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Meet the Team 

Birchgrove Primary School has created a group of enthusiastic Year 4 and 5 pupils to be part of a ECadet Team. We meet every Monday after school with our leaders Miss Davies and Miss Johns. We aim to learn about the ICT used throughout the school and learn how to fix minor ICT problems to help teachers and pupils! 


Over the next few months we will accept a variety of challenges set by the online ECadets Team and complete them, showing and share our ideas with other schools. 



What is an e-Cadet?

  • Someone who supports the use of ICT technology in their school.
  • Someone who has a confident understanding of different technologies such as computer, laptops, ipads, cameras etc.
  • Someone who can help those who are less confident with ICT and can give assistance when something goes wrong. 



Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitor and update areas of the school website
  • Review and comment on the school’s website (how it looks, the information on it etc)
  • Review class webpages and make helpful suggestions or comments
  • Test and review new ICT resources (software programmes, sites, equipment, apps etc)
  • Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes and teachers
  • Give support when others have with minor problems or difficulties

23.5.16 Safe Searching!


Our next challenge from eCadets HQ is to find out how KS2 children use online search engines. We are creating our own questionnaires to hand out. 

We shall keep you updated with the results.

9.5.16 - Staying Safe Online Posters!


From eCadets HQ we were set a challenge to create individual posters to display around the school for pupils to be aware of how to stay safe online. 


We included hints and tips of what to do and what not to do online!

Hopefully the children of Birchgrove Primary will understand how to stay safe online from the help of their eCadets team.


Here is a few examples of our posters:

7.3.16: Our own challenge!


We have set ourselves a challenge to create a story with different scenarios dealing with the negative aspects in the digital world! We will be retelling this story and highlighting the dangers of the digital world through iMotion.


We have completed our challenge and we spent lots of time working on iMotion, editing along the way.

Here is an example of a video, the scenario being: A young girl who was online and she signed up to social media without asking her parents, she then realised all the dangers online.

Luke, Poppy and Sophie..MOV

Still image for this video

22.2.16 - Connect and Collaborate


Our next challenge was to look into how we connect online, but to think of the positives and negatives of working with others online. Is it good or bad to collaborate online with others?


We created a PMI board looking into the positive, negative and interesting way to connect and collaborate online.


Here's our PMI board: 

To continue with our connect and collaborate challenge we then created individual graffiti boards with lots of ideas about the positive, negative and interesting facts about connecting online. 


Have a look at our graffiti boards below:

9.2.16 - Internet Safety Day!


Internet Safety Day is on Tuesday 9th February 2016. On Internet Safety Day we aim to raise awareness on how to stay safe online.


Our own three top tips to stay safe online are:


  • Never lie about your age online.
  • Always have parental approval.
  • Do not trust everything you see online to be real or legal. 



Some of the E-cadets from our school visited Gabalfa Primary School to learn more about the digital world. We taught other children how to use I-motion.  I-motion is an animation creator where you can animate figures throughout a time-lapse. 


E-Cadets go live!

Russell Prue from E-cadets HQ contacted Birchgrove Primary School to ask us if we would be interested in recording an interview with him for Internet Safety Day. The recording will be broadcast on Tuesday 9th February at 2:30pm.


Tune in here:

Laura .M. & Nia


Here is a copy of the radio interview that our e-Cadets took part in, tune in from 38 minutes onwards:



1.2.16 - Our Digital World Connected


We have just finished a project called 'Our Digital World Connected'. The steps to complete this challenge were:


First we talked as a group and brought our ideas together. 

Then we broke this project down into three steps; Who we connect with, How we connect, and the Positives and negative of connecting online.

Next we choose to use the movie maker software to create our project. We selected images and added text to each image to share useful information.

Finally we uploaded the finished project to the E-Cadets website to enter the competition. 


Keep checking our school website and the E-Cadets homepage to find out if we won! 

Here is the link to E-Cadets - 


 Luke & Abdullah 


our world connected - ecadets.2.wmv

Still image for this video

16.11.16 Copyright and Plagiarism 


For our next challenge we looked into copyright and plagiarism, we had to make a video explaining what copyright and plagiarism means.


Copyright is where no one is allowed to make copies of your work.


Plagiarism is when you use someone’s information or ideas and pretend there yours.


Poppy & Sophie

2.11.15 - Meeting the new team 


After meeting the team for the first time we looked at what our roles and responsibilities are. We were then given our first challenge. To talk about Personal Profiles and what information we should and should not share online of ourselves.


Together we discussed how to keep safe online, but how to create an online personal profile that was interesting to read. We created our own profiles including images, usernames and interesting information such as things we like to do, our hobbies and places we might like to visit. However, you must always remember not to display your full name! 

Laura .I. & Sam


You can see some of our profiles below: