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A bit of rain doesn't stop us exercising!

We have been enjoying learning in all the different areas of the classroom this week.

We have been looking at Owls this week

Look at our wonderful writing - we have written letters from the moon.


We have made Baby bear's freind Owl.

Rocket Building. We have been making our own rockets to go to the moon!

We pretended to be baby bear, flying to the moon. WHOOSH!

Packing for the Moon.

We read the story Whatever Next!  We had to decide what we would pack if we went to the moon.

Whizz! Bang! Pop!

We have been making fireworks 💥

We have been sequencing bedtime routines for Baby Bear

We made hot chocolate and a bedtime tory

Our self portraits in RO

Exploring The Three Little Pigs in RO

Making houses for The 3 Little Pigs

Building walls for the 3 Little pigs!

Having fun in school

We have been busy working in RO

28.9.20 What a busy week in RBC!

We made our own Stick Man

Autumn in Reception

Friday Fun!