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Week Beginning 8th March


It was so lovely to see everyone's entries for the Eisteddfod last week, winners were announced on the Twitter and school Dojo feed. Certificates will be given out in school when the pupils return. We really enjoyed marking your St. David's Day jigsaws about yourselves and everything that is important to you in your local area, Cardiff and Wales.  Many children signed up to the Ocean Superheroes Webinar about seagrass and how important it is for the health of our oceans, well done and thank you.


As you will know, this week you have 4 days of home learning as teachers prepare for your return on Monday, 15th March.  Attached is a timetable, all work is in Google Classroom.  We continue with our work on fractions in maths.  We have listened to your pupil voice ideas in FlipGrid and have already started to incorporate these into your lessons.  This week there is a reading comprehension about Sir David Attenborough, you will find about the different layers in the ocean and there is a visit to a virtual aquarium.  Finally we'd like you to research and write a fact file about a sea creature of your choice.  


The well-being meetings will be on Wednesday as usual, this week's quiz will be on our Robot Rampage topic. Don't forget to bring a pen and paper. Mrs Bertelli will be overseeing the online learning and Miss Broughton will be in the school hub.


We hope you have a lovely week and are very much looking forward to your return on the 15th.


The Year 4 Team.

Week Beginning Monday 1st March 




Welcome to another busy week! We hope you enjoyed the introduction to our new context Blue Planet. We enjoyed listening to and reading your ideas for this new context and we are hoping to include as many of your ideas as we can. 


It is St David's Day tomorrow and we will celebrate in a different way this year, but we hope you will join us in wearing either Welsh costume, Welsh teams, or house colours to mark the day and our virtual Eisteddfod. We enjoyed viewing your entries (you are a very talented lot and your pets!) and Mrs Jones will be posting the results throughout the day on twitter. 


This week, we will be continuing our Blue context, starting with a live lesson with the Marine Conservation Society on Monday morning (please see link below - you will need to register before hand to access the lesson). Don't worry if you miss the webinar, it will be recorded and uploaded at a later date. 


Many of you suggested doing a litter pick/ litter survey so we have planned this in for Tuesday, but remember you can do these activities on the days that best suit you. The timetable is below, please try to complete the maths activities in order as they build on previous knowledge. 


Mrs Bertelli is supporting the online learning this week and hosting the well being meetings on Wednesday and is available through dojo or email if you have any questions.


Don't forget it is parents' Evening Wednesday and Thursday, please sign up for an appointment if you haven't already done so. Mrs Miles has sent tutorials and guides through dojo. We are looking forward to seeing you. 


The Year 4 Team. 




Weekly timetable - 1/3/21

Week Beginning 22nd February

Welcome back and we hope you had a lovely half term break.  Firstly, we would like to thank you for all your support with the home learning, we truly appreciate your efforts in these difficult times.  We had a lovely end to last half-term with the Joke Jamboard full to bursting with the children’s favourite jokes.  Our Robot Rampage context drew to a close and the children had the opportunity to reflect on their learning on the Robot Rampage Jamboard. The Iron Man literacy work, robotic hands & models and mini Science Museums all proved popular.   


Our new context is called ‘Blue Planet’, it is all about the ocean and the creatures that live in it.  We also consider how humans can help make the ocean a safer and cleaner place for all creatures, including ourselves! We will contribute to a project called Plastics Plastics Everywhere!  The project focuses on teaching children how plastics get into the environment and what we can do to stop plastic pollution. 


As St. David's Day approaches, Eisteddfod this year is looking very different and entries are submitted via Flipgrid.  A letter with information about the Eisteddfod was emailed to parents and there is a copy in Google Classroom. Entries need to be in by 3.30pm on Wednesday, 24th February.  Best of luck with your entries!


As usual this week’s timetable is below.  All lessons are on Google Classroom.  Please join us for registration at 9.30am each day.  The Well-Being Meetings continue on a Wednesday at the usual times.  You can find the links in your Calendar.


Miss Broughton is supporting the home learning this week and is available through Dojo or email if you have any queries.


We look forward to hearing the children’s ‘Pupil Voice’ lesson ideas for our new context in Flipgrid.


The Year 4 Team

Week beginning 8th February


Thank you Year 4, we thoroughly enjoyed touring your Science Museums and reading your Beast creations. This week as we head towards half term, we will be reaching the end of the Iron Man and comparing the novel with the film The Iron Giant. We are setting you the challenge of making your own Iron Man ( you may need some adult supervision for this activity) and Mrs Bertelli has set you a fun activity where you can write virtual post it notes telling us about the activities you have enjoyed over the past few weeks. You will be able to see each other's notes as they are posted. 


There are two special events that we would like you to take part in this week.



On Tuesday 9th February at 11:00am  CBBC and BBC Teach will be hosting a live lesson for Safer Internet Day. In this 30-minute Live Lesson (in partnership with the UK Safer Internet Centre), aimed at primary-aged students and linked to the primary computing curriculum, we will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world, with tips and advice from some of the biggest personalities on the web.


Please click this link to find out more information.


Our Second special event is a live event with the author Michael Morpurgo on Thursday 11th February at 1:30pm. Thank you to one of our parents for passing on the information to this exciting event. We have signed up Yr 4 to this event so you can access it at home as well as in school. Please click on the pdf below to find out more information about this event. 



Finally, the timetable for the week is below. 

Mrs Bertelli is supporting the home learning this week and is available through dojo and email if you have any queries. 


We look forward to seeing your work, especially your Iron Man inspired creations. Have a great week. 

The Year 4 Team. 


Week Beginning 1st February                                                

Well you were all busy bees last week, we loved all the of 'robotic hands', and every single one worked!  This week we would like you to go on a virtual school trip to the Science Museum in London and then create your own mini museum.  We continue to read the Iron Man and focus on adjectives.  In maths our work on division has finished and we move onto area.


This week is 'Children's Mental Health Week 2021', the theme is 'Express Yourself'.  Mrs Martin has made an assembly for you to watch and there's a task on FlipGrid, information regarding this will follow.  There are some 'Well-Being' colouring sheets available to print off in Just2Easy.


The timetable for this week is below, all the lessons are in Google Classroom in Hwb.


Morning registration will be at 9.30am. To join, go to your classroom in Google Classroom, click on the 'waffle' in the top right of the page, then click on 'Meet' and this will take you straight to your meeting. To check your Well-Being meeting time, look in 'Calendar'. 


Miss Broughton will oversee the Home Learning for this week. Please contact her via Dojo if you have any queries. 


Mrs Broughton and Mrs Bertelli

Week Beginning 25th January 


Below is a timetable for the week to give you an overview of the tasks set for each day.  All work as you now know is set in Hwb and can be found in Google for Education. 


Mrs Bertelli will oversee the Home Learning for this week. If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact her via dojo or email. 


Morning Registrations -  As many of you now know morning registration is at 9.30am.  To join the meeting, log in to Hwb and go to your class in Google for Education.  Click on the waffle symbol in the top right corner, choose 'Meet', your link should be there ready for you. 


For more information with regards Hwb and Google for Education please visit our school's ICT Help page. 


We hope you all enjoy the week ahead and look forward to hearing from you. 

Week Beginning - 18th January


Thank you for all the fantastic work that you have been busy completing at home. You have made a brilliant start to using Google classroom - we are all learning together! Da iawn pawb!  Thank you parents too as we know that it's not always easy to juggle work commitments with this new way of life. 


It was lovely to see so many of you last Wednesday and I know Mrs Bertelli is looking forward to seeing you next week. Mrs Miles has been working very hard to try and make it even more efficient this week. Please make sure you have watched all her tutorials on how to access these meetings.  (These have been sent via Dojo) 


Below is a timetable for the week to give you an overview of the activities set for each  day in School, so that if your child is accessing the Hub provision on certain days you know which activities not to do at home. We would suggest that you follow the order of the activities as they often build on skills from previous lessons, we will also know which tasks to mark first. Scroll down to see some interesting events that are taking place next week that you might also like to get involved in. 


Once work has been marked, we will return it to you. Please read the comments which have been left. You only need to resubmit work if there is a correction or if you need to respond to a comment left by your teacher. 

Weekly Timetable - w/b 18th January



The Marine Conservation Society are holding a live webinar on 19th January at 10:00am and looks at some of the fascinating underwater habitats found in the UK. Mrs Bertelli and I think this sounds really interesting and will link in perfectly with our next context Blue Planet and the ongoing Plastics Project that the school is involved in.  There will be some follow up activities after the session. You will need to get an adult to register for you. Let us know if you get involved we would love to hear more about it. Click on the picture above to visit their website. 

The National Marine Aquarium are delivering live lessons on You tube every Friday - you can watch these sessions at any point during the week and watch at your convenience. These lessons will be really useful for our next context Blue Planet and links into our ongoing Plastic, Plastic Everywhere project. Click on the picture below to visit the website. 


Week Beginning - Monday 11th January 


From Monday 11th January our home learning will be moving to Google Classroom. We will still 

be using J2E for some of the activities, but Google classroom will hopefully make it easier for the pupils to 'hand in' their work for us to view, comment on and share feedback. 


Below is a timetable for the week to give you an overview of the activities set for each day in School, so that if your child is accessing the Hub provision on certain days you know which activities not to do at home. We would suggest that you follow the order of the activities as they often build on skills from previous lessons, however if you are working through them at home you can choose when to do them as long as they are completed by the end of the week.


For further information on how to access Google classroom please click here


Thank you for your continued support


Miss Broughton and Mrs Bertelli  


Weekly Timetable - 11.1.21

                    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


Firstly we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. We have organised your home learning tasks for you to be getting on with for the week. Remember those pupils attending school will be completing the tasks in the school setting.

Most of your tasks are on J2E where you can find the links and information in more detail. To make it easier to keep track of the different activities, we have allocated the activities as homework. Once you log into Hwb, go to the homework tab to access the different tasks. Click completed to hand in the piece of work. We hope this will make it easier to access the tasks. Don't worry if you have already completed some activities we can still access your files to mark your work. 


As Mrs Bertelli will be in the year 4 hub, please email any completed work to Miss Broughton.

Any queries, please direct them to Miss Broughton via email : or via dojo. 


Bore da Blwyddyn 4 

Here are the activities and links for the next few days. You can pick and choose when you want to do them. Some of the activities have been set through your Hwb account, remember to save each piece of work on Hwb so we can see what you have been doing. 


Don't forget you can email us photos of your work via Dojo or on the emails below.