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If your child is unable to attend school and is well enough to complete some school work, we have some suggested activities below.




Monday 20th September 



Children should be encouraged to read a range of texts daily. They should complete an additional book review this week on their favourite book or chapter. Remember you do not have to be limited to reading just your school reading book - it could be a book of your own, comic or online text. 


If you would like to access additional books online 'Reading Eggs' has a free 30-day trial for children to access. Click here for the link. 



We are currently setting up spelling groups in school and children will be sent details next week. If you are at home and would like to 'brush-up' on your spellings a great place to start is with your key words. Below you will find the link to the first 100 and next 200 key word lists. Please choose a sensible number of words to learn this week, we suggest no more than 10 or 12. You will be sent your official spelling list to learn at the end of next week.


First 100 key words - click here 

Next 200 key words - click here 





My Maths is now ready to go! Children will be sent their individual log-ins (via email) so they can access the homework that has been set for this week. You should receive an email by the end of today. Once they have completed their tasks on My Maths, they can play the different games on offer.


In addition, we have been learning about Place Value. Use the links below to develop these skills at home. 


BBC Bitesize - Place Value 

Watch the video clips about place value and complete the quiz. Click here for the link. There are also lots of other useful videos to watch and activities to complete to help develop your skills: 


What is place value?
Writing 3 digit-numbers

Ordering numbers

Recognising place value 

Comparing numbers




For a selection of place value game click here


Mental Maths 

It is important in Year 3 children have a rapid recall of basic number facts which include; number bonds, doubling, halving and multiplication. Play the game 'Hit the Button' to help develop your recall. Click here for the link. 







In school we have been revising 'feelings' and 'body parts' in Welsh. Watch the videos and have a go at asking the people in your house how they are feeling (sut wyt ti?) and play a game of 'simon-says' for body parts! Click on the links below for videos on these two topics. 


Welsh - Feelings - click here 

Welsh - Body part - click here 




Art & Design 

Mrs Morgan has also asked us to remind the children about the Mosaic competition - to design a new mosaic for the school to celebrate our 125th anniversary. A letter explaining this competition was emailed out to parents last week. 




For those that are poorly we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you when you are better. 



Many thanks 

Year 3 Team