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Hello Everyone, 


Over the next few weeks in class we will be learning the following songs smiley in preparation for Christmas in Reception. 


Here is the following link for Starry Night


Enjoy learning them at home smiley






Hello Everyone smiley


On this page you will find homework for your children to complete over Half Term smiley. For this we will be using HWB and the platform J2 Launch - Can I just remind everyone this is a closed platform which needs a password for access and is very secure. Every child now has their own folder so any work that has been completed can now be saved. Teachers are able to view this homework - Please remember after every piece of work you click SAVE. 


On this page under the icon Phonics we have added all of the sounds which have been taught in class with the Jolly Phonics song to match. The icon Key Words has the words we are currently learning in class. The icon Spell Blast - is an app through J2 Launch which can help with the teaching of phonics and blending of CVC words.


The remaining Icons are the homework for your children to completesmiley