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It’s the last week of the school year!

You can wear your party clothes or dressing up clothes (suitable for a day playing and learning in school!) when you come to school this week! Make sure you wear school shoes though and put plenty of sunscreen on, the weather looks good! Bring a coat just in case the weather changes.


Time to say ‘goodbye’ to Reception and ‘hello’ to Year 1!



Spread your wings!

  It was lovely to see you all again last week! This week is our last one together!

What a strange but amazing year we’ve had together! We won’t forget this one in a hurry!



Keep an eye on Flipgrid this week! We will be recording messages from each group in school for you to listen to at home. 

Why don’t you record a message for us to listen to in school if you’re not able to join us?





We have posted a video on flipgrid called 'Reception Memories'.  You will find it in the topic grid called 'See you in September'. We have also posted clips of the children telling us their favourite memories of Reception.  Please feel free to add your own.


Reception to Year 1 Transition

We will be reflecting on our time in Reception in school this week, but if you won’t be joining us, here’s a sheet to do at home.

You can keep it to give to your new teacher in September!

Home-School transition task for the holidays.

We would like everyone to make a Happiness box over the holidays to take with you to your new class when you start Year 1 in September.

Here are the instructions to guide you.

You will need to keep up your Literacy and Maths skills over the holidays to be tip top ready for Year 1!

Here are a few games and activities you can do at home this week and over the holidays.

High Frequency Word Time Trial

How many of the Reception key words can you read in 1 minute?

Play the Tricky Word Truck game on phonicsplay-it’s still free at the moment!

Here are some I spy reading games for you to try.

The National Oak Academy

Please watch lessons 4, 5, 7 on understanding the concept of half and applying understanding of doubling and halving. We have been practicing this at school.


Quiz time!

Lots of us have been taking part in quizzes on zoom over lockdown! Here’s one you can do with your family!

Just for fun!

Here are a few things to download and print or just copy from the screen to keep you busy and entertained.


Summer Learning Activity Pack

We will be sending home a pack of activities to keep you Brainy Branwen's going for awhile! If you are not in school this week you can download it from here.

And so it's time to say goodbye to all you lovely Reception stars and wish you luck as you move into Year 1! We will miss you all! Make sure you come and say hello in September. Have a wonderful summer, take care, stay safe and....WASH YOUR HANDS!!

Thank you parents and carers for your support throughout this challenging year!

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett, Mrs Jones and the Reception Team.


Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Hello to all of our Reception stars. We hope you and your families are well. It was wonderful to see so many of you last week! We're looking forward to seeing you all again this week, but in the meantime, while you are waiting for your day to come to school. here are some activities to keep you busy.

This week, our story is called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.



You might have a copy of this story at home. If not, don't worry as here is a link for you to use to hear the story.



Write about the Light House Keeper's Lunch story  Maybe  you can tell us your favourite part of the story or you can write what happened at the beginning, middle and end. 

You might prefer to use the following writing frame and write a simple book report about the story. 

Remember to use:

Capital letter at the start of a sentence

Full stop at the end of a sentence

Leave spaces between words.

Stretch out the sound in words to spell

Remember to form your letters correctly.


This is a fun activity where you can make your own story by dragging the pictures onto the slide and type your writing.


You might like to use the following power point to help you create your own story about Mr Grinling, the lighthouse keeper. 

Mrs Grinling will have to go shopping to make sure she has enough food to pack for her husband. Can you help her to remember what she needs to buy? Write a shopping list of food which you might put in a picnic basket. Remember to start a new line for each item of food.



Can you play this fun game with members of your family? Decide which person is going to go first. They need to say "I went shopping and I bought ... ( add an item of food). The next person says the same sentence but adds an extra item of food. The next person says the same sentence and adds another item of food. How long can you make your list? 


Mr Grinling used Mustard to stop the seagulls from stealing his lunch.  Can you think of another plan?  The more wild and wacky the idea the better.  Record your ideas on flipgrid. We can't wait to hear them! 



Practise learning the songs and sounds for digraphs (2 letters that make one sound e.g sh/ch). Listen to the songs for these sounds by clicking on the link.


The word 'fish' ends with 'sh'. How many words can you think of which end with the 'sh' sounds? Write them as a list. 


This week we will be thinking about shapes.  Please watch these Oak Academy session about 2D and 3D shape.


Can you find any 2D and 3D shapes in your house.  Can you describe these shapes.  How many sides do they have?  How many corners?  Can it roll?  You could play a guessing game.  Hide a shape behind your back.  Can you describe it to a family member, for example it has 3 corners and 3 straight edges.  Can they guess what it is?



Problem Solving

Can you solve these  problems?  Click on the link ask an adult to read the problems with you.  Do you notice any number patterns? 


Knowledge and Understanding of the World


Have a look at the following power point to learn more about lighthouses. 

Grace Darling is a famous lady who helped to save sailors when they were in danger. Read all about her by clicking on the following link. She was very brave! Can you think of a time when you were very brave? We would love to hear about it. Make a video clip on flipgrid so everyone can hear about it. 
When we go to the seaside, it is very important to stay safe. Can you spot the dangers in this picture which has been kindly provided by our Twinkl friends? 

Dangers at the Seaside

Hamish the Cat was very scared in the story. We all know what kind children you all are. What would you do to help Hamish? Maybe you could draw a picture or write to him. 



Have a go at the seaside pencil control sheets in order to help you improve your fine motor skills. 


Why not have a go at making your own light house? You could make it out of junk model materials. You could use  a plastic bottle or kitchen roll tubes or try out your own ideas. Remember to take photos of your models and send them to us. We love looking at what you have done! 


If you're feeling a bit unsure about returning to school, take a look at this lovely story about Sammy the Sloth. We think it might help! xxx



Week beginning  29th June 2020.

School is reopening!!

We are looking forward to seeing you in school this week!


If you’re not returning to school yet don’t worry, we’ve got loads of lovely things for you to do at home- if you want to!

Under the Sea, Under the Sea………

We’re still exploring under the sea this week with a story about mermaids!


Get into the learning zone with this lovely yoga session!

Cosmic kids -yoga

Have a try at the' under the sea' cosmic kids yoga routine.

Literacy Activities

Twinkl have a lovely version of The Little Mermaid for you to enjoy. (see powerpoint below)


Julia Donaldson has written a fabulous story called ‘The Singing Mermaid’ if you want to get it yourselves.


The little mermaid loved to sing but the wicked Ursula stole her voice.  What would you hate to lose and why?

You could write about this in your homework books if you still have room!

Don’t forget-

Start your letters in the right place and sit them on the line.

Finger spaces between words.

A capital letter at the start of your writing and a full stop when you’ve finished.

Have a go at sounding out a word to spell it. Some words are tricky and you need to check your key words to spell them.

Phonics games

You can use the link to practise your spelling. Remember to log in with username -march20  password -home. Click on resources and the Rocket Rescue. Click on phase 2 words or if you fancy a challenge try phase 3.  You need to look at the picture and spell the word.  Remember to sound talk the word to hear each sound. For example hat - h   a   t.  If you have spelt the word correctly you build a piece of the rocket.


Tricky truck words

Let's see how many keywords you can remember.  You need to play this game with an adult. Log in to phonics play using the link above and password. Click on resources and then Tricky Truck words .  Choose phase 2 high frequency words + tricky words.  The trucks will drive down the road with a word on the trailer.  Read the word out loud.  Your adult can click if you are correct. If you do not know the word ask your adult to tell you.  It will be shown again later, see if you remember it then.  Can you complete the words more quickly next time.  Have try at phase 3 tricky and high frequency words when you are confident with phase 2.


Maths Activities.


Please look at the National Oak Academy link. 

You can also practise estimating at home. 

Ask a grown up to put some tiny objects in a bowl.  You can have a quick look and make an estimate (good guess) at how many objects there are.  Write the number down. 

Get the bowl back and carefully count the objects one at a time. 

Was your estimate correct? If not was your answer near to the number?

Play the game again but you put some small objects in a bowl for an adult to estimate. 

Is your grown up good at estimating?

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Letter from Marissa the Mermaid

We have had a letter from Marissa the Mermaid!

The mermaid needs our help, she has lost her scales.

Which material would be best to replace her scales?  Have a look around your house at different materials, paper, cloth, foil, plastic, fabric. 

What would a mermaid’s tail need to be like? (Strong, water proof etc. )

Choose 3 materials try and predict (guess) which might be the best. Test them by pouring water over them (outside or using a bowl of water.) 

Which was the best material and why?  Which would you tell the mermaid to use?


Prediction (guess) 1,2,3

What happened?










RNLI - spot the dangers webpage

Get your eyes peeled for the danger spots in these pictures!

Coming Soon!

Next week we are going to be thinking about seaside holidays in the past.

Please watch these BBC programs called Magic Grandad in preparation for activities we will complete next week.

The beach

Seaside Entertainment

The promenade


Creative Fun!

Make your own under the sea box –

You could use an egg box or shoe box and any other junk materials.  (with thanks to the imagination tree)

Or make you own egg box sea creature.


Dancing! Under the sea dance

Try and learn this dance or create your own moves.  You can show us your finished routines on Flip grid.  We can't wait to see you moving and grooving!

Design your own mixed up creature

A mermaid is half human and half fish.  Can you create your own creature that is a mixture of two animals? Draw a picture and label it! Make up a name for your creation.

Hello to all of our Reception stars!

Your teachers in school have been very busy getting things ready for you to come back to school next week. Things are going to look and be a little different but there's no need for you to worry. Your teachers will be there waiting for you with a big smile and wanting to hear about the wonderful things which you have been doing since we last saw you. One thing for sure is that we are going to have fun! We're really looking forward to seeing you again! 

Below are some pictures of your classrooms. For the next few weeks, we will be staying in our own rooms but we will be using the outdoor space as much as we can. Whilst we have been away, we have had some visitors in the garden. We can't wait for you to see what they have left behind! 

Class RJ     Class RJ


Class RJ      Class RJ


   Class RBC


We're looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Take care 

Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper 


Parents and Carers - here is a little powepoint (provided by our friends at Twinkl) which you might like to use with your children. 


Teddy Returns to School

Week Beginning 22nd June

Bore da to all of our Reception friends. We hope you and your families are well. Thank you so much to those of you who have returned the questionnaires. It really is useful to hear about some of things which have been important to you during our time away from each other. Riding a bike without stabilisers seems to been a very popular one. Da iawn! there will be no stopping you now! For those of you have not returned these questionnaires, it would be great if we could have them this week. Diolch!


This week we have a fun, original story which has been written and made available for us to use by Twinkl. It is about a star fish called Stan who loves to sing. We all know somebody who loves to sing! Have a read of the story and see how he saves the day from the crabby crab! smiley


Once you've read the story, use the talk cards to see if you can remember the important parts of the story. 




What do you notice when you are reading this story? That's right! It's a rhyming story.

Can you think of any words which rhyme with 'fish'? Write them as a list. How about the words 'star' and 'sing'? 

Are you good at solving clues? Have a look at the following power point. Read the clues carefully and see if you can work out which sea creature is being described. Have a go at writing your own clues fora sea creature. Maybe you can record them on flip grid to see if your friends can guess which creature you are describing. Maybe you could phone your grandparents or cousins and see if they guess correctly. 

Just For Fun - Sea Tongue Twister.


Have a go at saying the following tongue twister. Pob lwc!


Susie sells sea shells on the sea shore.

The sea shells that Susie sells are from the sea shore. 


We know how much you all like numbers. Have a look at the following cards and try to solve the problems. Some of the problems are a little tricky but remember to be a Brainy Branwen and keep trying and don't give up! 



Can you sort some of the creatures which are found in the story Starry Eyed Stan? You will need to check carefully that you have put them in the correct column as well as the correct row. 
We know how much you all like colouring. Why not have a go at solving these addition and subtraction sums and colour each part of the picture with the correct colour. We would love to see your finished pictures! 


Why not be a Creative Cadi and have a go at drawing or painting your own under the sea picture? How many different sea creatures can you draw? Have a look at the following clips if you would like some help on how to draw a fish or a sea turtle or you might like to use the step by step guide.

How to draw a Fish Step by Step | Drawings Tutorials for Kids

Learn How to draw a Fish for kids easy and step by step. Draw this cute Fish by following this drawing lesson.

How to draw a Sea Turtle | Animal Drawing for Kids

How to draw a Sea Turtle easy and step by step. Draw this Sea Turtle by following this drawing lesson.


Starry Eyed Stan had a very special talent. He was good at singing. What are your special talents? Maybe you could show us on flipgrid something which you are really good at. This might even be a new skill which you have learnt to do whilst we have been at home completing our learning. We're looking forward to being amazed! 


Do you remember all of that lovely work which you did when looking at foods which are good for us? Why not put what you learnt to good use by making this healthy vegetable plate. Make sure you take photos of you preparing it and of the end dish! 





The weather is going to be glorious again this week. We have been so lucky! Get the paddling pools out and the sun cream. Why not have a go at completing Starry Stan's workout challenge? 


Knowledge and Understanding of the World.


Can you make a fact book or poster about creatures which you might find under the sea? Remember to include lots of interesting facts and pictures. Here is a power point of things which you might find under the sea.


When going to the beach, you need to pack your bag with everything you need. Sing with Mrs Jones and learn the names of the items which you need to take with you. The sentence pattern is one which you already know - Mae ... gyda fi.

Mynd i’r traeth.

Still image for this video

Week beginning 15th June 2020.

Important! Please read and complete the forms below. Thank you.

'How has lockdown been for you and your family? 


We have all had very different experiences during this time of lockdown.

Some of us have enjoyed being around our families and have even learnt some new skills. Some of us have really been missing our friends and relatives and have had times where we have felt a bit sad.

In order to make your transition back to school as smooth as possible we would like you to tell us all about it.

Please complete these questionnaires with your families and send them back to your teachers.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to school and this information will help us to get the right activities ready for you.


If you have any concerns or queries regarding the questionnaires please feel free to email Mrs Jones on'



Ahoy there me hearties! Our pirate adventures continue……

Here are a couple of lovely stories to enjoy at home!

The Night Pirates -Cbeebies bedtime story

How I became a Pirate - Youtube

Here’s a bit of fun to get you in the mood for this week’s swashbuckling activities!

Wake and shake routine--Let’s Jump -Walk the plank!

Literacy Activities

It’s a pirate’s list for me!

We have been learning a lot about pirates. AAARRRR!  

Can you write a list of things a pirate would need? 

Here’s some ideas- treasure; a sword; a ship……

Remember to start a new line for each item and don't forget to use a capital letter and full stop!


Imagine that you have found some buried treasure!  What would you like to be inside the chest?  What would your secret treasure be?  Can you write a sentence and draw a picture?

‘In my treasure box I can see ..........’

Pirate Wanted Poster!

Shiver me timbers! A nasty pirate is on the loose!  He needs to be caught! Can you make a ‘wanted’ poster for a pirate?  Here’s some tips on what to include:

-Draw a picture of what the pirate looks like.

-What is his name?

-Write a description of what he looks like- for example

Black Hair      tall          long beard      a hook for a hand

What reward will you give if he is caught?

Here is a ‘Wanted! ‘poster writing frame with thanks to Twinkl



Buried Treasure word game.

You can use this link to play the game or make your own version as outlined below.

The aim of this game is to practise blending for reading. NB. Using fake words ensures that children have to learn to blend and not just recognise words by sight. As children get older and need to be able to read more and more words they will find it increasingly tricky to learn them all by sight.

Make up your own version of ‘Buried Treasure’:

Hide coins with real and fake words around the room or around the garden. Split children into teams. Send one team to find all the real words and the other team to find the fake words (give them bags or boxes to collect them in). Set a time limit. When the time is up, gather the children together and check the words that the groups have found. Soundtalk each word together and decide whether it is real or fake. Give each team a point for each word of the correct type (real or fake) that they collected. Take away a point for each word of the wrong type.

Top tips

For every word (even words that they are familiar with) expect children to soundtalk the word and blend it to say the word. Don't just let them read the words. Phonics sessions are all about learning to blend and segment so the children need to be practising these skills. Wherever possible, get them to repeat the soundtalking and the blending as well. Outside of phonics sessions, encourage children to only use blending to work out unfamiliar words. If children aren't sure about the meaning of some of the real words, let them know what the words mean but don't get caught up spending lots of time explaining them. Remember that you're only spending a short amount of time on this game and the main objective is to practise blending not to expand their vocabulary. Make a note of words they are unsure of and revisit their meanings another time.

Phonics practise

Have you been watching the videos on YouTube to practise your phonics?

You can start from Lesson 1 and work your way through the Reception programme at your own pace!

Maths –


The National Oak Academy Lesson 2 and 3

Please watch the videos below and complete the activities.

Can you solve this problem?  2 Pirates have found a treasure chest.  Inside there are 12 gold coins.  The pirates want to split the treasure in half.  How many gold coins will each pirate have?  (You can use objects to help you solve this problem)  


You could tell us the answer on Flipgrid!

Here are some more pirate halving worksheets to try with thanks to Twinkl

Creative Fun

Can you design you own pirate flag

Flags are often symmetrical, which means both sides are exactly the same if you draw a line down the middle.  Just like a butterfly's wings. Try putting a mirror on a line down the middle and check if we’re right!




Learn a sea shanty!

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?


When I was one I sucked my thumb…


Dance- Swashbuckle salute!

We love dancing in Reception! This one is great fun!



Can you make your own pirate hat?

Follow the instructions carefully in the correct order to see if you can make a pirate hat. With thanks to Twinkl.




Knowledge and Understanding of The World

Pirate Ship

Design your own pirate ship to carry one lego person.  Think about what you learnt last week about items that float and items that sink.  What would be a good material to make your boat from?  Can you decorate your boat and give it a name?  Send us a photo or put it on Twitter!

A Pirate Adventure!

Take a toy on an adventure around your house or garden! Where will you go? What will you see? You could take photos or draw pictures like the one Mrs Barrett has made with her children. Then you could make it into a map!



Just for fun!

Pirate party games

Tom in RBC has already had a pirate party, we loved his photos! Send us your photos of your games!


If you have a sand pit in your garden, why not make a desert island and bury some treasure? Don't forget to make a map leading to where you've buried it!


If you've got a paddling pool or a water tray or even a big washing up bowl you could create your own ocean to sail your pirate ships and maybe catch some fish for your pirate supper! 

Shiver me timbers! It’s Pirate week!

Yo ho ho, me hearties! We’ve chosen an exciting adventure story with our favourite characters Winnie and Wilbur for you to listen to this week!

Winnie and Wilbur The Pirate Adventure



The first thing we need to do is learn to speak like pirates!

AAAARRRRR me lads!

Have a look at this powerpoint from our friends at Twinkl! What’s your pirate name? Mine is First Mate Shark Bait!!

This video will explain what some of these funny pirate words mean!


Dressing up!

Next, we need to dress up as a pirate! You could just wear an eye patch or you might have a stripy t-shirt and pirate hat. 

Post a video of yourself dressed up and tell us your pirate name on flip grid. Or send us a photo by email. Aye! Aye! Captain!


Here’s a fantastic ‘wake and shake’ pirate song and dance from CBeebies to get you in the mood!




Pirate Party Invites

Now, Winnie was invited to Cuthbert’s pirate party! Why not invite your toys to come to pirate party at your house? You can make your own invite or use the work sheets below. You don’t have to print them off, you can copy them into your books.

Remember to start your letters in the right place, sit your letters on the line, leave finger spaces and use a capital letter at the start and a full stop at the end.

Pirate Telescopes!

Winnie and the pirates used a telescope in the story. You will find instructions how to make your own telescope further on.

What can you see through your pirate telescope?

Use the sheets below to have a go at writing what you can see. You can write your own or use the word mat. Copy into your book if you don’t have a printer.


Pirate key words!

Use these sheets to help you practise spelling your key words.

P P P P Pirate words

How many words can you think of that start with ‘p’?

Here’s a couple –

p o t = pot.

p a t= pat.

Make a list. Remember each new word in a list starts on a new line.



Click on the link below to have some fun with counting!

The National Oak Academy - Finding one more than a given number to 20


Odd and Even numbers

Can you sort the pirate treasure into odd and even numbers? 

You will need 10 small objects to be the treasure and 2 toys to be pirates. 

You will need to share the treasure equally between the 2 pirates (toys).

(Tip! you could say ‘one for you and one for you’ as you share them out )  

If they both have the same amount each, the number you began with is even. 

If one toy has more treasure than the other one this number is odd

You could write the numbers down on the chart below to sort them into odd and even numbers. 

Ready? Here we go….

Start sharing out 10 objects.  Is the number 10 an odd or even number?  When you have found out write the number in the correct column. Remember, if each pirate has exactly the same amounts of treasure, the number is even.

Next, count out 9 objects, share them with the pirates and decide if that number is odd or even.

Next share out 8 objects and continue until you reach one object to share. 


Odd numbers

Even Numbers











Look at the pirate teddies!

I had 7 pieces of treasure. 

I shared them between the 2 pirates.  One pirate has more than the other- so 7 is an odd number.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Floating and sinking. 

You will need

10 small objects from around the house. (check with an adult first as they will get wet) A small bowl, a ruler or plank, water!.

What will happen to your objects when you make them walk the plank and they land in the water? Will they sink to the bottom of the bowl? Or float on the surface of the water?   Make a prediction, a clever guess, before you try this activity.


Object (draw picture)

Predication float/sink

What happened













Creative Fun!

Can you make a pirate face? Just draw around your hand and then decorate the face with felt tips or crayons.


Ship Ahoy! Make your own telescope!

Now this is the deluxe version-

But they don’t have to be complicated to be fancy….

Perhaps you can make a repeating pattern to decorate your telescope?



Let’s Get Physical!

Pirates can be mean and make people walk the plank! 

Can you draw a plank out of chalk on the floor? (or mark it out with string) Now practise balancing along the plank. Don’t fall off into the sea!

Cosmic kids yoga

Pirate Adventure!


Cool Move -Walk the Plank!

Can you do it without losing your balance?



Keep fit with the Captain!


Just for fun

Here is a link to an old favourite of Mrs Couper and her children:

The Cbeebies children’s programme Yo Ho Ahoy!


Joke Challenge!

 Mrs Barrett put a joke challenge on Flipgrid- I’ve added a joke, you know I love ‘em!

Why not find some pirate jokes this week and post them on Flipgrid?

Let’s spread some laughter and giggles!

Here’s one to start you off…..

When does a pirate get a new ship?

– When it’s on sail!



Look what's happened! Nature is working its magic! The caterpillars have all formed their own chrysalis. 

Sports Day 2020.

Come on RBC and RJ!! There's so much fun for all the family to be had over on the Sports day webpage!

Fantastic efforts from those who are supporting their school Houses!Where are all your videos of you taking part in the Challenges? You can email your teachers photos if you don't want to use Flipgrid. We will pass them on for you.

It's stopped raining, time to get active! 


Monday 1st June

Bore da to all our Reception friends. We hope you have had a fabulous half term break. The weather has been glorious - we have been SO lucky! Let's hope it continues so that we can have more fun in our gardens and on our daily walks. Also, there are some fun physical activities to do this week. Unfortunately, as we are not in school, we can't have our usual funday but that wont stop us from having fun and keeping active. Click on the link to see how you and your families can take part in Birchgrove's Sports Week 2020 and earn valuable points for your house.


This week we are going to be starting our new context Seaside Sensations.

To start us off, our story is going to be one of our favourites :

Rainbow Fish.

Click on the link to hear the story.



Can you write a simple report about the story 'Rainbow Fish'? You can sound out the words which you need or draw pictures. You can either use your own frame and decorate it or you might choose to use the one which has been found on Twinkl.


Magnetic Letter hunt - Ask a grown up to hide magnetic letters in the garden or in the house. If you don't have magnetic letters, you could use pieces of card with letters written on them. Hunt for the letters and when you have found them all have a go at making different words. How many words can you find?

Tell the Rainbow fish about a new game which he might like to play with his new friends. Make sure you tell him the rules of the game. You can either send him a letter to tell him about the game or send him a message on Flipgrid. When your friends see your messages, they might have a go at playing your game with their families. 

Key Words - have you been busy learning your key words? Here is another game for you to have a go at. You need to travel from one side of the grid to the other without moving into the black square.



Rainbow fish wasn't very good at sharing. This week, we are going to look at how we can share things equally - that means that each group has the same number. Have a look at the following link to help you understand.

Now have a go at sharing Rainbow Fish's fins between his friends. You can use fin shapes cut out from foil or coloured paper. If

you have 10 fins, how many will 2 friends have? What about if you have 14 fins? 16 fins? How about if he has 3 friends and 12 fins? 15 fins? 

Try using different numbered of fins with different number of friends.

Patterns - Using different coloured paper for fins, can you make repeating patterns? Remember that you don't just have to use 1 of each colour each time. You could do

red blue blue green yellow yellow red blue blue green yellow yellow 



Why not have a go at making a rainbow? For this experiment, you will need to cups of water,  paper towel and washable felt pens.


Colour walk - each day, choose a colour which you are going to wear. On your daily walk or when in the garden, take photographs of things which are the same colour as what you are wearing. Change the colour the next day.



This is one of Mrs Jones' favourite songs. It's about 5 crocodiles who like to swim in the river.  (Pum crocodeil yn nofio yn yr afon) One crocodile swims under the water (Nofiodd un o dan y dwr). There are 4 left. (Dim ond pedwar sy ar ol). Why not have a go at learnign this song?



Why not play lots of games with your family where you need to share and take turns?

Who is your good friend? What makes them a good friend? Maybe you could write about them or even leave them  a message on flipgrid? 



As well as our daily challenged as part of our Funday, why not have a go at  using water to 'paint' outside using different rollers and brushes? You can create lines, shapes, pictures and patterns.



Why not make a rainbow fish using a paper plate? 



You could also make some Rainbow fish cakes.



We hope you enjoy completing these activities. Please remember to send photographs to your teacher as we really do enjoy hearing about what you've been getting up to. We are missing you all!!! Also, look on flipgrid for messages from the grown ups in Reception.


Take care all and have fun!



The caterpillars are certainly growing and spending more time at the top of their home. What will happen next? Remember to look here for more updates. 

It’s May half term!

Here are some fun ideas to keep you busy this week. Hopefully the sun will be shining and you won’t need them because you’ll be outside having fun!

Remember you don’t have to do all of them-in real life not Lockdown life this would be your holiday, so if you are interested in some, that’s great but please don’t feel under pressure.   


I wonder what's happening to the caterpillars at Mrs Jones' house! Lydia in RBC has some special caterpillars too! I wonder which ones will make their special chrysalis homes first?

The caterpillars have arrived at Mrs Jones' house. They must have had a long journey! Let's see how they develop over the next few weeks  



This week's story is one of our favourites.  Watch the video below or if you have your own copy of the story at home enjoy reading it with a grown-up.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.


Do you like making maps? I know quite a few children in RBC who LOVE making maps! Why not make a simple map of all the different places the family saw on their way to the bear cave? You could label the pictures- I bet you can write the first sound in grass can’t you? Or if you want to challenge yourself you can sound out words like we do in class – mud - m  u  d= mud!

Or maybe you’d like to write about the bear-why did it chase the family?

Bear Fact File

Can you find out any information about Bears?  You could ask an adult, use an information book or find some fact on the internet (with the help of an adult).

Can you complete a fact file?

What does it look like?

Where does it live?






What does it eat?

Fascinating fact?





Sound, camera, action!

We were wondering if you could tell the story and make sound effects to match different parts of the story - You could record your ideas on Flip grid!  Look around your house for things to make the sounds.


For some relaxation and well being, try this Cosmic Yoga activity.

Cosmic yoga - Going on a bear hunt.

Maths Positional language

Set up your own bear hunt - Use one of your teddies.

Can you hide it somewhere in your home or garden for a family member to find?  Can you use positional language to describe where your teddy is; for example its behind the tree, under the cushion.  Remember when we did an egg hunt at Easter!

Obstacle Course

Create your own bear hunt obstacle course.  What will you have to go through, over or under.  Can you direct a family member around your obstacle course using positional language?

For a maths challenge have a look at this game on the Topmarks site - Robot Addition game.  Choose the level that suits you.


Can you build a cave for your teddy bear?  You could use a cardboard box or objects in your house.  You could make a large den outside if it is sunny, that you and your teddy could share.

After all that panic buying of toilet rolls, you might have lots of tubes left.  Can you make a pair of binoculars to take on your bear hunt?

Here are some health and well being activities.  Choose 2 to do as a family this week.

-Play your favourite board game, Is it snakes and ladders, Ludo or something like Operation or Connect 4? Mrs Couper and Miss Broughton love Scrabble-Miss Broughton always wins though…….

-Share a jigsaw puzzle. You do not need to complete it in one go, keep coming back to it.

-Design your own marble run or Lego maze.

-Spend some time doing some colouring.

-Video call someone in your family that you have not been able to see during lock down.

-Play 'I spy' when you go on your daily walk.  Can you do every letter in the Alphabet?


Here are some more fun things to do:

Make a face out of stones, twigs, grass cuttings, whatever you can find  in the garden or when you’re out for your daily exercise. Download the Chatterpix app and you can animate the mouth and record your face saying something! Mrs Jones’ son made a lovely one!

Make a maze!

Create a rainbow in a jar!

Go on a scavenger hunt!


We hope you enjoy these fun things to do in your half term holiday! Look after yourselves, stay safe and keep well!

We miss you! Your Flipgrid videos make us smile! Keep posting...

Love Mrs Barrett, Mrs Couper and Mrs Jones.



Hello Parents / Carers, 

First of all we just wanted to thank you for your support in these unprecedented times. We know you are all super busy and we really appreciate the time you are taking to help your children and send us updates of their work. 


We've just uploaded a document below, written by Cardiff Educational Psychology Service.

There are a few tips and useful reminders in there about home learning. 


The most important message we can give is that whatever you are doing and however you are managing this time, you are doing a FANTASTIC job. 


We really miss all of the children, 

Take care!

Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper




Did you enjoy reading the latest edition of the Birchgrove Buzz? Miss Davies (RE) is already putting together the next issue and would love to have some contributions from our Reception stars. If you have something which you would like to be included, please email it to your class teacher and we'll pass it on or email it directly to her.



Monday 18th May 2020

Bore da to all of our Reception friends and your families. We hope you are all well and looking forward to another week of fun activities. We have been very pleased with the work which you have been sending to us. Remember to drop us a line with photos of what you have been doing. It really brightens up our day hearing about what you have been doing. Maybe you send a tweet? Keep up the good work. You're all doing a great job!


This week we have a new story for you to read. It's called 'The Carrot Club'. It is a story which has been written by Twinkl and they have kindly said that we can use it, along with some of their resources. Hope you enjoy it!


Carrot Club Story

Literacy Activities

Having read the story, can you write what you think the characters might be thinking or saying to each other? You can use the following sheet to help you. 

How about completing a food diary for the week? Remember to include any drinks and snacks which you might have had.

Can you describe some fruit and vegetables? To make it more fun, maybe a grown up could put an item of fruit or veg into a feely bag and you can describe it and guess what it is. How many can you guess correctly? In your books you can draw a picture of the item and write some of the words which you used to describe it. 



Following on from your tally chart looking at favourite sandwich fillings, can you complete a tally chart to find out which is the most popular vegetable amongst your family and friends? Remember to use the gate system as we showed you before.

Can you sort items of fruit and veg into 2 groups - those which grow above the ground and those which grow below the ground? Maybe you can find another way to sort the items.

In order to practise writing your numbers, can you make sets of different amounts and write the number to show how many are in each set? 


We're also going to have a look at Place Value. Click on the following link to complete the activities.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Design a healthy lunchbox. What sort of foods will you put in it? 

Can you help a grown up peel some vegetables and make a vegetable soup? Yum!

In your home learning packs, you were all given log in details to access HWB. This week, we would like you to have a go at sending a 'turtle' on a tour to collect certain things, just like we did in school with our beebots. Mrs Miles has very kindly provided a step by step guide to using the program. If you have lost your login details, please email your teacher. 


Have a go at following these step by step instructions to draw some of the characters from the story 'The Carrot Club'. Be sure to show us your final piece of work! 

The following link will show you how you can use your own body to make music. Maybe you can film yourself making a piece of music and share it on Flipgrid for all of your friends to see.



We have been thinking about how important it is to have a healthy diet but of course it is important to exercise too. The weatherman says it is going to be nice this week so why not have some fun in the garden and create your own obstacle course?  Be sure to share your pictures or maybe even a film.


Personal and Social Development.

The carrots in the story weren't very nice to the other vegetables. Have a read of the following cards and see if you can decide what should happen next.



Ask a grown up to read the following clues. Can you guess which a=vegetable they are describing? Maybe you could write your own clues for your friends to guess which vegetable your are thinking of. Share your clues on Twitter and Flipgrid. 


Why not join teddy in singing some of your favourite Welsh songs? Maybe you could teach them to you teddy. smiley


Still image for this video


Why not have a go at learning Cyw's Thank You key workers song? (A translation is provided! smiley). You could make a musical instrument with the help of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Click here to have a look. 


Mrs Martin has put some lovely well being resources on 'The Den' part of the school website. Click here to have a look.


Week beginning Monday 11th May

Sut wyt ti? How are you all? Bendegedig?

It’s been lovely to hear from more of you this last week. Thank you for getting in touch, it’s reassuring to hear that you are safe and well. Everyone looks like they are working hard and having fun from the photos we have seen. Well done to all of you, parents, carers and children!


Can you share your VE Day celebrations with us on Flipgrid and Twitter? Did you make bunting or a medal? Did you have a special picnic? We’d love to know!


Weekly Schedule

Remember that we will give you a selection of activities to do over the week and you can pick and choose which ones you want to do, at times that suit you and your families. Please don’t feel you have to do everything!

We recommend you adapt them all to suit what you have available at home and be inventive about finding alternative resources!


  • This week’s lessons are based around the story ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ by Mick Inkpen. You might have the story at home already. We couldn’t find an online version of the story but we did find a powerpoint that you can share with your family from the TES website.

Literacy Activities.

In 'Jasper's Beanstalk' Jasper had to do something on every day of the week.


Can you keep a diary this week?

Write the day at the top of a piece of paper and write one thing that you have done each day.

Remember to think about:

•        Spaces between words

•        A capital letter at the start of a sentence and a full stop at the end.

          Days of the week also need a capital letter because they are a name.

•        Start your letter in the correct place.


Jasper needed a lot of things to grow his bean.

Can you write a list of the items he needed.

 Remember when we write a list we start each item on a new line.

Teachers are great list makers! You can write lists for anything and everything. What other lists could you write?


Hidden Words

Write a list of words you can make only using the letters in the word

B e a n s t a l k

For example  -




Watch the video to practise your digraphs- do you remember what they are? Two letters together that make one sound eg ‘sh’ In this lesson you will practise the ‘ee’ digraph which is just right for helping you when you are reading and writing about days of the week!



Maths Activities

Days of the week.

Oak academy - Exploring and discussing the days of the week


Measuring- comparing and ordering.

Can you put the beanstalks in the right order? (Thanks to Twinkl!)


How tall are the people in your house?  Who is the tallest?  Who is the shortest? 

Can you find anything to measure yourself with?  You could lie on the floor and see how many tins/boxes tall you are?


Ask your grownups for some items from the cupboard for example tins, cereal packets.  Can you put the items in order from smallest to the tallest?


Number- counting in 10’s

Can you practise counting in 10s to 100?  We used to practise this at school, remember? Marching on the spot you count to 100 in 10’s and you- ‘Tell it to the window, tell it to the floor, tell it to the ceiling, tell it to the door’!!


Draw 10 big bean leaves and cut them out. Can you write the steps to 100 in 10’s on the leaves and put them in the correct order ie  10, 20, 30 ......?


OR challenge yourself!

Draw 10 bean leaves and cut out.  Can you write the numbers 11-20 on the leaves and put in the correct order?


Doubles are Trouble!

Have you played the doubles game we put in your home learning packs yet?


Here’s a fun adding up sheet if you want to have a go- thanks to Twinkl for helping us out during lockdown.


Physical Activities.

Can you play the bean game we play in PE with your family?

If you cannot remember the actions for each bean, make up your own.  Here are a few:

Runner bean - run on the spot

Jumping bean - jump on the spot

Jelly Bean - wobble like jelly

Baked bean - Curl up on the floor

Broad bean - make yourself as wide as possible

Magic bean - wave your magic wand and say abracadabra!


Have you been doing your yoga?

We love cosmic yoga-which yoga videos do you like?


Creative ideas

Can you make or build your own beanstalk? You could use lego/blocks/junk materials or just paper.

Nature’s Colours

The flowers are starting to bloom in our gardens, use this colour chart from the RSPB to go on a colour hunt. How many of the colours can you find? What can you spot in other people’s gardens when you are out on your allowed exercise?



Let’s go Green!

Have you got a garden or some house plants inside? Can you draw a plant? Look carefully at the different parts. The stalk, the leaves, the flower. Draw them as accurately as you can.

Have a hunt for different types of the colour green. See if you can mix yellow and blue together to match the greens you find. If you have a lot of yellow and a dot of blue you will mix a light green. If you add a small amount of yellow to more blue you’ll have a dark green. Different yellows and different blues will make different greens! You can use colour pencils to layer the colours, chalks, pastels, colour pens or crayons if you don’t have paint.

Well being

Make a happiness tree.  Show us what makes you happy! What do you enjoy doing? What makes you smile? Can you let us know on Flipgrid?

Thinking skills

What do you think is at the top of Jasper's beanstalk? Draw/paint a picture or make a model or leave your answer on flip grid for us to see.


Odd One Out

Lots of you thought the strawberry was the odd one out because of its shape or the seeds! Jacob thought it was the tomato. We enjoyed listening to your thoughts on Flipgrid, and guess what? You were all right!


I forgot to tell you what the photograph was in the Handa’s Surprise week! It was a close up of a pineapple! Well done Tom in RBC you guessed it!


Have a happy and healthy week! Keep safe and stay well!

Love Mrs Couper Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones.

To all of you who have had your 5th birthday recently, or will be having it soon, here's a message sent with love from us to you!!

Happy Birthday! xx


Eva from RJ has had great fun looking for lots of different things when she has been exercising wiht her Mum, When you are out and about taking your daily exercise, why not complete this scavenger hunt? (kindly provided by Twinkl)

How many items on the list could you find?

Here are some ideas for practical literacy activities. 
If you're looking for some practical maths activities, have a look at this handout. 

Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Hello once again to all our little friends in Reception, and of course their families! We hope you are all staying well and have had a relaxing weekend. Are you all ready for some more fun jobs to do? Once again, you can fit the activities around your grown ups busy days. Don't worry if you don't get them all done! 

We have really enjoyed reading your emails and hearing and seeing all the wonderful things which you have been doing. Please keep them coming! We are really pleased that you have enjoyed the last few story books and the activities which were planned around them. This week , we have another story for you. 


The Giant Jam Sandwich    



Listen to the story 'The Giant Jam Sandwich'. Here is a link to the story.

Can you make your own jam sandwich? You can follow the instructions on the powerpoint which has been kindly provided by Twinkl. Remember to send us photos! 


In this fun game, you can practise your addition skills. Ask a grown up to write numbers 1 to 10 on a large piece of paper. You could write the same number more than once. On post it notes ask your grown up to write addition sums. Can you put the post it note on the correct answer? 

Tuesday 5th May

Today we are going to be practising counting in pairs. Have a look at the following link to see a video clip of how we can do this.

Can you count in pairs whilst doing the following?  Jumping along the path in the garden with

                                                                               2 feet? 

                                                                               Putting your toys into pairs and counting


                                                                               Finger painting using 2 fingers?

                                                                               Counting 2p coins? 


Kindness Mirror - Look at someones face or you could even look at your own face in a mirror. What can you see? Can you think of kind words to describe these features e.g. twinkly eyes? 

Having made your own jam sandwich, can you tell someone else what they need to do if they wanted to make one? You can either order the pictures, draw your own pictures, or even write your own instructions. Remember to use those bossy words. (sequencing sheet has been resourced from Twinkl)

Wednesday 6th May

We all like to have different things in our sandwiches. What is your favourite type of sandwich? Today we would like you to ask the people who live with you which sandwich is their favourite. Could you phone your grandparents? (We're sure that they would love to hear from you!) How about your school friends? You could 'zoom' each other! 


First make a list of sandwich fillings which they can choose from. Don't forget to add ' other' just in case their favourite sandwich is not on your list. 


Next, make a mark next to the type of sandwich which they say they like.


Can you see how I've marked that 5 people like ham? We call this a 'gate'. When we see this, we know that it is a group of 5. 


Once you have finished asking everybody, you can count how many people said each type of filling and write the number at the end of the row. 


Which was the most popular sandwich? 


If you had a giant jam sandwich, what do you think you could catch in it? Draw a picture to show what was caught in your sandwich. Can you write a sentence to go with in your picture? ' There are ... in my sandwich.' Remember to start your letters at the top, to use finger spaces and you need a full stop at the end of the sentence.


Thursday 7th May

When you were writing lists of foods which you like and foods which you don't like, many of you told us which type of foods are healthy. Can you draw a healthy meal in your green books? 

Following on from 'Counting in Pairs', today we would like you to have a go at putting items into equal groups. Have a look at the following link.


Can you share 10 sweets amongst 2 of your toys? How many sweets does each one have? What about if you have 14 pennies? Have a go at sharing different amounts amongst your toys. Remember to make sure that each one has the same number as the others. 


Friday 8th May

Today is a very special day and all across Britain, people will be remembering those who helped look after our country many, many years ago and to celebrate the end of World War 2. . You will find more information on the VE day section of the school website. Have a look at this presentation which has been kindly shared by Twinkl.


How about making a bravery badge or medal? Mrs Jones' boys made one in the shape of a star. We would love to see your creations!



Why not make some party bunting and decorate your house? You could use the colours of the union jack (red, white and blue). Can you make a repeating pattern? You might also want to make party chains. 

You could make different types of sandwiches and have a picnic.

What about playing card games? Or even have races such as potato on the spoon?

Whatever you do, have lots of fun! smiley

Extra Information


Have a look at this fun website where you can pracitse lots of your maths skills.


Rainbow Song

Have a look at the following link. Can you learn the song and make up your own actions? Why not record them on Flipgrid for us to see?



Wednesday 30th April

Hello everyone! It's been great to hear from some of you in response to the request from our Deputy Head. Thank you for checking in. If you still haven't emailed us, we'd love to know you're ok. You don't need to send us anything, just say hello.


Here's a new resource for you to try out-

The Department of Education have just released daily phonic and reading lessons for Reception and Year 1 on YouTube- they're very good!


Check out The Oak National Academy online lessons too- the teacher shows you how to form letters correctly sitting on the line, amongst all the other important skills for developing literacy.


Have a lovely Wednesday everyone! It's supposed to stop raining after 3pm.....




Monday 27th April 

Dear Parents/carers  

 We have been asked to make contact and check our lines of communication with all parents. Please could you contact your child/ren’s class teacher on the following emails to say hello and if possible just let us know how you are.


Class RBC - Mrs Barratt -

                     Mrs Couper

Class RJ -


Many thanks

Miss Broughton

Deputy Head

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Siwmae pawb! How are you all? Hope you have been enjoying this lovely weather whilst we still have it!


Weekly Schedule

We know that you all have different situations at home, just like we do. To help you with that we will give you a selection of activities to do over the week and you can pick and choose which ones you want to do, at times that suit you and your families.

The Oak National Academy online lessons by the Government ( are excellent for Reception (English curriculum). We recommend you watch how the teacher explains maths and literacy on the videos if you have time.


You will be able to do some of our activities on your own, some will need a grown up to help you, but we hope they will all be fun! We are trying to find activities that don’t rely on printers or have a lot of resources. We recommend you adapt them all to suit what you have available at home and be inventive about finding alternative resources!


This week’s lessons are based around the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Browne. You might have the story at home already, but you can watch it by clicking on the link below.


Handa’s surprise


Literacy Activities

-Act out the story with your toys or a sibling! Can you remember which animals took which fruit? Use the video of the story to help you.


-Which fruits do you like? Have you ever tasted the ones Handa had in her basket? Draw a picture in your book of your favourite fruit and try to write the sounds you can hear in the fruit name.

Remember to start your letter in the right place and sit it on the line. (Adults- The Oak National Academy have great videos to show how to help children with letter formation and early writing skills)

You can challenge yourself to write a sentence such as ‘I like bananas’. You could add describing words too! Remember to start with a capital letter, leave finger spaces and put a full stop at the end.


-You could make a story map showing what happened in the story. The following link shows how to make a story map for the 3 Little Pigs.


This is another way you could do it- you can draw a path and draw the animals along the way and the fruit they took! In the right order of course! Have a go at writing the words to label your drawings. You can use the word mat below to help you.




Handa's Surprise Word Mat








Maths Activities


Ask if you can have up to 5 different pieces of fruit and or veg. eg a banana an apple an orange a tomato a grape. Can you put them in order of size? Which is the smallest? Which is the biggest?



Now choose 3 of those things. This time you are going to weigh them using your hands. Put one in each hand, which feels the heaviest? The lightest? Swap the items and try again. When you are ready, order them from lightest to heaviest.



The Oak National Academy online lessons are a great resource to use. This activity is really well structured and explained. It may help you to support your child when they are counting with you.


Bonds to 10

Find 10 small objects eg lego/blocks/counters. Find 2 small containers eg bowls, cups, boxes.

Handa had a heavy basket to carry! Why don’t you imagine that you are going to help her carry her fruit?

Use your 10 objects to share them out between the two containers. Do you remember your number buddies? Your bonds to 10? How many different ways could you put those objects in the 2 containers? You could challenge yourself to record your

findings- eg 6+4=10


Creative ideas

You could make an African inspired necklace collar from a paper plate or card. Use whatever you have at home to decorate it. Do you remember what makes a pattern? The same thing repeated over and over again!


Fruit and veg fun!

Now we all have to be mindful of eating all the food as soon as your adults get it from the supermarket at the moment, so you must ask before doing any of the following!

You could have a go at making a face out of fruit or pieces of fruit!



You could cut fruit in half to print with them, or make careful drawings of what they

look like inside. You might be surprised!



Don’t waste the fruit and veg-if you are careful your adults can still use them afterwards!

Physical Activities.

 Get your fingers busy!

You could cut out fruit pictures from old magazines, or draw pictures and cut them out, to show what fruit you like to eat, the fruit in Handa’s basket or what fruit you would like to take to a friend.


You could weave strips of paper together to create a pattern like Handa’s basket.



Outdoor Fun!

Have a go at balancing bowls or containers on your head like Handa did in the story! Don’t choose heavy ones or ones that will break, will you?! Can you walk around your garden without dropping it?





Thinking Skills

Can you guess what this is? Send us your guesses on flip grid! We’ll reveal what it is later on in the week!


Odd one out.

Which is the odd one out? Why? Tell us on Flipgrid!




Bore Da Reception Stars!


Hope you've all had a lovely Easter break. even though it's been a little different to the school breaks which we are used to. The weather looks as though it's going to be nice this week so make sure you take the opportunity and spend some time in the garden.

Here are some activities for you this week. There is a list for the week as you might prefer to do certain things on certain days. We know that your parents are very busy so they might want to change things around. Do whatever suits you and your family. 

Keep an eye on this website page though in case extra information is added during the week.


The Hungry Caterpillar. 



This week, activities are based around the well known story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'

Mrs Jones will be having some caterpillars sent to her house very soon. As soon as they arrive, her 2 children have said that they will make a daily video diary for you so you can see the changes which occur. How exciting! 



Watch the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Here is a link to the story.


  • Can you draw pictures of foods which you like and those which you don't like? You could draw them on 2 paper plates. If you don't have paper plates, draw them on two seperate pages. Remember to colour your pictures. If you have time, you could write the name of the food underneath each picture. 
  • Have fun practising your number bonds with this fun supermovers song.


  • A-Z list. Write the alphabet, one letter on each line. Can you and your family think of foods for each letter? This activity might take you a while so why not fill it in during the week? 



  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar ate different foods on different days of the week. Can you practise saying the days of the week in the correct order? Remember the song which can help you learn the order - sung to The Addams Family.
  • Using lego or duplo, why not try to make models of the fruit which The Hungry Caterpillar ate? There are some Lego cards to help you at the end of the list of activities for this week.



  • Have you been learning your key words? How about playing a game? Write some of your key words on post it notes or pieces of paper. Place them on a wall (maybe try this outside). Ask a grown up to say one of the words. You need to run and fetch the piece of paper with that word on it. Maybe you could have a race with a brother or sister? For those of you with water pistols, why not write the words on the floor or on the wall and you have to squirt the word when it is called. For those of you without water pistols, you can use an empty squeezy bottle. 
  • Let's practise using money! You can use paper cake cases for this activity. If you don't have paper cake cases then you can use pieces of paper in a cup cake tin. On each piece of paper or cake case, ask a grown up to write an amount which you need to make using 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. Can you put the correct coins in the tin or in the cup cake case?



  • Using your fingers, can you make a picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Here is an example.


  • Why not make the most of the sunshine and sort items into 2 groups - those which float in a bowl of water and those which don't. Remember to send us your pictures!



  • Kim's game. Place items of food, or from the garden on a table or tray. Look carefully at what is there. Close your eyes tight -no peeping!. Ask a grown up to take one item. Can you guess which item is missing? If this is too easy, maybe 2 items can be removed!
  • We hope that you are staying healthy. It's quite easy to tell your parents that you are hungry and want treats. Can you find foods which are healthy and those which are not? Maybe you can sort them into 2 groups and take a photo. You could draw them or even stick the wrappers from the foods onto a piece of paper. Remember to show us what you have done.


We hope you have lots of fun doing these activities. Remember to tweet and email us. We love to hear from you. Keep an eye on flipgrid too for some fun jobs.


Stay safe everyone!


Love Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper smiley



We know that lots of you have been busy practising your reading books which we sent home.  We're sure that you have lots of reading books at home but if you would like some more books, have a look at the following website. They have lots of free books which you can download so you can practise your key words whilst reading fun stories.




Bore da Dosbarth Derbyn! 
Here’s something for all you nature lovers- the fantastic Steve Backshall is presenting a Live Wildlife Homeschool from his back garden! Find it on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on Wednesdays at 9.30am. 



Easter Holidays - Week 2

Pasg Hapus, hope you had a peaceful Easter weekend.  Here are a few activities to keep you busy this week.

Outdoor Art

Find some (egg-shaped) leaves in your garden.  Look around for small items to decorate your 'egg leaves'.  What interesting items can you find outside?  What patterns can you make?




Get moving

Think of some different ways of moving.  Write your ideas on cards to either stick on a cube or large dice or just place in a bag to pull out.  Play with a grown up or sibling, roll the move it cube or pull a card from a bag and now move it that way.  Who will have the craziest moves?!  You could think up new ideas and play the game again.






Try using your Lego to make a repeating pattern.  You could make a pattern by using different coloured bricks or you could use different shaped bricks.  If you would like a challenge trying making a pattern using different coloured and shaped bricks.

Good Luck!


Here's a few more Easter activities from Twinkl.

If you haven't got a printer or you've run out of ink, download the sheets and copy the ideas where appropriate.

Have you got any Easter chocolate left to make the recipe???


Don't forget to check out the whole school challenges as well as our recommended website links on the Reception- there's plenty to do!


Stay safe everyone, stay at home!

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones 



Easter Holidays

Hello Reception Stars!  Hope you are all well and staying safe.  Here are some fun activities to keep you busy during the holidays. 

Hopefully the good weather will continue so you will get to have some fresh air! Have you tried the Spring Yoga yet?

 Easter Card

Make an Easter card for a member of your family.  This idea only needs a finger print and then you can add your own decoration!

Coin sorting

Ask a grown up for some coins. (1p-10p coins)  Look carefully at the shape, size and colour.  Can you sort the coins?

Mail a hug

As we will be separated from friends and family over the Easter period, maybe you could post them a hug.

Use a large piece of paper to draw around your head, shoulders and arms.  Cut out and decorate.  Fold and place in an envelope to post to a loved one.


The educational website Twinkl has free membership this month. Here are some Easter themed activities for when the weather is not so good.

Don't forget to look at the websites we have included on our Home Learning page if you want to continue to practise some maths and literacy skills. Or catch up with some of the last 2 weeks challenges.

Topmarks maths

Phonics play

Phonics Bloom


Have a good week! Happy Easter!

Mrs Barrett, Mrs Couper and Mrs Jones.

Friday April 3rd 2020

Bore da ffrindiau! What a busy week you've been having- we've really enjoyed watching your Flipgrid videos and reading your emails, they've cheered us up! 


Here's a few more challenges to keep you going.....


Make a shape!

You will need some straws/lolly sticks/twigs from the garden/pencils- whatever you can find that can make the straight sides of a triangle, square and rectangle! What other shapes can you make? If you want to challenge yourself you can try to fit the shapes together. This is called tessellation.

Did you join in with the alphabet song yesterday? Today make an alphabet list! Try and find or think of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Draw or write your idea next to the letter. 


The weather looks like it will be nicer and a bit warmer soon, so how about trying some spring yoga?  You can do this in your garden or inside.



How are you getting on with your 30 day Lego challenge? Haven't seen any on Twitter for awhile Reception! wink


Have a lovely weekend! It's the Easter holidays next week! We'll post some fun ideas soon to keep you busy!

Remember to help your families by putting your toys away and tidying up!

Stay at home, stay safe and wash your hands! 

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones.


                                                   Thursday April 2nd 2020

Bore da! Are you ready for today's challenges?


Write all the numbers from 0-10 on one of the following (whatever you have!):

post its (one for each number!)

a long strip of paper

the patio or pavement in chalk.

Make sure your numbers are the right way around!wink

Put them in order in a line. Now get your lego/Duplo/building blocks/Jenga bricks out, count out the right amount for each number in turn and build a tower to match each number.

If you want to challenge yourself-go all the way to 20!

What do you notice about the height of your towers as you put them in order?


Alphabet Song!

Join in with this fun move it alphabet song- exercise and learning the alphabet at the same time! Sorted! yes


Thinking Challenge!

OK all you Brainy Branwen's out there! Here's a Thinking Challenge for you! It's called 'Good idea Bad Idea'. Look out for this on Reception Flipgrid as well.


Chocolate Rain......if we had chocolate rain would that be a good idea or a bad idea? Why? 

You can send your answers to us (only if you want to!!)  on Flipgrid, Twitter or email!


You don't have to do all of the challenges every day! You can revisit them in any order, any day, as many times as you like, whenever you have the time. If you are able to share what you've been up to on any of the platforms, we'd love to see you -but please don't feel you have to do this. Everyone has different situations at home and we are very aware of this. yes





Good Idea or Bad Idea? Chocolate Rain....

Wednesday 1st of April 

It's April fool's day, so no tricks now Reception!

Here are some ideas to keep you busy today.  Remember these activities are only ideas, you can change or adapt them and complete them in your own time.  You can revisit previous activities that you enjoyed.


Ask  a grown up to draw the outline of a large egg.  Can you decorate your egg using as many different types of line as possible for example, wavy, zigzag, dotted lines?


Practise writing  numbers to 20.  Take a white piece of paper and some crayons or felt tips.  Fill the page with numbers 1-20. You can write the numbers anywhere on the page, the more the better!  Remember to check your digits are the correct way around e.g.15 not 51.

Have fun!

Tuesday 31st March



Bore da Reception Stars!

As it is getting closer to Easter, we thought you could go on an egg hunt.  Hide something in your house or garden, it does not have to be an egg, it could be a toy.  Write a set of instructions for someone to find what you have hidden.  Think back to when we have written instructions before.  Remember to start each instruction with a bossy word and use a new line each time. 

For example - 

Go into the garden.

Look behind the tree.

Pick up the flower pot.

If your instructions are clear your grown up will be able to find what you have hidden!


Rhyming Words

How many different words can you find to rhyme with




Write a list in your book.


Ordering numbers to 20

Play the caterpillar ordering game on the topmarks website.  Can you order numbers between 1-20.  If you fancy a challenge try ordering multiples of 10 to 100!


Please tweet or email anything you have done or use 'flipgrid'  It is so lovely to see all your smiling faces!

Mrs Barrett, Mrs Couper and Mrs Jones






Monday 30th March 2020


Bore da ffrindiau! We hope you and your families are all well and have enjoyed the weekend break. We have really enjoyed reading your emails and seeing the lovely things which you have been doing. 

Are you ready for some more fun this week? 

In Mrs Jones' house, the cafe seems to be open all the time with her two boys asking for snacks. Is it the same in your house? Why not open a cafe? Ask your grown up to help you make a snack board and give each item a price. Healthy foods such as bananas and apples can cost less than crisps or a biscuit. You are given coins to the total of 20p.  Each time you would like a snack, you need to pay for it, just like we do in class. Once the 20p has been spent, there are no more snacks. Think wisely before you spend!


Why not go on an indoor scavenger hunt? Can you find :

a toy with wheels

a book with the first letter of your name in the title

a pair of matching socks

4 things that are green

something very soft

a toy smaller than your hand

something round

a book with numbers in it

5 lego pieces that are all different

a photo of someone you love

an item that makes you feel cosy

a toy that has different colours

your favourite stuffed animal  ?


Take photographs of the items which you find and don't forget to tweet your treasure! 


Remember to practise your reading and your key words. How many key words can you read in a minute? Try and beat your score the next time you do it. 


Look after yourselves and we'll be back tomorrow with some more fun!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper xxx






We are going to be using FlipGrid for some exciting tasks.


You will need to log in with your HWB log ins, then you can make a short video where you just say Hello 😊


A how to guide is available here

Friday 27th March

Bore da pawb! Another glorious day today. Hope you're all well and staying in your own houses and gardens?

Here are today's tasks- you can catch up with any of these activities from the week in your own time. Please don't feel that you have to do everything every day, your mums and dads and carers are all busy, especially the fantastic key workers out there, so we all have to help each other.


Shadow Challenge!

Take some tall toys out to the garden and place them in front of a plain piece of paper to catch the shadow. Make sure you are not blocking out the sun yourself! Draw around the shadow's shape. Now you can measure the toys' shadows-which one is the tallest or shortest? Or colour the shadows in. Or fill in the shapes with patterns. If someone is free to do this with you, you could ask someone to draw around your own shadow. What funny shadows can you make? You can also do this inside in front of a sunny window- look for sunny patches on the carpet! Don't forget to post your favourite on Twitter if someone has time to do it for you.


Another outdoor activity!

Draw a little picture of the things you find!


Share a story!

We know how much you all love playing teachers! Practise reading your school book to your toys. Remember to put on different voices for the characters like we do!

You can do this with any book, remember to:

use the picture clues, sound out the word and blend it, chunk up longer words, make a clever guess, or jump on and read to the end of the sentence then have another go at it.

Why not make a den and tell stories?


Have you practised writing your numbers this week? Or writing your name? Remember to start the numbers and letters in the right place. You can do this in your homework books.


And finally! You all know how much your teachers love dancing- Mrs Couper does the Oti Mabuse live stream dance routines every day on You Tube at 11.30- join in!! 


Look after yourselves everyone! Wash your hands and stay safe at home. Have a lovely weekend and we'll be in touch on Monday.

Love Mrs Couper, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Jones.






Thursday 26th March 2020


Bore da ffrindiaiu! What another beautiful day! We are really looking forward to seeing your castle designs. Don't forget to send them to us or tweet them once you have finished them. Will you have a special secret garden in yours? Or maybe a special candy tree? Remember to be as creative as you want.


  • As it looks like it is going to be sunny today, why not draw a picture of you and your family in the sun. You can write about your picture :

Mae hi'n heulog (It is sunny)

Dw i'n gwisgo ... (I am wearing)     

sbectol haul - sun glasses

crys t - t - shirt

  siwmper - jumper

ffrog - dress


        esgidiau - shoes


  • What is the tallest tower which you can build in a minute? You can use lego, blocks, duplo, etc. Can you make an even taller tower in the same time? How about a challenge with your brother / sister / mum / dad? Tweet your photos to show who the champion was!  

Remember to have a look at some of the jobs which we sent home in your learning packs. Also, look at the websites which are listed. Have a go at phonics play where you can practise blending sounds together. 

Have lots of fun and look out for some more challenges tomorrow!

Take care all!

Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Copuer. 



Wednesday 25th March


Hello Reception Birchgrove Stars!

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the challenges which we have set you. We have really enjoyed seeing your work which you have emailed to us. Don't forget to tweet some of the things which you have been doing too! So, are you ready for today's challenges?

  • Practise writing the letters 's , a, t, p, i, n'. Remember that we start each letter at the top. Using these letters, how many words can you make? 
  • Remember to practise your reading by reading one of your books which we sent home with you.  How about making a den outside and read some of your favourite stories to your toys? 
  • If you were to live in a castle, what would it look like? Draw a picture of it in your book. Label any special parts. Who would live in this castle? You can be as creative as you like!


Take care everybody!


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper

Tuesday 24th March

Bore Da Dosbarth Derbyn!

Hope you all had fun yesterday, looking for shapes, jumping and counting in 10's as well as completing day 1 of the Lego challenge. Remember that we would love to see some of your creations. Email them to your teacher or put them on our twitter feed.

Are you ready for some more fun? Here are your challenges for today.

  • Play your snakes and ladders game so that you can practise your key words.
  • Choose 5 of your key words and practise writing them. As the weather is going to be nice today, perhaps you could write them with chalk on the floor or maybe get a paintbrush and water and 'paint' them on the wall in the garden.
  • Using a bowl of water and different containers, can you find out how many smaller containers it will take to fill a larger? We would love to see photos of you completing this activity!


If you want to make your fingers stronger, have a look at the Spread the Happiness link on the useful websites section which follows. In order to join in, you will need to have some playdoh. We're sure you will have lots of fun!


Have a good day and we'll be back tomorrow with some new challenges for you to try.


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper





Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning everybody in Reception! Hope you are all keeping well and being good for your grown ups. We hope you've had lots of fun already with some of the jobs which we sent home with you in your learning packs. Here are some new challenges for you to have a go at today. 



  • Using different coloured pens and pencils, can you write your name lots of times? Remember that you need a capital letter at the beginning as you are very important! Make sure you start each letter in the correct place and hold your pencil correctly. 
  • Go on a shape hunt inside the house or out in the garden. Which shapes can you see? Can you name them? Draw them or take a photograph.
  • The weather is going to be sunny. Go outside and practise jumping and with each jump, count in 10's. Remember to jump 2 feet to feet!

 Have lots of fun!! 


Mrs Jones, Mrs Barrett and Mrs Couper



Useful Websites


Phonics Play

Fun activities and games to help your child with reading and writing.


ICT Games

A variety of games to support literacy and maths.



A variety of games to support literacy and maths.



A useful website for downloading a variety of games and activities (currently offering free access to parents)


Oxford Owl

E-reading resources (Free to parents)


Spread the Happiness (Dough Disco)

Exercises with dough to strengthen those fingers.


                                                     Daily LEGO Challenge




Make those fingers stronger by completing the following daily LEGO challenges. Click on the link which follows in order to see a clearer chart.

We would love to see your creations so don't forget to take a photograph of your model and email it to your teacher. We would love to see them on twitter too!

Good luck and have fun!