually wear, what they do (how they help us) and where we might see or find them. The idea is to organise your information into different boxes so that it is organised and easy to read.

Remember to make it as attractive and interesting as possible so you could colour in the uniform, or a scene of where you might see them at work. eg. a fire station, a library, a school, a hospital, a shop, or a zebra crossing etc.


Tuesday 26th January

It’s time for a numeracy activity and we have got a bit of a puzzle for you today. You will need to be a number detective and investigate how to work this one out! It’s called number riddles. Follow the clues and see if you can work out the answer. It might help you to use a number line or a hundred square. They get progressively harder from mild, through hot, then on to spicy. Go on, challenge yourself today!  Here is a little teaser for you to try with your grownups.

Q. I add five to nine and get two. The answer is correct but how?? (answer at the bottom)

Watch the number line PowerPoint to remind you how we use one.

If you have enjoyed doing these and want even more of a challenge have a look at these number puzzles…and try a few…


The answer to the teaser above is 2 because if it is 9am and we add 5 hours it is then 2pm!1 Did you manage to work it out? da iawn if you did.

Wednesday 27th January

If you feel like listening to a story today here is a Welsh one for you. It’s called Tedi Twt yn siopa.

When I grow up


Have you ever thought about what you want to be when you grow up? Have a listen to our story ‘When I Grow Up’ to hear all about Annie’s ideas of what she may like to be when she grows up. You will find this video uploaded on google classroom and then come back and have a quick listen to the Power Point to see what you have to do! Once you have some ideas, we’d like you to write down what you want to be when you grow up using the template below. Don’t forget to design and colour in the person in the middle too! Pob lwc!  

Thursday, 28th January

Today we would like you to revisit fact families. If you remember we have looked at these in school, but they are really important and once you know how to do them it can help you with so much of your maths! So what does a fact family look like? There are always 4 number sentences involving just 3 numbers – 2 addition and 2 subtraction eg.

6 + 4 = 10      then we turn it around, so it looks like this…

4 + 6 = 10      then the largest number (10) always comes first when we are taking away

10 - 6 = 4      and then we turn it around again so it looks like this…

10 – 4 = 6

Now try the fact family problems on the worksheets. Remember, there are some easier ones and some trickier ones too. If you feel like a challenge, there is a sheet for you too (sheet 4)

If you want to have a go interactively then click on the link. You can make it as easy or challenging as you wish.

Friday 29th January

Bore da pawb, I hope you are all well and ready for another fun-filled Friday yet again!

Today there are phonics, the number of the week, a Welsh task about different types of houses, creative fun ideas and different ways to keep fit. Phew!

Number of the week

Today it is the number 20. Think of as many ways as you can to achieve that number – adding, taking away, even number riddles! You can challenge yourself and even add 3 numbers together. Record your answers either on a sheet of a paper, or on a chalkboard or white board.

the number 20 chatterpix

Still image for this video


Today’s sound is wh. Think of all the questioning words we use in class. Click on the link to listen to the wh song.

Who? What? Where? Why? When?  They all start with these two letters together (it’s called a digraph by the way). Can you put each of these words into a sentence and write them out? eg.

Who is the person who makes the most noise in your house?

What are you going to have for tea tonight?                                                

Where would you like to go on holiday?

Why are there so many worms in the garden?

When will we all be able to see each other again?


Have you noticed that these all begin with a capital ‘W’ as it is at the start of a sentence? And what is at the end? Yes, that’s right, a question mark ‘?’ rather than a full stop as we are asking questions.



How are you getting on with your keywords? Are you learning new ones every week? How many do you think you know now? Are you getting quicker? Don’t forget to keep practising and time yourself if possible.


This week’s funky fingers activity is to make your very own community hero’s hat! Watch the following clip to see how it can be made. If you haven’t got any paint you could always colour the paper plate using crayons or felt pens instead. You might need a grown up to help you with some of the cutting.

Welsh – Different types of houses – Ble wyt ti’n byw?


This week in Welsh we are learning all about the phrase ‘Ble wyt ti’n byw?’. Have a listen to the power point to find out what this means, and lots more too! Once you have finished listening, maybe you could ask one of your grown-ups or friends ‘Ble wyt ti’n byw?’ (you may have to help them out with the answer too!).


If you’re feeling energetic have a go at this fun workout for children – you can see a mum doing the exercises with her 2 boys.

(it’s about 20 mins long).

Cosmic Yoga

It’s lovely to be looking at pictures of places far away, especially those with blue seas, skies and plenty of sunshine; perhaps this cosmic yoga based on Moana will blow those wintry blues away. Get stretching and relaxing ready for the weekend.

Week 3 Week 18th January

Bore da pawb. We hope you enjoyed your first week of Community Explorers. We enjoyed seeing and reading your work. We saw lots of super writing and number work which shows us you have been practising your letter and number formation at home. Ardderchog, keep it up. We have more interesting activities for you to try this week. Remember do them when you can and upload them to Google classroom. Stay safe, take care and keep smiling. This week Mrs Watkins will be in school and Mrs Rees will be sorting next week’s online learning. Please can any queries be referred to Mrs Rees.


Monday 18th Jaunary

        Literacy / Topic - People who help us Who Am I Riddles ?

We all love a riddle. Go through the power point and listen to the information.

Your activity is to write 2 riddles about someone who helps us in the community.

Can you read them to someone in your family and can they work out who it is ?

Tuesday 19th January

Numeracy- adding and subtraction Number wheel.

Today you will be adding and taking away. Follow the power point and listen to the instructions. Then there is a fun activity for you to try.

Spin the number wheel until it stops. Then there are 3 activities for you to choose.

  1. Add 1 and take away 1 from the number
  2. Add 5 and take away 5 from the number
  3. Add 10 and take away 10 from the number.


Write the number sentences (sums) out neatly.

Can you do 10 different numbers from the number wheel ?


Wednesday 20th January

Numeracy- Maps directions


Today we are going to be learning about maps and directions! Have a listen to the PowerPoint with an adult and have a go at the different activities. Can you try our super challenge activity and write some directions of your own? Remember to keep checking your compass when answering any questions to make sure you have the right directions!

Pob lwc!



Map Design


We all love being creative, so I would love you to have a go at designing your very own map! It can be of somewhere you know or somewhere imaginary, make sure you give it a name to tell us where it is! Can you include all the different things that we are asking on your map? Can you add some of your own too? We can’t wait to see them!

Thursday 21st January

Literacy – Comprehension Charlie the Fire Fighter.

This is a super book about Charlie the Fire fighter. Listen as I read it and try and read with me.  Then answer the questions, there is a challenge if you would like to have a go.

Charlie the fire fighter with audio.mp4

Still image for this video

Friday 22nd January Fun Friday

Literacy- Phonics Initial sounds word hunt

Spin the wheel . When it stops that will be your letter to use in your word hunt. Look around your house how many words can you find. Or can you think of your own words starting with that letter ? How many can you find ? 

Numeracy- number of the week



Still image for this video

You have to think of as many ways as you can to make that number. You can do an adding sum or take away sum. You can challenge yourself and maybe add 3 numbers together.  Can you use  subtraction sums as well?

Your number of the week is 15.

Good luck and check your sums carefully.



Creative- Make a house

This is a great activity. We would like you to get creative and use your imagination. Can you make a house ? You can use anything you would like. Have a look at the ideas on the power point and listen to the explanation. There is a printable house if you want to use it as well.  We look forward to seeing your designs.


Cosmic Yoga- Joybob the polar bear.

It may be wintry outside but this yoga session will warm you up. You could do it in your onesie to make you feel even more cosy.


HIIT for children

Wear yourselves out with these energetic exercises. I am sure they will have you puffing and panting.


Welsh -colours

Play the colour games to help you remember your colours in Welsh.

Then make a colour wheel in Welsh. Colour it in neatly and label the colours in Welsh .

Tedi Twt ar y fferm

Listen as I read the book. Can you follow as I read? Can you try reading it on your own?


Tedi twt.mp4

Still image for this video






Bore da year 1. Hope you had a super weekend. Today we start our new topic Community Explorers, very exciting. We have lots for you to do again this week. We hope you enjoy the activities and remember to pick and choose and do them when it suits you. All the work will be on the website, but now you can upload any work you have completed to the Hwb and Google classrooms. Use your login and follow the tutorial if you have any difficulty.  Here is the link


Thank you.

Community Explorers

Monday 11th January

Literacy / Topic- Where Am I ?

Welcome to our community. Listen to the song on the powerpoint.

Then listen to the instructions and go through the power point. At the end we will tell you what to do and there is a fun activity for you to try.

We would like you to write sentences about Birchgrove. Think about what you saw in the power point or on the virtual tour.  Remember to use a capital letter and fullstop and keep your letters on the line.

Sentence starters to use

In Birchgrove there is

In Birchgrove there are

We have

There are lots of

We can see

We can hear



Perhaps you can write some of your own sentences. Go on have a go. 

Tuesday 12th January


Numeracy-Number Patterns 

This week’s activity is number patterns. Listen to the explanation on the power point and then complete the activity. There are 2 activities, can you challenge yourself and try both ?  Why not try the extension activity and explain the pattern . 

Wednesday 13th January

Literacy / Topic- likes and dislikes

As we are learning about our community, we would like you to have a think about things that you like, and things that you don’t like about Birchgrove. Listen carefully to the PowerPoint with an adult and have a think about some different things you may like or dislike and then use the table to write down your answers in the correct column. Don’t forget to use your capital letters at the start of the sentence and remember your finger spaces between words!

Thursday 14th January

Literacy/ Topic- Places in our community

Today you will learn about places we might see in our community. Go through the power point and listen to the slides.

True or False.

Write out these sentences in your neatest handwriting. Write True or False next to them. Make sure you keep your writing on the line and the descender letters p, g j and q go below the line.

We go to primary school when we are 5

We buy meat in the post office.

We buy bread at the bakery.

We catch trains at the bus stop.

We go to the shops when we are ill.



Can you write 2 true and 2 false sentences of your own ?



Literacy -Key words

Practice reading your keywords as you do in school. If you can read them practice writing them out. You can write them in rainbow colours or in sand or in the garden.

Play the online game Sighties- listen to the word then click on it as fast as you can.

Numeracy- Number of the week

 You have to think of as many ways as you can to make that number. You can do an adding sum or take away sum. You can challenge yourself and maybe add 3 numbers together. 


Still image for this video

Your number of the week is 12.

Good luck and check your sums carefully.


We love seeing Year 1 jumping about and trying out their yoga poses. Here are some links for you to get moving to.

Cosmic Yoga

Reach for the Stars. As Birchgrove Stars you are very special. This Cosmic Yoga tell us to follow our dreams and stay positive. A very good idea at the moment. Go on year 1 reach for the stars.

Dance Workout

If you like Minions you will love this dance workout, Get the whole family involved, maybe dress up as a minion or in minion colours. Have fun !

Creative. Colour Mixing

Follow the link and practice your colour mixing. Then have some fun painting the bowl of fruit using your colour mixing skills. You will need to copy and paste the link for it to work.



Try and sing this song about colour mixing, Can you learn it off by heart ?

Colour Mixing Song.mp3

Spring Term. January 2021

Hello Year 1.

Mrs Rees will be teaching in the actual classroom this week for key worker children, with Mrs Watkins managing online teaching.

Could the parents of children in 1R please send any queries or work to Mrs Watkins via Dojo, thank you.

We will be setting activities to be completed at home. The same activities will be taught in school. 

Here is the home learning for this week. Each day we will put on your activities. If you can't print out the sheets you can do your work on paper, so don't worry. We hope you are all well and we look forward to seeing you as soon as we can. 

Friday 8th January

Odd one out.

We know how much year 1 like the odd one out activity. It is great fun and a good way of generating a discussion. 

Listen to the Chatterpix and try the activitiy. There is no need to print it out.




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Number of the week. 

Each week we will put on a number of the week. Listen to the Chatterpix it will explain what to do. 


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Thursday 7th January


Reading comprehension- Jack and the Beanstalk.

We know how much you love to read and listen to a story. Below is the story of Jack and the beanstalk.  We would like you to read it with a grown up or maybe you can read it by yourself. Then there are some questions to answer about the story. If you can’t remember the story go back and re-read it find the answers. Remember to answer in a full sentence and start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.



Greater than less than

Today you will use crocodile mouth in maths. Yes crocodile mouths. You will be learning about which number is greater than and which number is less than.

Look at the picture below. When the mouth is wide open it points to the biggest number.

Follow the power point to help you understand which sign to use.

As you click on each new slide you will hear my voice. I will explain what to do. 

Now complete the activity putting in the missing signs. Remember the wide mouth pints to the biggest number.


Listen to the song about the colours

Now you are going to learn how to mix the 3 primary colours ( yellow, red and blue ) to make secondary colours.

What  2 colours make green ?

What 2  colours make orange ?

What 2 colours make purple ?

What colour do you make with all 3 colours ?

Click on the link below and make the secondary colours.

Try and colour this portrait on line. Test you use of colour and your mouse skills. Click on the colour you want to use and paint the portrait. Have fun 1



Wednesday 6th January

Happy Wednesday pawb! We hope you enjoyed your first day of online learning. Here are your activities for today. Enjoy. Take your time and do them when you want to.


At the start of a New Year it is custom to create New Year’s Resolutions. Have a think and a chat with your mum and dad as to what you would like to do differently or change. It might be a new challenge or a hobby, to improve at something or just something fun.

On the star write about your new year’s resolution and keep it somewhere safe to remind yourselves. Maybe your family can do one as well.

Here are some ideas....

To go to bed on time.

To take more exercise.

To count up and down to 100.

To tidy my bedroom.

To eat more fruit and vegetables.

Can you think which ones the grown ups in year 1 might choose ?


 Today you are going to be learning about natural and man-made light. Miss West has created a lovely challenge to follow up on your electricity topic. Click on the power point link and follow the instructions. Listen carefully with an adult and see if you can answer the questions.  When you have finished the power point your activity is to sort the picture below into 2 groups. 


 Can you challenge yourself and sort them into 2 groups but some may be natural and man made.  They will belong in the middle part of the 2 circles. 

Can you draw some of your own light sources and add them as well ?




Today you will be using the sh  th  ch  and  ng  sounds.

Read the sentences in the link below. Remember to sound out carefully and use the pictures to help you.  Can you go on a sound hunt in your house ? How many other words with these sounds can you find or can you think of?  Practice spelling them, sound them out and remember to clap the syllables.   

Try the online game. Find the words by scrolling across and help the alien fill up his spaceship petrol tanks. Read the word carefully and say it out loud.

Tuesday 5th January.


Bore da pawb a blwyddyn newydd dda.

Hello everyone and happy new year.

We hope you had a super holidays and had lots of fun.  

Today’s activities are listed below.

1.  Literacy

My Christmas Holidays.

 As you are at home we would love you to tell us about everything you did over the Christmas holiday.

 Choose one of the activities below and write about what you did, what presents you had and anything else you enjoyed. Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and end with a full stop.  Make sure you form your letters correctly and they sit on the line.



2. Numeracy

Missing numbers and the 100 square.

Practice counting up from different numbers. Start at 3 and count to 30. Start and 12 and count to 40. How far can you count ?

Can you count to 100 ?

Now look at the worksheets below. Choose one to complete. Fill in the missing numbers.

3. P.E

Cosmic Yoga –Mine craft

We know you love Cosmic Yoga, here is a super Minecraft treat.










Home Learning 

Hello year 1.

Hope you are super excited for Christmas. To help you get in the Christmas spirit we have lots of fun Christmas activities for you to do. If you can’t print them off use paper.

There are 5 folders for you to try out. Each one has lots of Christmas fun for you to try. They are the Stars below. 

Choose different activities from the different folders, you can decide what to do. But try and choose a mix from all 4 (Literacy, Maths, Christmas Stories and PE ). The folder Christmas Games is for you to enjoy when you have done your work. There is also the School Council Christmas jumper competition. Take a look below.    

You can send work or contact us via our e mail ( OR ) or via dojo messages.

We hope you enjoy doing them. Have a super, fun filled Christmas holiday. Take care we will see you in 2021.

Nadolig Llawen i chi a Blwydden Newydd Dda !


Message from King Sparkle

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School Council Christmas Jumper Competition. 


The School Council is running a 'Design a Christmas Jumper' competition this year to see who can create the most fun and exciting jumper. The deadline for entries has been extended to January 7th and if you would like to take part you need to return your design to the School Office by then with 50p. Good luck!

Reading Resources

Please click on the documents below to access the first 300 key words which your child can practise reading and spelling.


We have also attached a generic list of popular children's books which have been colour banded. 

Useful Home Learning Websites



  • Phonics PlayFun activities and games to help your child with reading and writing



  • Phonics BloomFun phonic games and activities- choose phases 3-5


  • ICT GamesA variety of games to support literacy and maths


  • TopmarksA variety of games to support literacy and maths skills


  • TwinklA useful website for downloading a variety of games and activities (currently offering free access to parents)