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Easter Holidays

Hello Reception Stars!  Hope you are all well and staying safe.  Here are some fun activities to keep you busy during the holidays. 

Hopefully the good weather will continue so you will get to have some fresh air! Have you tried the Spring Yoga yet?

 Easter Card

Make an Easter card for a member of your family.  This idea only needs a finger print and then you can add your own decoration!

Coin sorting

Ask a grown up for some coins. (1p-10p coins)  Look carefully at the shape, size and colour.  Can you sort the coins?

Mail a hug

As we will be separated from friends and family over the Easter period, maybe you could post them a hug.

Use a large piece of paper to draw around your head, shoulders and arms.  Cut out and decorate.  Fold and place in an envelope to post to a loved one.


The educational website Twinkl has free membership this month. Here are some Easter themed activities for when the weather is not so good.

Don't forget to look at the websites we have included on our Home Learning page if you want to continue to practise some maths and literacy skills. Or catch up with some of the last 2 weeks challenges.

Topmarks maths

Phonics play

Phonics Bloom


Have a good week! Happy Easter!

Mrs Barrett, Mrs Couper and Mrs Jones.

Friday April 3rd 2020

Bore da ffrindiau! What a busy week you've been having- we've really enjoyed watching your Flipgrid videos and reading your emails, they've cheered us up! 


Here's a few more challenges to keep you going.....


Make a shape!

You will need some straws/lolly sticks/twigs from the garden/pencils- whatever you can find that can make the straight sides of a triangle, square and rectangle! What other shapes can you make? If you want to challenge yourself you can try to fit the shapes together. This is called tessellation.

Did you join in with the alphabet song yesterday? Today make an alphabet list! Try and find or think of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Draw or write your idea next to the letter. 


The weather looks like it will be nicer and a bit warmer soon, so how about trying some spring yoga?  You can do this in your garden or inside.



How are you getting on with your 30 day Lego challenge? Haven't seen any on Twitter for awhile Reception! wink


Have a lovely weekend! It's the Easter holidays next week! We'll post some fun ideas soon to keep you busy!

Remember to help your families by putting your toys away and tidying up!

Stay at home, stay safe and wash your hands! 

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones.


                                                   Thursday April 2nd 2020

Bore da! Are you ready for today's challenges?


Write all the numbers from 0-10 on one of the following (whatever you have!):

post its (one for each number!)

a long strip of paper

the patio or pavement in chalk.

Make sure your numbers are the right way around!wink

Put them in order in a line. Now get your lego/Duplo/building blocks/Jenga bricks out, count out the right amount for each number in turn and build a tower to match each number.

If you want to challenge yourself-go all the way to 20!

What do you notice about the height of your towers as you put them in order?


Alphabet Song!

Join in with this fun move it alphabet song- exercise and learning the alphabet at the same time! Sorted! yes


Thinking Challenge!

OK all you Brainy Branwen's out there! Here's a Thinking Challenge for you! It's called 'Good idea Bad Idea'. Look out for this on Reception Flipgrid as well.


Chocolate Rain......if we had chocolate rain would that be a good idea or a bad idea? Why? 

You can send your answers to us (only if you want to!!)  on Flipgrid, Twitter or email!


You don't have to do all of the challenges every day! You can revisit them in any order, any day, as many times as you like, whenever you have the time. If you are able to share what you've been up to on any of the platforms, we'd love to see you -but please don't feel you have to do this. Everyone has different situations at home and we are very aware of this. yes





Good Idea or Bad Idea? Chocolate Rain....

Storytime with Mrs Jones

Still image for this video
Here’s another story for you to to enjoy!

Wednesday 1st of April 

It's April fool's day, so no tricks now Reception!

Here are some ideas to keep you busy today.  Remember these activities are only ideas, you can change or adapt them and complete them in your own time.  You can revisit previous activities that you enjoyed.


Ask  a grown up to draw the outline of a large egg.  Can you decorate your egg using as many different types of line as possible for example, wavy, zigzag, dotted lines?


Practise writing  numbers to 20.  Take a white piece of paper and some crayons or felt tips.  Fill the page with numbers 1-20. You can write the numbers anywhere on the page, the more the better!  Remember to check your digits are the correct way around e.g.15 not 51.

Have fun!

Story time with Mrs Jones

Still image for this video
Listen to Mrs Jones reading you a story. Hope you’re sitting comfortably!

Tuesday 31st March



Bore da Reception Stars!

As it is getting closer to Easter, we thought you could go on an egg hunt.  Hide something in your house or garden, it does not have to be an egg, it could be a toy.  Write a set of instructions for someone to find what you have hidden.  Think back to when we have written instructions before.  Remember to start each instruction with a bossy word and use a new line each time. 

For example - 

Go into the garden.

Look behind the tree.

Pick up the flower pot.

If your instructions are clear your grown up will be able to find what you have hidden!


Rhyming Words

How many different words can you find to rhyme with




Write a list in your book.


Ordering numbers to 20

Play the caterpillar ordering game on the topmarks website.  Can you order numbers between 1-20.  If you fancy a challenge try ordering multiples of 10 to 100!


Please tweet or email anything you have done or use 'flipgrid'  It is so lovely to see all your smiling faces!

Mrs Barrett, Mrs Couper and Mrs Jones






Monday 30th March 2020


Bore da ffrindiau! We hope you and your families are all well and have enjoyed the weekend break. We have really enjoyed reading your emails and seeing the lovely things which you have been doing. 

Are you ready for some more fun this week? 

In Mrs Jones' house, the cafe seems to be open all the time with her two boys asking for snacks. Is it the same in your house? Why not open a cafe? Ask your grown up to help you make a snack board and give each item a price. Healthy foods such as bananas and apples can cost less than crisps or a biscuit. You are given coins to the total of 20p.  Each time you would like a snack, you need to pay for it, just like we do in class. Once the 20p has been spent, there are no more snacks. Think wisely before you spend!


Why not go on an indoor scavenger hunt? Can you find :

a toy with wheels

a book with the first letter of your name in the title

a pair of matching socks

4 things that are green

something very soft

a toy smaller than your hand

something round

a book with numbers in it

5 lego pieces that are all different

a photo of someone you love

an item that makes you feel cosy

a toy that has different colours

your favourite stuffed animal  ?


Take photographs of the items which you find and don't forget to tweet your treasure! 


Remember to practise your reading and your key words. How many key words can you read in a minute? Try and beat your score the next time you do it. 


Look after yourselves and we'll be back tomorrow with some more fun!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper xxx






We are going to be using FlipGrid for some exciting tasks.


You will need to log in with your HWB log ins, then you can make a short video where you just say Hello 😊


A how to guide is available here

Friday 27th March

Bore da pawb! Another glorious day today. Hope you're all well and staying in your own houses and gardens?

Here are today's tasks- you can catch up with any of these activities from the week in your own time. Please don't feel that you have to do everything every day, your mums and dads and carers are all busy, especially the fantastic key workers out there, so we all have to help each other.


Shadow Challenge!

Take some tall toys out to the garden and place them in front of a plain piece of paper to catch the shadow. Make sure you are not blocking out the sun yourself! Draw around the shadow's shape. Now you can measure the toys' shadows-which one is the tallest or shortest? Or colour the shadows in. Or fill in the shapes with patterns. If someone is free to do this with you, you could ask someone to draw around your own shadow. What funny shadows can you make? You can also do this inside in front of a sunny window- look for sunny patches on the carpet! Don't forget to post your favourite on Twitter if someone has time to do it for you.


Another outdoor activity!

Draw a little picture of the things you find!


Share a story!

We know how much you all love playing teachers! Practise reading your school book to your toys. Remember to put on different voices for the characters like we do!

You can do this with any book, remember to:

use the picture clues, sound out the word and blend it, chunk up longer words, make a clever guess, or jump on and read to the end of the sentence then have another go at it.

Why not make a den and tell stories?


Have you practised writing your numbers this week? Or writing your name? Remember to start the numbers and letters in the right place. You can do this in your homework books.


And finally! You all know how much your teachers love dancing- Mrs Couper does the Oti Mabuse live stream dance routines every day on You Tube at 11.30- join in!! 


Look after yourselves everyone! Wash your hands and stay safe at home. Have a lovely weekend and we'll be in touch on Monday.

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones.






Thursday 26th March 2020


Bore da ffrindiaiu! What another beautiful day! We are really looking forward to seeing your castle designs. Don't forget to send them to us or tweet them once you have finished them. Will you have a special secret garden in yours? Or maybe a special candy tree? Remember to be as creative as you want.


  • As it looks like it is going to be sunny today, why not draw a picture of you and your family in the sun. You can write about your picture :

Mae hi'n heulog (It is sunny)

Dw i'n gwisgo ... (I am wearing)     

sbectol haul - sun glasses

crys t - t - shirt

  siwmper - jumper

ffrog - dress


        esgidiau - shoes


  • What is the tallest tower which you can build in a minute? You can use lego, blocks, duplo, etc. Can you make an even taller tower in the same time? How about a challenge with your brother / sister / mum / dad? Tweet your photos to show who the champion was!  

Remember to have a look at some of the jobs which we sent home in your learning packs. Also, look at the websites which are listed. Have a go at phonics play where you can practise blending sounds together. 

Have lots of fun and look out for some more challenges tomorrow!

Take care all!

Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Copuer. 



Wednesday 25th March


Hello Reception Birchgrove Stars!

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the challenges which we have set you. We have really enjoyed seeing your work which you have emailed to us. Don't forget to tweet some of the things which you have been doing too! So, are you ready for today's challenges?

  • Practise writing the letters 's , a, t, p, i, n'. Remember that we start each letter at the top. Using these letters, how many words can you make? 
  • Remember to practise your reading by reading one of your books which we sent home with you.  How about making a den outside and read some of your favourite stories to your toys? 
  • If you were to live in a castle, what would it look like? Draw a picture of it in your book. Label any special parts. Who would live in this castle? You can be as creative as you like!


Take care everybody!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper

Tuesday 24th March

Bore Da Dosbarth Derbyn!

Hope you all had fun yesterday, looking for shapes, jumping and counting in 10's as well as completing day 1 of the Lego challenge. Remember that we would love to see some of your creations. Email them to your teacher or put them on our twitter feed.

Are you ready for some more fun? Here are your challenges for today.

  • Play your snakes and ladders game so that you can practise your key words.
  • Choose 5 of your key words and practise writing them. As the weather is going to be nice today, perhaps you could write them with chalk on the floor or maybe get a paintbrush and water and 'paint' them on the wall in the garden.
  • Using a bowl of water and different containers, can you find out how many smaller containers it will take to fill a larger? We would love to see photos of you completing this activity!


If you want to make your fingers stronger, have a look at the Spread the Happiness link on the useful websites section which follows. In order to join in, you will need to have some playdoh. We're sure you will have lots of fun!


Have a good day and we'll be back tomorrow with some new challenges for you to try.


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper





Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning everybody in Reception! Hope you are all keeping well and being good for your grown ups. We hope you've had lots of fun already with some of the jobs which we sent home with you in your learning packs. Here are some new challenges for you to have a go at today. 



  • Using different coloured pens and pencils, can you write your name lots of times? Remember that you need a capital letter at the beginning as you are very important! Make sure you start each letter in the correct place and hold your pencil correctly. 
  • Go on a shape hunt inside the house or out in the garden. Which shapes can you see? Can you name them? Draw them or take a photograph.
  • The weather is going to be sunny. Go outside and practise jumping and with each jump, count in 10's. Remember to jump 2 feet to feet!

 Have lots of fun!! 


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper



Useful Websites


Phonics Play

Fun activities and games to help your child with reading and writing.


ICT Games

A variety of games to support literacy and maths.



A variety of games to support literacy and maths.



A useful website for downloading a variety of games and activities (currently offering free access to parents)


Oxford Owl

E-reading resources (Free to parents)


Spread the Happiness (Dough Disco)

Exercises with dough to strengthen those fingers.


                                                     Daily LEGO Challenge




Make those fingers stronger by completing the following daily LEGO challenges. Click on the link which follows in order to see a clearer chart.

We would love to see your creations so don't forget to take a photograph of your model and email it to your teacher. We would love to see them on twitter too!

Good luck and have fun!