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Your teachers in school have been very busy getting things ready for you to come back to school next week. Things are going to look and be a little different but there's no need for you to worry. Your teachers will be there waiting for you with a big smile and wanting to hear about the wonderful things which you have been doing since we last saw you. One thing for sure is that we are going to have fun! We're really looking forward to seeing you again! 

Below are some pictures of your classrooms. For the next few weeks, we will be staying in our own rooms but we will be using the outdoor space as much as we can.


If some of you are feeling a little bit anxious about returning to school after such a long time away, then have a look at this short story which might help you feel a bit better about coming back, and all the different ways you can say hello, have fun and greet your friends. 

Thursday 21st May 2020


Hello Parents / Carers, 

First of all we just wanted to thank you for your support in these unprecedented times. We know you are all super busy and we really appreciate the time you are taking to help your children and send us updates of their work. 


We've just uploaded a document below, written by Cardiff Educational Psychology Service.

There are a few tips and useful reminders in there about home learning. 


The most important message we can give is that whatever you are doing and however you are managing this time, you are doing a FANTASTIC job. 


We really miss all of the children, 

Best wishes, 

The Year 1 team

Why not visit the Whole School Challenge page (click here) if you would like to do a different activity than those below. 


Mrs Martin has asked us to point you all to The Den (click here), there are lots of great ideas here each week, to try and help you whilst at home to keep your mental health and well being in tip top condition! 


Click here for the Whole School Art challenges.


Click here for the Birchgrove Buzz - send in your pictures, photos, jokes, reviews and messages ready for the next issue.

Dear parents, guardians and children,

Below is an overview of the home learning activities that will be provided weekly. We hope this helps, so that at a glance you can see what areas of learning are being covered. The range of activities will vary weekly. We are trying to keep the amount of printed activities to a minimum to help with ease of access. We would like to thank you for your continued support at home.  Stay safe and take care.


The Year 1 Team  








Topic work.

Literacy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, ICT,  Creative and P.E based activities.






An online book with a follow up activity.



Number of the week.

Maths investigation



Art and craft activity.


Literacy,Numeracy Welsh

Phonics activity. Learn Its, Big Maths challenge. Welsh sentence practi

Home Learning information



We are going to be using FlipGrid for some exciting tasks.


You will need to log in with your HWB log ins, then you can make a short video where you just say Hello 😊


A how to guide is available here

For a variety of fun home learning tasks

please click on the star above. These will be updated regularly.


You can catch up with any of these activities from the week in your own time. Please don't feel that you have to do everything every day, your mums and dads and carers are all busy, especially the fantastic key workers out there, so we all have to help each other.


For generic websites and resources please find the links below.


  Take care and stay safe,


The Year 1 Team

Fun, practical activities which could be completed at home:


  • Den building
  • Painting, drawing, junk modelling
  • Baking/ cooking
  • Puzzles and games
  • Gardening


Don't forget to take a photo of activities/ creations and tweet or email them to your class teacher!


Cosmic Yoga -Pokeman Adventure

We know year 1 love this activity, they are very good at it as well. Enjoy. 

Reading Resources

Please click on the documents below to access the first 300 key words which your child can practise reading and spelling.


We have also attached a generic list of popular children's books which have been colour banded. 

Useful Home Learning Websites