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Easter Holiday

Week 1


The Year 6 team would like to thank all parents and carers for supporting the children to complete many of the tasks we have set over the past two weeks.

During the Easter holiday we are going to set a number of different tasks that you can pick and choose to complete as and when you wish. 


Art Task

Both Year 6 classes are familiar with 'Rhiannon art.' We would like you to create an 'Easter inspired' piece of art in Rhiannon's style. Think about what Easter means to you and let your creative juices flow. You could include:-

  • Easter bunnies
  • Chocolate Eggs
  • Easter hunt clues
  • Religious emblems

We would love for you to share these with us via twitter. 


Literacy Task

A blog has been set which also has an Easter theme. Log on to find out your challenge. We will look forward to reading and commenting on these over the next two weeks.


Maths Task

It is really important that you continue to achieve your 2500 points on Matheletics. New challenges have been set.



We will continue to add to these tasks. If any of you have any ideas that you would like to do, feel free to email us and we can share your ideas on here with your year group. 

Happy Easter Year 6

Mrs Hughes and Mr Volk.





Bore da!


We have finally made it to the end of our second week! Da iawn everyone for being so patient - you are real Birchgrove Super Stars :) 


The answers to yesterdays challenges have been uploaded along with today's work.


Have a lovely weekend!


Bore da Blwyddyn 6!


It's lovely to see that  a few more of you have signed up to the app 'Flipgrid'. It's a perfect way to interact with friends and your class teacher. 


The answers to yesterdays tasks are below and today's work is ready for you to complete. Please try and complete at least one task daily! 


Who guessed 'Seven' as the answer to yesterdays riddle? Why don't you  tweet yours or share them through Flipgrid!


Have a lovely day!



Bore da and Happy Wednesday to you all!


Today's challenges have been uploaded along with the answers to yesterdays . We hope that they are keeping you busy.  Your Kidsblogs are looking really good too! Keep them coming in :) 


How many of you have tried the football 'Loo Roll Challenge'? You can find it in the 'Whole School' section under 'PE'. Have a go and remember to share them with us on our Twitter page. We look forward to seeing them!!


The answer to yesterdays riddle was the letter 'M'!


Try this one...

 I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?


Comprehension and Maths Investigation - Tuesdays Answers

Mrs Hughes has checked the matheletics scores and she is pleased with lots of the results although some pupils from both 6V and 6H have not completed the tasks set or achieved any points. More tasks have now been set and you should try to achieve a minimum of 2500 points. Diolch. 




Bore da! 


We are missing you all so much and hope that you are keeping well!


How good is the new app 'Flipgrid' that Mrs Miles has set up! Please don't be shy, we would love for you to come and say 'Hi':) 


The answers for yesterdays tasks are below along with today's tasks. Football lovers, we know you'll enjoy the comprehension task. 


Yesterdays answer to the riddle was 'Your fingers'! Today's riddle is...


What happens once in a lifetime, twice in a moment, but never in one hundred years?




Bore da Blwyddyn 6!!


We hope that you have had a lovely weekend. Did you complete the Pentominoe challenge? Mr Volk is still trying to complete his!! 


Your daily Comprehension and Maths Investigation challenges are below along with the answers for The Benie. 


How many of you guessed Saturdays riddle? That's correct, it was a 'towel'. Here is today's...


 When things go wrong, what can you always count on?


Remember to download Flipgrid ready for your exciting challenges!


Comprehension - Saturdays Answers


Hello Year 6!


We have uploaded a comprehension piece and a maths investigation to keep you busy over the weekend. Maybe could time yourself when trying to complete the maths investigation, challenge someone at home and see who has the best time. We would love to see your videos of this on Twitter - The Pentomino Challenge! 



Did you like yesterdays riddle? How many of you guessed the answer as 'a sponge'


Here is today's riddle...


What becomes wetter the more it dries?


Have a lovely weekend!






We are going to be using FlipGrid for some exciting tasks.


You will need to log in with your HWB log ins, then you can make a short video where you just say Hello 😊


A how to guide is available here


Friday is finally here!!


We are so proud of all the work you are completing whilst being off. Your daily maths and comprehension challenges are below along with yesterdays answers for you to check. 


How about a riddle to get your brain working?


*** What is full of holes but still holds water?***



Comprehension and Maths challenge - Thursday Answers

Bore da!


Another beautiful day today. We have loved reading your KidsBlogs - please keep them coming in. Your daily comprehension and maths challenges have are below, and the answers will be uploaded tomorrow. We would love to see some photos of you working hard so don't forget to tweet them to our Twitter page. 

Daily comprehension and Maths challenge


Bore da Blwyddyn 6, 


We hope that you are keeping busy with the work we have been setting. Below is your daily comprehension and maths investigation challenge.  Please don't forget that you also need to be completing your KidsBlog, Mathletics and research task. We are sure that these will keep you busy for now!


Mr Volk and Mrs Hughes 

Maths Investigation - Super Hero

Comprehension - Plebeian Housing

Comprehension - Patrician Housing

Hello Blwyddyn 6! 

We hope you have recovered after a fabulous week at Morfa Bay. Below is some work that we have put together to keep you occupied.


Don’t forget to tweet some pictures of you working hard to our school Twitter page!! 

Mr Volk and Mrs Hughes 


Maths Investigations

Maths Investigation - World Cup

Comprehension -Shark Attack

Research Project


We would love for you to choose an aspect of our topic, 'Gods and Gladiators,' and create a presentation that you can send to us via our emails. We would like you to research and present about something that you are interested in and want to find out more about. We will look at these once they are sent and respond to you as soon as we can. Happy researching. Mrs Hughes and Mr Volk. 


6H -

6V -