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Extra Challenges

Challenge 1

In April Flash Harry bought a saddle for £100.

In May he sold it for £200.

In June he was sorry he had sold it.

So he bought it back for £300.

In July he got tired of it.

So he sold it for £400.

Overall, did Flash Harry make or lose money?

How much did he make or lose?



Have fun and good luck!

Challenge 2

1. My age this year is a multiple of 8.

Next year it will be a multiple of 7.

How old am I?

2. Last year my age was a square number.

Next year it will be a cube number.

How old am I?

How long must I wait until my age is both a square number and a cube?

3. My Mum was 27 when I was born.

8 years ago she was twice as old as I shall be in 5 years’ time.

How old am I now?


Have fun and good luck!

Challenge 3

Zids have 4 spots.

Zods have 9 spots.

Altogether some Zids and Zods have 48 spots.

How many Zids are there?

How many Zods?

What if Zids have 5 spots, Zods have 7 spots,

and there are 140 spots altogether?

Find as many solutions as you can.



Have fun and good luck!

Challenge 4

Franco’s fast food

This is what food costs at Franco’s café.

1 curry and 1 tea cost £4.

2 curries and 2 puddings cost £9.

1 pudding and 2 teas cost £2.

What do you have to pay in total for 1 curry, 1 pudding and 1 tea?

What does each item cost on its own?


Have fun and good luck!