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Our Digidudes team is made up of:-


  • 16 children from Year 2 to Year 6


Pupils from year 2 to 6 had the opportunity to apply to become a Digidude. We received over 72 applications and had the tough job of trying to choose just 16 pupils. Thankfully once the 16 Digidudes were chosen, we had postions available as Techno-Heroes and Digi-Spies.


What we do:-


  • We have 16 DigiDudes from year 2-6 who work closely with their class Techno Heroes

  • We meet on a regular basis with Mrs Miles

  • We look after the IT equipment and make sure everyone is using them properly

  • We report any IT issues to Mrs Miles

  • We help write posts for Twitter and the Birchgrove Website

  • We discuss any ideas, problems or issues arising and put forward the views of the other pupils in the school.

  • We plan presentations and deliver inputs on new apps to our classes

  • We learn about new apps and show our class Techno Heroes so that we can help our class mates during lessons

  • We work closely with other members of the School Parliament to create projects such a bilingual videos with Criw Cymraeg and a 'Show Racism the Red Card' video with School Council.