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We have had a fantastic trip to Walnut Tree Farm. We enjoyed a tractor ride around the farm, petting some animals and enjoying learning about the animals. We would like to say a massive thank you to all of the lovely parents that came on our trip today. We couldn't have done it without you all. Diolch yn fawr!
Welcome to all of our lovely new Year 2 children! We are very much looking forward to getting to know you all. Year 2 Team
We have some amazing engineers and inventors in year 2!!! Most of the eggs survived the egg drop. Well done everyone for selecting the best materials to protect the egg! 

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Year 2 have been desperate to save Humpty's friends.....we will be seeing whether we have been successful later in the week....
There has been alot of egg-citement in Year 2 this morning! Who pushed Humpty? How could he have been saved? We will be looking at ways that packaging may have saved Humpty from his untimely end. Watch this space for more updates!
We'd like to say a big thank you to the staff at Cardiff Met for a wonderful day.
Thank you to everyone who came to the Great Year 2 Water Challenge. We all had a blast!
We have a very busy week ahead of us in Year 2! We are learning about Tessellation in maths, we will be perfecting our Multi skills later in the week and will be ending our Great Fire of London topic with our eagerly anticipated Water Challenge! Watch this space for photos later in the week!
We have had a very busy week. We have been practising for our Fun Day next week, making our Great Fire of London story clips and completed a Spectrum Workshop.
We have been having fun this morning in our Role Play working out the cost of our shopping list and how much change we should have.
Our animal portraits are finished. Well done to everyone you have worked so hard and the results are magnificent!
We've had great fun this morning sequencing the events of the Great Fire of London. We've learned many facts about London in 1666.
We'd like to say a big thank you to Cricket Wales for teaching us cricket skills this morning. We all had a great time and are ready for the Ashes!
We have been learning all about capacity and had lots of fun getting a little soggy! We measured the capacity of vessels and looked at the capacity of some household products.
We have been busy bees practising our maths skills, learning how to problem solve. We have also had lots of fun learning about animals in our discovery area. 
As part of our Easter Around the World RE topic, Thinking group 2 made Italian Easter biscuits. Magnifico!!
Today Year Two enjoyed a music session with Forte School of Music.  They went on a musical adventure to the Land of Sweets!
We had a wonderful time today at Walnut Tree Farm. We'd like to say a big thank you to all the parent helpers who came. Diolch yn fawr iawn!
We had a lovely St Davids Day despite the weather! Well done to everyone, you all looked bendigedig!
The Birchgrove Bakery has been very busy today making the most delicious fairy cakes. We chose between vanilla, strawberry, lemon and orange flavouring. The smell was delicious!! Well done mini Mary Berry's and Paul Hollywood's!
Wow Year 2 your model competition entries are amazing! Well done to everybody who participated including all of the delicious cookies. Da iawn pawb!
The children were very confused, the teachers swapped classes! Miss Davies taught the children how to use Puppet Ed so that we could record instructions on how to make popcorn. The Birchgrove Cookery Book will be in shops soon!
Today we investigated and explored reversible and irreversible changes.  We melted chocolate, made toast and made popcorn and discussed which changes could be reversed. We were all very hungry afterwards!
We'd like to say a big thank you to PC Matthews our Community Police Officer who visited us today to teach us about medicine safety.
The children have been sorting 3d shapes by their properties using a Carroll diagram.
We have had a very busy first week back. We have been investigating 3d shapes and their properties, comparing packaging and their various uses, using descriptive language for food adverts and trying our hand at alliteration. 

It's so close to Christmas we can smell it!....or it could be the wonderful Gingerbread men we have been baking this morning. Merry Christmas everyone!

We're feeling very Christmassy today! We've made our beautiful Christmas cards and are looking forward to our concert this afternoon!
We have had a wonderful morning at Bethel Baptist Church. We made chocolate Christmas mangers, played Christmas games, saw a puppet show and made Christmas goodies. Thank you very much for a wonderful Christmas morning.

During STEM week Year 2 have been investigating, materials & their properties and the best food & packaging for space travel. Ask us why astronauts eat tortillas!

We'd like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Davies who came in to talk to the children about healthy eating.
Look at our magnificent puppets! Jim Henson has BIG competition! Well done everyone!
The children have been busy deciding which are the best mechanisms for making hinges. They have then been planning what resources they will need to make their own puppet. Watch this space!!
We have had a very busy Friday the thirteenth! We have been writing reports on our senses, practising our "Number of the Week" and learning how to skim and scan for specific information in text.
We have been practising using a ruler to draw a straight line to a given length. It's been tricky but we remembered to keep the ruler still, press the pencil against the ruler and start at zero.
The children enjoyed doing their Big Maths test today. We practised putting numbers in order, doubling and halving and counting on from a given number. Well done all!
Today we have been doing some research on the five senses. We have discovered how many taste buds we have, which animal has the best hearing and that woman have a better sense of smell than men!
Today we have been measuring every day items to find out whether they were taller or shorter than a metre. We've had lots of fun!
We have been busy scientists today. We have learned about sound waves and vibrations. We have done experiments to see how far sound travels and how.

Year 2 have had a very busy week. We have had our photographs taken, explored our feelings in Welsh, collated data and made block graphs in our I.T. lesson, learned how to cross roads safely with Kerbcraft and have met a guide dog for the blind. Well done everybody!


Today we had coaches from Diamond Tennis Academy teach us some tennis techniques. Watch out Andy Murray!!
We have shared our fantastic homework with the class and have enjoyed finding out where we have been and what new things we  have tried. Well done everyone!
 We have had a very busy Friday! We have been learning about the different parts of our brain and using our cerebellum in outdoor games!
The children have had a great few days. Today we have been learning all about the body in Welsh and have been using Venn diagrams to sort healthy and unhealthy food.