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Happy St David’s Day from RO




We had lots of fun and played lots of games.  We definetly have some excellent dancers!

We enjoyed pass the parcel and musical chairs!

We played Musical Statues.

We finished with a nice quiet game of sleeping lions.

Getting ready for Christmas. We have been building toys, putting on shows and creating decorations.

One more or less

We picked a number card and rolled the die to find out if we needed to find 'one more' or 'one less' than the number.  We had to put that number of presents into Santa's sack.  We practised writing a number sentence to remember what we had done.

The most magical time of the year

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Santa's Chat room - leave a message for Santa

A Christmas jigsaw - It takes team work!

And collection making!

Look at all the sorting going on in our Maths area!

And then we used them for printing with!

We had lots of fun using them!

A surprise present arrived in the home corner!

Word hunt outside

We have completed a maths investigation - building with 5 blocks.

We have created our own Winter Wonderland ❄️☃️⛄️

Looking at Laura’s Star this week

PE in the fresh air.

We have been making our own maths games.

We love Maths in RO

A bit of rain doesn't stop us exercising!

We have been enjoying learning in all the different areas of the classroom this week.

We have been looking at Owls this week

Look at our wonderful writing - we have written letters from the moon.


We have made Baby bear's freind Owl.

Rocket Building. We have been making our own rockets to go to the moon!

We pretended to be baby bear, flying to the moon. WHOOSH!

Packing for the Moon.

We read the story Whatever Next!  We had to decide what we would pack if we went to the moon.

Whizz! Bang! Pop!

We have been making fireworks 💥

We have been sequencing bedtime routines for Baby Bear