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Forces activities

Rollercoasters and other fair ground rides have lots of moving parts to help them move but there are also lots of forces at work. Work through the following activities to find out more about forces - what different types of forces are there? How do they affect our everyday lives? How do forces help rollercoasters work?


Now you know a bit more about forces, let's think how rollercoasters work. Watch the two clips below. 


how does a rollercoaster work?  


roller coaster forces explained (g force)


Look at different fairground rides and decide which force is working where?

What kind of mechanisms are there?

Draw and label different forces and mechanisms for different rides such as the pictures below.

Please draw and label a roller coaster and at least one other ride - such as a log flume or spinning teacups.

Think carefully how you set out our work - make sure your labels are straight - set yourself high standards for your presentation! 


Here are some lovely examples from Beatrix